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[12:00] Transformers IDW 2019 continuity issue 4




hammer ham hammerconvoy convoy hammer convoy con voy leo transformers optimus prime tf wiki minecraft halo pokemon cyberpunk video games anime memes drama augierfc 3d printing cura printing xbox ps4 ps5 xbox series x idw IDW 2019 comic books comicstorian megatron reddit cringe leafy rfc tipster tommy sftp 12:00 12:00 Flasher 12:00 flashers 12:00 UTC 12:00 AM appliance diesel generator instrument motor power plant tool turbine weapon agent apparatus barrel contrivance cylinder dynamo fan horses implement means mechanism piston pot powerhouse power train putt-putt rubber band what's under the hood engine adjective adverb conditioner alterant alterer modifier transformer engines agents apparatuses appliances barrels contrivances cylinders diesels dynamos fans generators implements instruments mechanisms motors pistons pots power plants power trains powerhouses putt-putts rubber bands tools transformers turbines weapons what's under the hoods IDW idw Idwings 2019 cohesion constancy continuum durability persistence stability stamina survival unity vitality chain connection continuance continuousness duration endurance extension flow interrelationship perpetuity prolongation protraction sequence succession train uniting whole dovetailing linking apathy instability lethargy unsteadiness weakness end break discontinuity intermittence interruption stoppage alternation catena concatenation conglomerate consecution continuity group order progression row set string syndicate trust coherence adherence attachment bond cementation cling clinging comprehensibility concordance conformity congruity consistency consonance construction correspondence inseparability inseparableness integrity intelligibility rationality relations solidarity stickage tenacity union difference disagreement discord divorce nonconformity incoherence incongruity nonsense unintelligibility connecting integration interlocking link nexus series continuation assiduity augmenting continuing enduring furtherance going on increase increasing line maintaining perpetuating perpetuation persisting postscript preservation preserving producing production prolonging propagation protracting sequel supplement sustaining sustenance cessation finish halt stop termination course advancement channels development manner march movement plan policy polity procedure program red tape scheme system unfolding way disorder disorganization Continuity To be continued to be continued continue Continuallying Continuities Continuation affair argument concern controversy matter point problem question subject topic contention puzzle matter of contention point of departure agreement harmony cause origin parent source consequence effect outcome conclusion culmination end eventuality finale fruit payoff sequel termination upshot causatum end product beginning commencement start introduction opening number copy impression installment printing circulation delivery dispersion dissemination granting issuance issuing 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annunciate blast blazon call communicate disclose disseminate divulge drum impart intimate make known make public pass the word proclaim propound publicize report reveal run off at mouth sound off spread around state tell trumpet listen keep quiet secret bottle up keep secret arrive attend be present be within view blow in bob up break through breeze in check in clock in come come into view come out come to light crop up develop drop in emerge expose loom make the scene materialize occur pop in pop up present punch in punch the clock recur ring in roll in show show up surface time in turn out turn up abandon depart disappear leave miss appears arises arrives attends blows in breaks through breezes in checks in clocks in comes comes forth comes into view comes out comes to light develops drops in emerges exposes is present is within view issues looms makes the scene materializes occurs pops in pops up presents punches in punches the clock recurs rings in rises rolls in shows shows up springs surfaces turns out turns up is real departs misses goes abandons leaves hides conceals disappears begin commence derive ensue follow happen head result set in finish complete stop lay lie sit batter clobber defeat drub forge knock pound pummel strike thrash trounce wallop whack whomp bang bear down drive tap create shape make form fashion argue altercate bandy battle bicker break with buck bump heads contend cross cross swords disagree dispute face down face off feud gang up on get in one's face go one-on-one hammer hammer away hash hash over hassle have at each other have at it jump jump on knock around lock horns mix it up pettifog pick an argument put up a fight put up a struggle quarrel quibble rehash row sass set to sock it to squabble stick it to talk back wrangle agree concur give in make peace abstain comply harmonize ignore keep quiet overlook argues altercates bandies battles bickers breaks with bucks bumps heads contends crosses crosses swords disagrees disputes faces down faces off feuds gangs up on gets in one's face goes one on one hammers hammers away has at each other has at it hashes hassles jumps jumps on knocks around locks horns mixes it up pettifos picks an argument puts up a fight puts up a struggle quarrels quibbles rehashes rows sasses sets to socks it to squabbles sticks it to talks back wrangles keeps silent keeps quiet overlooks makes peace agrees abstains complies ignores harmonizes concurs gives in arguing altercating bandying battling bickering breaking with bucking bumping heads contending crossing crossing swords disagreeing disputing facing down facing off feuding ganging up on getting in one's face going one on one hammering hammering away hashing hassling having at each other having at it jumping jumping on knocking around locking horns mixing it up pettifoing picking an argument putting up a fight putting up a struggle quarrelling quibbling rehashing rowing sassing setting to socking it to squabbling sticking it to talking back wrangling keeping silent keeping quiet overlooking making peace agreeing abstaining complying ignoring harmonizing concurring giving in bash beat bump clatter collide crash hit rap slam smash thump banged boomed burst clanged clattered crashed detonated drummed echoed exploded made noise pealed rattled resounded sounded thumped thundered tapped malleate model work destroy hammered hot dog exhibitionist grandstander hotshot show-off act be on bring down the house burlesque characterize do a turn dramatize emote enact feign go on go over ham ham it up impersonate lay an egg make debut mime mimic mug parody perform personate personify play play act play gig play part play role portray pretend put it over rehearse represent say one's piece simulate star stooge strut take part tread the boards direct fail prevent stop abstain cease discontinue give up halt hesitate idle refrain actor amateur artist barnstormer bit player character clown comedian entertainer extra foil hambone headliner idol impersonator ingenue ingénue lead pantomimist performer playactor player soubrette stand-in straight person thesp thespian trouper understudy ventriloquist villain walk-on audience fan Sunday driver abecedarian apprentice aspirant beginner bush leaguer dabbler dilettante greenhorn hopeful layperson learner neophyte nonprofessional novice probationer putterer recruit tenderfoot tyro expert professional amateurs Sunday drivers abecedarians apprentices aspirants beginners bush leaguers dabblers dilettantes greenhorns hams hopefuls laypeople learners neophytes nonprofessionals novices probationers putterers recruits tenderfoots tyros experts professionals conceited arrogant big-talking bigheaded cocky conceity full of hot air gall hot stuff immodest know-it-all loudmouth narcissistic overweening phony puffed up self-important smart-alecky snotty stuck up swollen-headed vain vainglorious windbag diffident humble meek modest self-conscious shy timid flank hand hip loin pleuron quarter side thigh wing HAM attendance attendant companion protection accompany attend bear bring chaperon company conduct consort defend guard pilot safeguard shepherd shield usher watch abandon avoid desert disregard endanger harm hurt ignore leave neglect quit refuse shun take accompanies adds appears with appends be connects belongs to characterizes co-occurs coexists coincides with comes with completes follows goes together happens with joins with occurs with supplements takes place with withdraws leaves abandons deserts subtracts associate with come along convoy date dog draft drag escort follow go along guide hang around with hang out keep company lead look after shadow shlep along show about show around spook squire stick to string along tag along tailgate take out lose withdraw be lazy caravan band camel train campers cavalcade expedition procession safari train troop individual carries backpacks bears brings carts channels conducts conveys convoys displaces ferries fetches freights funnels gives hauls hefts hoists imports lifts lugs moves packs pipes portages relays relocates removes schlepps shifts shoulders sustains takes totes trajects transfers transmits transplants trucks wafts loses fails maintains receives lowers drops stops stays fixes keeps holds shuns dodges avoids refuses remains carry backpack cart channel convey displace ferry fetch freight funnel give haul heft hoist import lift lug move pack pipe portage relay relocate remove schlepp shift shoulder sustain tote traject transfer transmit transplant truck waft dodge drop fix hold keep lower maintain receive remain stay stop fail Convoy COVID Convoy Convoy Chicken convoy-cock Fat Convoy Yellow Convoy bluff cheat crime deception dupe fraud graft mockery swindle double-cross gold brick criminal felon offender prisoner culprit jailbird malefactor repeater long-termer yardbird bamboozle bilk hoodwink wheedle cajole chicane coax flimflam fool hoax hornswoggle humbug inveigle mislead rook 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