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(2001) Howard Stern's 9/11 Broadcast with Paired Footage



This is Howard Stern's broadcast from September 11, 2001 paired with the actual footage they were watching for commentary.Thank you YouTuber Beth McAvoy for the following info:HOWARD BREAKS IN AT 0:50 with first plane , 1:43 GARY VERY PRESCIENT; 00... This is Howard Stern's broadcast from September 11, 2001 paired with the actual footage they were watching for commentary.Thank you YouTuber Beth McAvoy for the following info:HOWARD BREAKS IN AT 0:50 with first plane , 1:43 GARY VERY PRESCIENT; 00:55 First plane hits Tower American Flight 11; 05:11 Second Plane hits Tower United 175; 06:07 2nd building was aflame; 10:15 they finally realize it's 2 airplanes 44:43 (40:17 ACTUAL TIME) Third plane hits Pentagon American 77; 1:01:00 ( 54:00 ) WTC Tower Collapse ; 1:14 NEWS OF 93 CRASH 1:30:10 (1:23:26 ACTUAL) WTC Tower Collapse; 1:39:56 Flight 93 crashes in PA United 93; American Flight 11;* Boeing 767-223ER, BOSTON TO LA, 87 PASSENGERS/CREW, United 175; *Boeing 767-200, BOSTON TO LA,60 P/C, American 77 * Boeing 757-223, DULLES TO LA, 59 P/C, United 93;* Boeing 757–222, NEWARK TO SF , 40 P/C, 2,977 TOTAL FATALITIES , INCLUDING 343 FIRE FIGHTERS, 72 LAW ENFORCEMENT ; 6,000 INJURIES ; 200+ PEOPLE JUMPED FROM WTC 1 1366 NORTH TOWER 600 SOUTH TOWER


September 11 New York 2001 How
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