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4/20 grave it



4/20 marijuana weed 420 pot ganja peace love hitler national pot smoking day canibis drug four twenty. high herb 4:20 4-20 heavy subdued sage quiet earnest sedate sober dull deadpan dour grim leaden sad solemn somber staid muted trivial excited agitated lively cheerful silly light funny happy acute major pressing killing fell critical deadly dire exigent fatal grievous hazardous important momentous ominous perilous serious severe ugly urgent vital weighty little small crypt sepulcher catacomb shrine vault tomb mound mausoleum last home afflictive crucial dangerous decisive desperate essential grave sudden ascetic astringent cold exacting forbidding formal hard harsh inexorable inflexible obdurate rigid rigorous stern stiff strict stringent unfeeling unrelenting disastrous distressing intense painful terrible big-time chief exceptional four-star front-page great high-power major-league playing hard ball professional strictly business God's acre Golgotha boot hill cemetery charnel charnel house churchyard city of the dead eternal home funerary grounds garden graveyard marble town memorial park mortuary necropolis ossuary polyandrium potter's field resting place block out chip chisel cleave dissect dissever divide engrave etch fashion form hack hew incise indent insculpt model mold mould pattern rough-hew sculpt shape slash slice stipple sunder tool trim whittle austere bad big league boneyard carve Grave G-RaVe G-rave for real just kidding no bull sh*t fake cat dog sleep bed pain in the ass emo chav goth rave horrors klaxons indie crave rep die ultram zzzz pillowhammer gravità penoso imbarazzante pregio forte gothic rave gothic dark rave
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