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[44:13] Medlife Crisis explains in depth the science behind the Wim Hof breathing method that claims to improve physical performance and strengthen the immune system



Get 1 no-obligation month of unlimited CuriosityStream at using the promo code ‘medlife’. Go take a look at the rest of the Human Limits series!If It Ducks Like a Quack is a series where I seek to find the truth ... Get 1 no-obligation month of unlimited CuriosityStream at using the promo code ‘medlife’. Go take a look at the rest of the Human Limits series!If It Ducks Like a Quack is a series where I seek to find the truth (if any) behind high profile medical claims, while attempting to teach critical analysis of scientific statistics.************A HUGE thank you to Scott Carney. Seriously, if you enjoy this channel you will love his book. Go here: His YouTube is here: ************I'm a cardiologist and academic and this is an overly detailed look at the Wim Hof Method.For those that might ask: yes I've tried the technique, quite extensively. But I haven't shared those experiences as they're not relevant to an attempt at unbiased scientific appraisal.More Medlife Crisis: ------------------Music:The Dark Glow of the Mountains by Chris Zabriskie, Fly Inverted Past a Jenny by Chris Zabriskie, Take Off and Shoot a Zero by Chris Zabriskie are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( )Source: Artist: Main references:ReferencesNeurocognitive and Somatic Components of Temperature Increases during g-Tummo Meditation: Legend and Reality Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans The role of outcome expectancies for a training program consisting of meditation, breathing exercises, and cold exposure on the response to endotoxin administration: a proof-of-principle study Frequent Extreme Cold Exposure and Brown Fat and Cold-Induced Thermogenesis: A Study in a Monozygotic Twin The Influence of Concentration/Meditation on Autonomic Nervous System Activity and the Innate Immune Response: A Case Study “Brain over body”–A study on the willful regulation of autonomic function during cold exposure The role of outcome expectancies for a training program consisting of meditation, breathing exercises, and cold exposure on the response to endotoxin administration: a proof-of-principle study Evolution from four mental states to the highest state of consciousness: A neurophysiological basis of meditation as defined in yoga texts Brown adipose tissue Kirsi, A., Virtanen, M. D., Lidel, M. E., Orava, J., Heglind, M., Westergren, R., Niemi,T., Taittonen, M., Laine, J., Savisto, N. J., Enerbäck, S.,& Nuutila, P. (2009).Functional brown adipose tissue in healthy adults. The New England Journal ofMedicine, 360, 1518-1525Controlled Hyperventilation After Training May Accelerate Altitude Acclimatization [Letter] Effect of two breathing exercises (Buteyko and pranayama) in asthma: a randomised controlled trial. Buteyko breathing techniques in asthma: a blinded randomised controlled trial. Buteyko Breathing Technique for asthma: an effective intervention. A randomised controlled trial of the Buteyko technique as an adjunct to conventional management of asthma.


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