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Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction



Start with Abraham's 30-day process:Abraham discussed this outline for what to do when you are serious about changing the vibrations you aligning with, and creating a more harmonious energy to deliberately attract your desired manifestations. The idea... Start with Abraham's 30-day process:Abraham discussed this outline for what to do when you are serious about changing the vibrations you aligning with, and creating a more harmonious energy to deliberately attract your desired manifestations. The idea is to basically "unplug" from all the negative draws on your attention and energy, and use your time and attention to magnify a focus on what is good, and right, peaceful, loving, and fun NOW. And, with a new tone to your energy, you can attract more of what you DO wantAbraham Hicks MIRACLES in 30 Days! (Law of Attraction) do the 30 days challenge for 30 day morning process for extraordinary life results 30 Days of Focus to Manifest Anything 30 Day Challenge For A New Life Esther Hicks Try This For 30 Days (Law of Attraction)we want to name just a few of the most important aspects of your life and we want to call your attention to something that really is important these may or may not be an order of importance they're all going to seem important to you but your earth spins in its orbit in perfect proximity with other planets not your job your Sun comes up every morning not your job the water of your planet moves around in a pattern that serves your planet in terms of balance and energy and food supply not your job your blood pumps through your body while you sleep not your job we want you to begin putting for a little while everything that is important to you in the category of not your job meaning not your action-oriented job we want you to understand that there is a broader perspective that is moving things and keeping things in balance and that the population of your planet is something that has tended to from non-physical consciousness perspective that so much about what you are living here was set into motion even before you got here and that there is a vibrational reality that you will call future experience that is underway that you are contributing to on a daily basis by the sifting and sorting of the contrast that you live so just for a little while we're not asking you to withdraw from life we're not asking you to not have fun measuring yourself with others we're not asking you to not enjoy the competitions that you find with each other we're just asking you to put it in perspective we're just asking you to acknowledge that there is an energy that creates worlds a consciousness flowing energy that creates worlds that comes from what some want to call God we call it Source Energy or your inner being or the non-physical part of you that is working for you because you are blessed and deserving not against we would like you to accept that as you are here in these leading-edge bodies and that as you explore the details of your life and you find something that is unpleasant to you like people who are hungry or people who are angry and mean and belligerent or or or or that when you experience the exposure of that and you feel the awesomeness of it that you give birth to a rocket of desire that is then understood by this energy that creates worlds it becomes part of the consciousness it becomes part of the becoming so you keep giving birth to a better world that you don't line up with you give birth to a better world all day long you give birth to more peace you give birth to more prosperity you give birth to more abundance of all manner you give birth to all kinds of things by your exposure to it through your personal exposure with one another and through the media or your televisions or whatever you are exposed to so much that makes you do what you were born to do decide and define what would be better but then you don't go to what's better because you keep focusing upon the problem that you've been exposed to we want you to step back just for a little while try it for a monthSUBSCRIBE TO GOOD VIBES CHANNELhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdv... ►The material in this video as all Abraham Hicks materials are copyrighted. To support Abraham Hicks Foundation and Purchase full audio : http://www.abraham-hicks.com ►All Abraham-Hicks audio materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and we are sharing these following the Use Of Copyrighted Material Guidelines: https://www.youtube.com/user/AbrahamH... ►Music Whitesand - Melody Of Dreams►Footage licensed through Videoblocks#abrahamhicks #newabrahamhicks #lawofattraction #abrahamhicksinspiration #abrahamhicksguidance #abrahamhicks #abrahamhickshighvibration #vortex #abrahamhicksnonphysical #abrahamhicksnoads #abrahamhicks2019 #abrahamhicksmoney #goodvibes #goodvibeschannel


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