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Banana Split




unspoilt un spoilt banana be ones lot being ones lot be one's lot brings light being spent being one's lot learn ones part learn one's part be on ones tail be on one's tail Banana Split Pseudocoup banana split actor buffoon card clown comedian comic fool gagster humorist jester jokester prankster punster stooge trickster wag wit cutup droll farceur funster jokesmith josher kidder life of the party quipster second banana stand-up comic straight person top banana wisecracker joker madness silliness babble joke bunk folly stupidity foolishness drivel rubbish baloney gibberish trash absurdity bananas balderdash scrawl jest rot rashness irrationality thoughtlessness poppycock palaver bombast claptrap giddiness jazz imprudence bull pretense prattle scribble hogwash ranting tripe fatuity hooey senselessness fun flightiness inanity hot air mumbo jumbo soft soap ludicrousness jive understanding intelligibility fact truth possessions seriousness judgment sense common sense clarity wisdom nonsense sidekick feed foil feeder straight man garbage blather idiocy bunkum zany funnyman piffle twaddle tomfoolery rigmarole intelligence thoughtfulness tommyrot entertainer laugh merry-andrew million laughs tragedian banana Banana Pseudocoup Bananas breach chasm crack division fissure gap rift rupture separation chink cleavage cleft damage rent rima rime rip slash slit tear rimation agreement closing closure connection juncture marriage union discord divergence schism dissension disruption fracture partition break estrangement alienation break-up attachment peace harmony accord rive divide separate splinter isolate disband open sever fork cleave disjoin rend burst divorce hack bifurcate branch diverge gape part sunder disunite snap whack dissever dichotomize come apart come undone give way go separate ways part company put asunder pull together close fix agree join attach hide wait sew mend unite combine slice share divvy apportion halve distribute dole allot allocate divvy up carve up go even-steven go fifty-fifty mete out parcel out slice the pie slice up keep hold withhold abscond beat it bolt clear out cut and run decamp disappear dog it duck out escape fade flee fly the coop get go AWOL go south hightail jump leave make a break make off make scarce pull out quit run off scram skedaddle skip out slip sneak away split steal away take off vamoose vanish yield stop give up endure abide arrive appear continue come face stay strengthen remain allotment allocation allowance apportionment appropriation bite chunk cut cut of pie end grant lot measure piece piece of the action quota rake off ration stint whole annulment abatement abolition abrogation annihilation breakup cancellation dedomiciling deletion discharge dissolution going phfft invalidation negation neutralization nullification obliteration recall repeal rescindment rescission retraction reversal revocation split up undoing vitiation retention restoration enactment approval establishment validation confirmation admeasure administer assign bestow cut up deal dispense dole out give mete parcel piece up prorate take monopolize refuse deny asunder disconnected divided in half loose separated to shreds torn together bisect furcate ramify Pseudocoup Split
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