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Carole Baskin on Dancing with the Stars




caroler carol creole caroled carrel carols cajole parole capriole carolers carolled crawler crawl creel cruel caracole care cole cradle role cartel crawly Carole carole bask in basking buskin basin basks in Baskin steezy baskin deferential inferior submissive a slave to abject acquiescent bootlicking cowering cringing docile fawning ignoble mean menial obeisant obsequious resigned servile slavish subject sycophantic disobedient controlling domineering unhelpful unnecessary useless subservient hurtle fling bump flop jolt bounce snatch wriggle wiggle wrench lug thrust tug twitch wring yank flick pull quiver whisk sling seize dance tweak flip pluck snag hook shiver quake grab wrest throw vellicate shrug let go release jerk caper trifle disport toy rejoice cavort romp carouse frisk joke clown jump revel sport dally skip divert frolic gambol carry on cut up fool around horse around mess around show off kibitz amuse oneself be life of party cut capers entertain oneself go on a spree idle away kick up heels let loose make merry direct watch work face be sad listen play sashay swagger strut bound parade mince spring sweep step stalk leap flounce tread foot it hoof it prance shine twinkle gleam sparkle glint glow flare flash jiggle shimmy coruscate blaze scintillate phosphoresce dull shimmer fly scamper skitter ricochet skim scoot hop glance carom canter run skedaddle buck lope tiptoe flit graze bob flee trip bolt make off hippety-hop skirr take on meet stay stand wait glisten flicker wink glimmer effervesce beam fizzle spark bubble fizz darken go down stride walk advance traipse ambulate descend ascend pace hoof troop go backward go forward go up move backward move forward rollick cut loose blow the lid off go on a tear raise hell whoop it up allow permit wobble vibrate roughhouse horseplay caracole go places and do things monkey around fondle nuzzle love toss amuse cosset pet cradle rock ride on knee toy with dandle hover stray linger ride float flow waft flutter wash slide sail meander amble wander stroll amass aim gallivant flitter tend gather muck coast mosey scud malinger accumulate gad saunter gravitate be carried along draw near go with the tide go-that-a-way kick around set spend divide dissipate guide decide scatter disperse drift waver tremble blink blare glitter burn quaver swing fluctuate oscillate remain whiz zip dart rush pass fleet hurry speed wing halt delay slow decelerate throb bat palpitate ruffle beat pulsate agitate lop shake ripple steady soothe calm lark hurdle vault poise be suspended brood over hang about wait nearby settle rest lie dancing Dancing steezy along alongside amidst among beside for including near plus upon accompanying concomitant with additionally also as companion as well at same time besides coupled with furthermore in addition to likewise moreover side by side simultaneously too far separate apart by all of by the whole of in association with in connection with in the class of in the company of mutually out of together with with one another outside away from a step from abreast of adjacent to adjoining aside at the edge of at the side of bordering on cheek by jowl close at hand close to close upon connected with contiguous to fornent in juxtaposition nearby neck and neck neighboring next door to nigh opposite overlooking round verging on at the hand of in the name of over supported by through through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of via with the assistance of along with among other things as well as counting in conjunction with inclusive of made up of not to mention rejecting excluding W.I.T.H. steezy WITH affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the steezy The celebrity favorite hero idol name superstar draw headliner lead luminary starlet leading role topliner commoner fate Moirai break chance circumstance consequence cup destination destiny divine will doom effect end ending fortune future handwriting on the wall horoscope inescapableness issue karma kismet lot luck nemesis outcome portion predestination providence stars termination upshot wheel of fortune opening start origin cause beginning whole misfortune source commencement predestinate destine foreordain predestine predetermine preordain join predestined Star star 'star
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