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Channel posts cute videos of their pets (mostly parrots) gets offended that commenters nicknamed one of the parrots, Mango. Channel then posts a video explaining the difference between the parrot and



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parrot_post/ How Piper differs morally from a mango, explained in simple terms.*****Bringing a parrot into your family is a lifetime commitment. Living with and caring for a parrot takes a great deal of work,,... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parrot_post/ How Piper differs morally from a mango, explained in simple terms.*****Bringing a parrot into your family is a lifetime commitment. Living with and caring for a parrot takes a great deal of work, patience, and time. Every single day, parrots, rabbits, and other animal companions are being sold as commodities and then abandoned, ending up in shelters, rescues, or thrown out on the street. Millions of animal companions are abused, neglected, and left to die each year while pet stores and breeders continue to sell to meet demand. There is no such thing as "responsible" breeding.These animals are all individuals whose lives have moral value. They are "someones", not "somethings". If you recognize that it is wrong to use fellow sentient beings and treat them as things, then please go vegan and if you are able, save a homeless animal by adopting or fostering. If animals matter morally - if they are not just things - then we have a moral obligation to stop eating, wearing, buying, and using them. To oppose the institutionalized practice of animal exploitation, consider choosing nonviolence to other beings, to the earth, and to yourself by going vegan.*****All Parrot Post videos are not monetized, and none of them have ever been monetized. I do not have a “Donate” button or a Patreon. I am not an organization or affiliated with any organizations. Parrot Post is run by a regular human who works to make a living and support her animal family members. I aim to educate, advocating the ending of all nonhuman animal exploitation through veganism as a moral imperative, while sharing snippets of everyday life with these nonhuman individuals.


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