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Destroyed my 2k20 game after a Terrible loss! MUST WATCH!!!




broken demolished devastated lost ravaged ruined shattered smashed wrecked abolished annihilated blasted blighted consumed devoured disintegrated eradicated felled killed obliterated overwhelmed sacked totaled wasted gutted torn down wiped out fixed repaired sober successful intact protected restored saved bad bleeding blue bummed out cast-down crestfallen crummy dejected despondent destroyed disconsolate dispirited down down and out down in the dumps down in the mouth downcast downhearted dragged fed up glum grim hurting in a blue funk in pain in the dumps in the pits in the toilet let down low low-down low-spirited lugubrious melancholy moody morose on a downer pessimistic ripped sad sob story spiritless taken down torn up unhappy weeping woebegone abandoned bare bleak derelict desert dreary empty forsaken godforsaken isolated lonely lonesome lorn solitary unfrequented uninhabited unoccupied vacant waste wild black cheerless cold comfortless crushed dark desolate despairing 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