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Devon Bey is losing his sanity




losing his manhood saul lee manhood losing retard saul lee divan deacon define divine diving den don deviou demon devoir devour daemon deadon depone devil devoid devote devout die vine seven deafen dean even dive in dove in delving deviant deign de fine defog dewan divot tenon dene deny devoting din done down fen fed on de pone de void de vote dove oven devotion dun ten ton dead on dote on tavern do in de fog de voting feed on de novo gave on give on have on live on move on Devo'n Devon devon bro brah mah dude the man guy nice easy-going friend cool-dude awesome cool sexy amazing intelligent smart devonn loving beautiful special danny love caring husband charming suave hot bet bevy bay bee boy buy bye obey bed beg ben fey hey key uey u ey Bey bey girl dude person man dem beyonce singer amazing love gay man atta maori kiwi new zealand mate bey cute swill swilly swillies janners plymouth chav chavs wankers baby babe sweetheart dear defeated falling unsuccessful doomed failing ruined undone butterfingers disqualified feeble impotent inadequate incompetent ineffective ineligible inept inexperienced inexpert inproficient insufficient losing naive not equal to not up to poor powerless unable uncool unequipped unfit unqualified unskilled unskillful unsuited weak accident bad luck bereavement calamity casualty cataclysm catastrophe cost damage death debit debt defeat deficiency depletion deprivation destitution destruction detriment disadvantage disappearance disaster dispossession failure fall fatality forfeiture harm hurt impairment injury misadventure mishap need perdition privation retardation ruin sacrifice shrinkage squandering trial trouble undoing want waste wreckage abortive disastrous failed foiled fruitless futile ill-fated ineffectual thwarted unlucky useless vain lost desperate hopeless incapable strong effective ready qualified able fit skillful capable potent experienced sufficient competent adequate suitable loss development birth fortune comfort creation help benefit wonder triumph good fortune blessing achievement accomplishment gain boon plenty building assistance aid happiness attainment improvement favor advantage win success miracle good luck profit losses misplacement peace credit construction good hopeful effectual lucky useful successful profitable productive fruitful Losing LOSing losings charlie sheen tiger blood not winning loser fail bouchard winning baseball l.o.s.ing lawn ornament stealing gnomes pink flamingos bunnies whack stupid coolness getting your life deplete relinquish oust sqaunder surrender daylight savingslosing owned mine endemic hers individual inherent intrinsic its particular peculiar personal private resident theirs very own yours his own welcome howdy greetings bonjour buenas noches buenos dias good day good morning hey hi-ya how are you how goes it howdy-do shalom goodbye au revoir adios hello letter nod ovation salute reception card hail salutation blow respects acknowledgment testimonial aloha 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game addicted sane insane mad crazy unstable leeroy jenkins mr.pibb remorse regret nostalgia error adulthood practice respect
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