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http/:www.evelynsecho.comif you have questions contact: [email protected] the fall of 2017 I started making a painting. As my source material I used a photo known as: the most beautiful suicide. I didn’t know much about the picture except... http/:www.evelynsecho.comif you have questions contact: [email protected] the fall of 2017 I started making a painting. As my source material I used a photo known as: the most beautiful suicide. I didn’t know much about the picture except the title. The first time I saw it was in my early teens, and since then the picture has stuck with me. I began the painting and then I started doing some research around the picture. I had to get to know the subject. What I found started a conflict in me. In the year 1947 Evelyn McHale committed suicide by jumping from The Empire State Building. Behind she left a suicide note with the first sentence reading: I don’t want anyone in, or outside of my family to see any part of me.”Four minutes after her death, a photography student took a picture of the scene. The picture of Evelyn was published in LIFE-Magazine and given the title: the most beautiful suicide. But this is not where the story ends. Fate has put an ironic twist upon Evelyn’s last request. The picture of her has been repeated and reproduced over and over again: It’s been used and remade for commercials, covers, music-videos, pop-culture, art…any kind of media. The memory Evelyn is imprisoned in a repeating limbo. Her death as an image continues to echo. Now I am as guilty of sharing her image, like many other artists. Evelyn’s Echo is an internet-based art-piece investigating the idea of sharing. We’re living in an age when a lie truly can travel halfway across the world before truth has put its shoes on. We’re all connected through social media, even Evelyn is still there in the shape of clickbait. Like Evelyn we can be exploited and used against our will or without our permission, for someone else’s profit. The possibility is there with a press of a button, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the endlessly evolving social media.Can Evelyn’s imprisonment in a repeating limbo make us think of what we actually share and continue sharing on the internet? would you dare to share Evelyn’s echo?


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