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stupid duces duce Duces Duce bye hello done urban shit crap mud fugde peace see ya lata im out im gone later peace out almaden valley street gang dce chuck a duce whats up zombies cod college kids dcue duec simple naive dumb futile dull dummy thick rash loser dazed dense dim dopey inane obtuse slow stolid wise smart bright sharp batty campy crazy daffy dippy flaky fooling around foolish for grins freaky gagged up goofy idiotic illogical incongruous irrational jokey joshing laughable loony ludicrous nonsensical nutty off the wall preposterous sappy screwy silly stupid tomfool unreasonable wacky absurd cretinous daft half-witted moronic sophomoric arrested behind checked delayed feeble-minded imbecile late subnormal underdeveloped underprivileged undeveloped bugged out cracked crazed deranged dotty harebrained mentally incompetent nuts odd potty blah bland bromidic clichéd common conventional cornball cornfed corny dull as dishwater everyday flat hackneyed ho hum hokey humdrum insipid mundane noplace nothing nowhere old hat ordinary pabulum pedestrian platitudinous square stale stereotyped stock tired tripe trite unimaginative unoriginal vapid watery wishy-washy zero deadpan empty fruitless hollow immobile impassive inexpressive inscrutable lifeless masklike meaningless noncommittal poker-faced stiff uncommunicative unexpressive vacant vacuous vague asinine backward balmy banal blank Stupid clueless no common sense nitwit twlight idiot retard gay delusional pompous arrogant
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