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dumbass random **** just plain stupid. dumbass odd casual fluky spot stray planned specific definite adventitious chance coincidental contingent fortuitous inadvertent incidental random uncalculated unexpected unforeseen unintended unintentional unplanned accidental any which way bits-and-pieces blind capricious careless desultory directionless drifting erratic fanciful fickle fits and starts flighty frivolous goalless haphazard heedless hit-or-miss indecisive indiscriminate irresolute objectless pointless purposeless shiftless thoughtless unavailing undirected unguided unpredictable vagrant wandering wanton wayward about anyway around at any rate at random haphazardly helter-skelter however in any case in any respect in any way in either way in one way or another in whatever way nevertheless randomly regardless under any circumstances whatever happens willy-nilly approximate discretionary inconsistent injudicious irrational irresponsible offhand optional subjective supercilious superficial unaccountable unreasonable unscientific willful controlled by dependent likely probable probably subject to unanticipated uncertain unforeseeable brief depthless fast half-assed half-baked hit or miss hurried passing perfunctory quick rapid shallow short sketchy slapdash slight sloppy speedy summary swift uncritical aimless anyhow arbitrary cursory Random **** ****! @!?* fuck shit crap aloof decent due equal ethical good honest lawful pure right rigid strict tried upright true condign unfair unjust partial wrong cogent correct exact normal proper regular sound apt fit happy meet exactly sharp square indefinitely scarce barely hardly almost lately nearly now only simply but solely authentic careful close concrete defined definite deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct explicit factual faithful genuine judicious just literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular punctilious punctual rigorous scientific scrupulous severe skillful solid specific systematic ultraprecise unerring unmistakable veracious acceptable allowed applicable appropriate concedable fair fitting justifiable legal legitimate licit likely logical not impossible not unlikely okay passable permissible permitted pertinent possible probable rational reasonable relevant suitable tolerable tolerated warranted worthy all in all altogether entirely fully purely quite totally utterly wholly adapted appurtenant apropos becoming befitting belonging congruous convenient deserved desired felicitous germane opportune rightful seemly tailor-made useful well-suited well-timed apposite timely counterbalanced equitable equivalent evened offset proportional stabilized symmetrical uniform accurate admissible all balanced Just sneaky bitch lame jist cowardly radiohead the bends tripping acid alternative rock song patent broad open audible evident legible lucid visible unclear vague hidden obscured abstruse abnormal ornate pretty complex obscure uncommon formal honest frank blunt direct abrupt candid rude devious simple dull common homely lowly modest usual unusual smart new rare stark pure dry bare clean severe muted ordinary deformed meadow field steppe flat level tundra moor heath barefaced big as life clear clear cut conspicuous crystal clear discernible distinct glaring indubitable make no bones manifest marked noticeable observable open and shut out in the open overt palpable perceivable plain self-evident transparent unambiguous under one's nose understandable unequivocal unmistakable apparent ascertainable clear-cut definite detectable distinguishable estimable good-sized goodly healthy large material measurable obvious perceptible pronounced recognizable sensible significant sizable substantial tangible genuine guileless ingenuous innocent naive natural sincere straight straightforward talking turkey true unadorned unaffected uncontrived unpretentious unsophisticated up front aural auricular deafening hearable loud loud enough resounding roaring sounding within earshot bald bare-bones bleak dour primitive rustic spare spartan subdued unembellished vanilla austere downright forthright outright appreciable artless Plains boring normal unexciting exciting diffrent seriouse sex pemis vagina cool looks dont care just put this definition plains airdrie trains automobiles airdrie>bathgate link stupid Stupid dumb clueless no common sense nitwit dopey twlight idiot retard gay idiotic delusional pompous arrogant
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