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Early 1992, a crowd at James Madison University jams out to a little known band from Charlottesville...



Dave Matthews - Live 3/20/1992 at JMU "Cool Aid" benefit concert.This is one of the earliest known video recordings of a DMB show. Shot at James Madison University at the PC Ballroom 3/20/1992 at part of a benefit for Mercy House.I shot this on a good... Dave Matthews - Live 3/20/1992 at JMU "Cool Aid" benefit concert.This is one of the earliest known video recordings of a DMB show. Shot at James Madison University at the PC Ballroom 3/20/1992 at part of a benefit for Mercy House.I shot this on a good quality (for 1992) Canon L1 Hi-8mm (standard definition) video camera with PCM stereo audio. De-interlaced, black level adjusted, and mastered using 264 compression at 1280 x 960 with highest quality output settings (in Final Cut Pro).Thanks to copperpot5 for advice on how to best render this for YouTube.Setlist:00:00 Ants Marching (great Dave scatting around 3:25 )04:29 Warehouse11:14 Lover Lay Down17:01 The Song That Jane Likes 20:23 Dancing Nancies26:11 Recently (Starts with riff from "Norwegian Wood") - tape cuts off part way throughThanks to Adam Pierce and "otsegoflake" for helping with the set list.Cheers! - Terry Harrison.


Dave Matthews Band Concert Live
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