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Edgy Tintin AMV set to "Animal I Have Become"



*Birthday present for Malfoy360XD* It's the 19th of March my time. :PSooooooo.... did I really just turn one of my favourite characters of all time, from a sweet lovable boy to a crazy psycho? Yes. I have sunk down low... Haha!So I've always wanted to... *Birthday present for Malfoy360XD* It's the 19th of March my time. :PSooooooo.... did I really just turn one of my favourite characters of all time, from a sweet lovable boy to a crazy psycho? Yes. I have sunk down low... Haha!So I've always wanted to make a video with this song, but having mostly Tintin clips, and given Tintins personality, I never thought of making it. And then I got this as a request. So... on goes the thinking hat. Then came the brilliant moment of me remembering the fantastic anime known as Hellsing, with a gun-slinging, mass-murdering, awesome-as-all-the-world vampire Alucard (who would kill Edward Cullen in a fraction of a second.) Thus, this was born! This... video thing... So there is a very basic plotline, which I'm sure everyone can pick up on. If you couldn't (thicko.. nah I joke... oh, shiny!! *runs off*) then I shall tell it here: (DON'T READ IF YOU WANT A SPOILER)Tintin gets stabbed with madness poison, Rajaja juice (is that it? LMFAO) and instead of just going loopy round the bend, he ends up developing a split personality. That is our awesomeness known as Alucard. Alucard is a dark, more evil side of Tintin that is beginning to grow stronger and more dominant as time goes by. Tintin tries to fight it, but how do you escape from yourself? He sees Alucard everywhere and slowly Alucard is taking him over. He ends up stabbing Calculus (T_T) and is horrified, but he can't stop himself going out on more and more killing sprees. So, a group of lovely young men get together and talk about trying to stop him. They send some guys out to shoot Tintin, which they end up doing. BUT, seeing how Alucard is so kick ass and everything, the bullets don't stop them, and the nicer side of Tintin completely disappears now. He just shoots everyone and at the very end, you can see he's had the darker side of his personality, Alucard, has fully taken him over.Basic... I think you can get most of that out the video.Sidenote... the mirror scene was a huge almighty BEOTCH!! it like... stalked Tintin tehe... it really really did... Actually there are a lot of errors and mistakes that did not show up until after i rendered it. And seeing how it took me 3 hours to render this, I was way too lazy to go back and fix them...Hope you enjoy it! Watch your childhood be ruined! MWahahahahahahah!!!Disclaimer: I own nothing... noooooooootttthhhhing... lemme alone with your lawyer junk... If you try take this down, you're stealing a birthday present D: How low do you people sink! Stealing presents!!!!The clips are Tintin, Hellsing, and a few blood splatters donated from Naruto (If you can tell me from which part of Naruto, I will give you an internet cookie)Song: Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace (AH... MAY... ZING band!!)xoxox


Animal I Have Become Tintin
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