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European Scrambling System "Nagravision Syster" Malfunctioning during south africa rugby world cup transmission (1995)




european European clamber climb contend crawl jostle push rush scurry vie hasten move run scrabble scuttle strive struggle swarm trek jockey for position look alive make haste retreat rest stay stop scrambling Scrambling Scramble scrambled scramble arrangement organization rule scheme structure classification combination complex conformity coordination entity ideology integral orderliness philosophy regularity setup sum theory totality fixed order frame of reference integrate logical order red tape fraction part cog disorder disorganization operation policy practice procedure process strategy technique artifice custom fashion manner methodicalness methodology mode pattern proceeding routine systematization tactics usage way wise course of action definite plan logical process modus modus operandi orderly process systematic process reality alignment array composition design display disposition distribution form grouping lineup method ordering pecking order ranging rank sequence system code canon charter codex constitution convention digest discipline ethics etiquette manners maxim regulation association compound conglomerate ecosystem entanglement group network syndrome synthesis division separation complexes associations compounds conglomerates ecosystems entanglements groups networks organizations schemes structures syndromes syntheses systems totalities divisions separations constituency balloters body of voters body politic citizenry city county district electorate electors faction nation people precinct state voters voting area ward construction architecture assembly build cast conception contour cut development edifice elevation erecting erection fabric fabricating fabrication figuration figure format formation foundation improvisation invention makeup making manufacture mold origination outline plan planning prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape turn type disarrangement truth destruction disfigurement ruin ruins System the system The system syster Do-able Decimal Syster broken cracked damaged defective deficient erroneous false flawed imprecise inaccurate inadequate incomplete insufficient invalid leaky unreliable adulterated amiss awry bad below par blamable blemished botched debased distorted fallacious fallible frail impaired imperfect inexact injured lame lemon maimed malformed marred out of order rank sick tainted unfit unretentive unsound warped weak wrong accurate adequate ample complete correct enough faultless fixed flawless honest perfect reliable right sufficient true unbroken valid working sound strong faulty blocked clogged swollen wedged barred caught fast fastened frozen lodged obstructed sandwiched immovable stiff unworkable impermanent unfixed clear empty loose operating vacant jammed bonkers haywire inoperable kerflooey not working on the blink on the bum out of commission out of kilter out of whack on the fritz malfunctioning Malfunction butthole malfunction TP malfunction wardrobe malfunction deodorant malfunction all along all the while amid at the same time as at the time for the time being in the course of in the interim in the meanwhile in the middle of in the time of meanwhile mid midst over pending the time between the whole time throughout until when while amidst among amongst between during surrounded by away from beyond outside separate amid\u002Famidst in the midst of in the thick of for after beneficial to concerning conducive to for the sake of in contemplation of in exchange for in favor of in furtherance of in order to in order to get in place of in pursuance of in the direction of in the interest of in the name of notwithstanding on the part of on the side of pro supposing to counterbalance to go to to the amount of to the extent of toward under the authority of with a view to with regard to with respect all over all the time all through around at full length completely every bit everyplace everywhere far and near far and wide for the duration from beginning to end from end to end from one end to the other from start to finish from the start from the word go high and low in all respects in every place in everything inside and out on all accounts overall right through round through the whole of to the end up and down albeit although at the same time howbeit immediately upon just after just as much as whereas during the time in the time throughout the time whilst During dure Dured Beer During The During Test during-the-weakness During Bedtime larboard port hard to left near nigh side portside sinister sinistral right left freezing frigid glacial icy arctic extreme farthest frozen north terminal amicable friendly hot warm same similar tropic tropical polar south South land of the Sahara Africa soccer American football Association football Canadian football grid game gridiron pastime the pigskin sport football rugby earth nature cosmos creation macrocosm microcosm sphere star universe heavenly body terrene everyone group race realm class division humanity humankind everybody human race area business field life province system ambience atmosphere domain matters memory pursuits Homo sapiens flesh human species man mortality people society world being actuality animation journey living presence reality subsistence vitality abstract deadness inanimate galaxy macrocosmos megacosm solar system star system living world totality death destruction ruin creations achievements brainchilds chef-d'oeuvres concepts handiwork magnum opuses opera pieces pièce de résistances productions work of genius works failures deaths ruins destructions existence breath continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality lifing permanence perseverance rat race real world something survival the big game end bowl drink mug beaker cannikin chalice cupful demitasse draught goblet grail potion stein taster teacup tumbler vessel athletic supporter cup jock jock strap jockstrap blue ribbon award championship cordon bleu crown decoration first prize laurels palms trophy victory blue-ribbon destiny Moirai afterlife break breaks certainty circumstance conclusion condition constellation course of events design divine decree doom expectation finality foreordination fortune future happenstance hereafter horoscope inevitability intent intention karma kismet lot luck objective ordinance portion predestination predetermination prospect serendipity the stars way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles what is written wheel of fortune world to come concept continuity misfortune theory whole choice free will volition dipper bucket pail scoop spoon communication transportation conveyance hauling sending transference transmittal carrying transposal conduction program show simulcast telecast radio broadcast radiocast television broadcast TV broadcast automatic transmission gears gear box manual transmission standard transmission broadcast delivery gearbox conductance dispatch message quiet advertisement air time announcement newscast performance publication transmission broadcasting airing announcing auditioning newscasting performing posting online putting on program radio reporting telecasting television transmitting circulation apportionment currency dissemination spread blockage cog cogwheel differential fang gear pinion prong rack ratchet tine tooth tusk wheel cogs cogwheels differentials fangs pinions prongs racks ratchets teeth tines transmissions tusks wheels advice advisement articulation assertion communion connection contact conversation converse correspondence corresponding declaration disclosing elucidation expression intelligence interchange intercommunication intercourse link making known mention notifying reading reception revelation talk talking telling transfer translating utterance writing denial disagreement silence concealment cover suppression withholding Transmission Manuel transmission Aqueous Transmission Pretendual Transmission 1995 Gingey-_-1995 1995 Chevy Cavalier 1995/07/29 Build
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