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Greedy Hamster



cartoon funny wtf stupid fail nastycobra caturday cat lol prank kitten funny pets cute exztreme animals selfish hungry eager avid close craving itchy miserly stingy tight grabby hoggish piggish gulping swinish generous liberal avaricious covetous demanding desirous grabbing grasping greedy predatory prehensile rapacious ardent athirst breathless devoted dying to fanatical fervent gotta have impatient insatiable intense keen passionate ravenous thirsty voracious zealous acquisitive ambitious amorous anxious desiring enthusiastic hot longing lustful ready stimulated turned on willing wishful wishing yearning agog antsy appetent champing at the bit earnest fervid gung ho hankering heated hot to trot intent pining rarin' to go ready and willing restive restless self-starting solicitous vehement warmblooded wild aspiring begrudging coveting distrustful fain green with envy green-eyed grudging invidious jaundiced longing for malicious spiteful suspicious umbrageous watchful devouring edacious gorging gourmandizing gross never full omnivorous piggy prodigious ravening sating starved starving unquenchable wolfish envious gluttonous Greedy greedies capitalist hoarder unsatisfied no sharing careless me . jews selfless greed jewish slag fit bitch hamster Hamster hampster antonyms: mouse rat gerbil guinea pig sketch satire drawing parody lampoon takeoff burlesque cartoon distortion farce imitation libel mimicry mockery pasquinade pastiche put-on ridicule send-up sham travesty Photostat Xerox carbon clone counterfeit delineate depict ditto draw dupe engrave engross fake forge imitate knock off limn manifold mimeo mirror mold paint paraphrase photocopy picture plagiarize portray reduplicate reflect repeat replicate represent reproduce rewrite sculpture simulate stat trace transcribe commercial art comp delineation depiction design doodle etching graphics layout likeness outline painting portrayal representation storyboard study tracing work of art comic comic-strip book manga adornment decoration engraving figure frontispiece halftone image line drawing photo photograph plate snapshot tailpiece vignette copy copycat dead ringer dummy duplicate effigy facsimile figurine game plan illustration knock-off look-alike miniature mock-up paste-up pocket portrait print relief ringer setup spitting image statue statuette visual caricature graphic novel model Cartoon plastic not real solid real nick bad suck ass. disgusting retarded ugly weird stupid droll silly absurd riot gay gas antic rich jolly blithe clever jocose joking merry witty wise usual sad weird queer aberrant anomalistic anomalous atypical bizarre curious deviant deviate deviating divergent eccentric exceptional extraordinary fantastic funny grody gross heteroclite heterodox heteromorphic irregular odd off-base off-color out of line peculiar preternatural screwy spastic strange uncommon unexpected unnatural unorthodox unusual Mickey Mouse batty boffo camp comical crazy dippy diverting dizzy entertaining facetious farcical flaky fool foolheaded for grins freaky gelastic goofus goofy gump horse's tail humorous ironic jerky jocular joshing laughable light loony ludicrous nutty off the wall priceless ridiculous risible schtick side-splitting wacky waggish whimsical campy clownish comic crack-up gagged up laffer preposterous quaint quizzical abnormal beat bent capricious characteristic cockeyed erratic far out freak freakish funky idiosyncratic kooky oddball off-center offbeat out in left field outlandish quirky singular unconventional way out wild absorbing affecting be a ball captivating charming cheerful cheering compelling delightful enchanting engaging engrossing enjoyable enthralling enticing entrancing exciting fascinating fun impressive inspiring interesting lively moving piquant pleasant pleasurable poignant provocative recreative relaxing restorative rousing scream stimulating stirring striking thrilling amusing capering dry fanciful flip flippant frivolous indecorous irreverent jesting not serious playful pulling one's leg punning putting one on salty sarcastic satirical smart sportive sprightly wisecracking wry Funny Funnies sadism humor joke laughter stupid cool nice awesome stellar fabulous rad funnie cute beautiful gorgeous funnies peanuts garfield family circus andy capp newspaper clowning around humour jokes insecurity WTF wtf fart choss piss ass simple naive dumb futile dull dummy thick rash loser dazed dense dim dopey inane obtuse slow stolid wise smart bright sharp batty campy crazy daffy dippy flaky fooling around foolish for grins freaky gagged up goofy idiotic illogical incongruous irrational jokey joshing laughable loony ludicrous nonsensical nutty off the wall preposterous sappy screwy silly stupid tomfool unreasonable wacky absurd cretinous daft half-witted moronic sophomoric arrested behind checked delayed feeble-minded imbecile late subnormal underdeveloped underprivileged undeveloped bugged out cracked crazed deranged dotty harebrained mentally incompetent nuts odd potty blah bland bromidic clichéd common conventional cornball cornfed corny dull as dishwater everyday flat hackneyed ho hum hokey humdrum insipid mundane noplace nothing nowhere old hat ordinary pabulum pedestrian platitudinous square stale stereotyped stock tired tripe trite unimaginative unoriginal vapid watery wishy-washy zero deadpan empty fruitless hollow immobile impassive inexpressive inscrutable lifeless masklike meaningless noncommittal poker-faced stiff uncommunicative unexpressive vacant vacuous vague asinine backward balmy banal blank Stupid clueless no common sense nitwit twlight idiot retard gay delusional pompous arrogant decline fall founder flounder flop blunder fold abort fizzle slip miscarry miss go down go wrong lose out gain merit rise go up build earn reach win ignore neglect omit forget slight fault overlook blink discount desert funk back out let down overpass obtain attend regard finish break close drop end crash default terminate dishonor repudiate go under defalcate overdraw be ruined close down go broke go bust lose big begin start bear arrest break off call it quits call off check cut off fail halt interrupt knock it off lay off nullify scrap scratch scrub backlash boomerang bounce back disappoint rebound recoil ricochet spring back bypass condone connive cushion disregard pass by turn a blind eye goof become insolvent fold up go bankrupt go into Chapter 11 pauperize back off bring to an end call it a day close out come to an end culminate cut it out desist die discontinue give over intermit knock off leave off pack in quit quit cold turkey refrain shut down stay surcease wind up backfire blow bust cease Fail flail fale phail fial wrong success douche bag annoying useless failure failbox douchebag asshole overused arpgme forum slang stupid bad situation failed Caturday caturday 4chan saturday blizzhackers 12chan post chan /b/ anonymous cats kitties pussy cats felines pussies meme retarded lolcats internet day week best cat holiday lazy lolcat icanhascheezburger kitty meow puma tabby kitty lynx tiger lion puss pussy tom adherent beau believer booster boyfriend buff bug cat devotee disciple enthusiast fan fancier fiend follower freak girlfriend groupie hound junkie lover nut partisan patron rooter suitor supporter swain sweetheart wooer worshiper bore break up bulldoze burrow channel clean concave deepen depress dig down discover dredge drill drive enter excavate exhume fork out go into gouge grub harvest hoe investigate mine penetrate pierce pit probe produce quarry root root out rout sap scoop scoop out search shovel sift spade till tunnel turn over uncover undermine unearth bird bloke boy brother bud buddy chap chum dude feller fellow gentleman individual male person apple of eye beloved darling dear dog evergreen idol jewel love persona grata treasure Xanthippe dragon harpy harridan hellcat she-devil shrew termagant virago witch cougar jaguar leopard admirer dig guy pet vixen panther Cat CAT Cats cats kittens kitten whiskers feline awesome cool better than you Lol lol name short laurence sexy what thesaurus? rofl lmao roflmao stupid response lmbao trick lark antic gag spoof fancy whim sport rib levity caper frolic play shine put-on gambol work distraction diversion entertainment hobby interest joke prank recreation escapade high jinks hop hot foot jest jump leap mischief monkeyshines practical joke put on revel rollick shenanigan stunt tomfoolery add finishing touches adorn bedeck bedizen brighten burnish color deck do up dress out dress up enhance enrich festoon finish fix up frill furbish garnish gild grace gussy up idealize illuminate jazz up ornament paint perfect renovate spruce up trim fling folly roguery romp scrape shenanigans spree vagary drollery fun fun and games gaiety game joviality merriment skylarking butt derision design device hoax object of ridicule plan ploy scheme stratagem strategy tactic amusement decorate Prank sexual harassment youtube bro action fakeout teacher april fool idiot retard puss kit bobcat cheetah cougar grimalkin jaguar kitten kitty leopard lion lynx malkin mouser ocelot panther puma pussy tabby tiger tom tomcat cat brood cubs family kittens piglets progeny puppies school young litter lovable sweet adorable baby animal pet cute dog puppy dogs small large groupy goldigger dog lover love jewel cat dear idol hate hug neck baby spoon spoil touch pat grab ignore let go beast being brute bum creature critter invertebrate living thing mutt pet stray varmint vertebrate wild thing cater to cherish coddle cosset cuddle dandle dote on foster humor indulge nurse overindulge pamper please satisfy serve beau boyfriend darling dearest fiancé first and last flame girlfriend heartbeat heartthrob honey inamorato love of my life number one numero uno object of affection one and only prize rave significant other steady sugar sweetheart tootsie treasure true love embrace endearment feel fondling kiss petting snuggle squeeze stroke bear hug brush buss clinch clutch fondle graze handle make love massage mug nestle nuzzle play around rub toy admire adore appreciate apprize care for clasp cleave to cling to comfort cultivate defend encourage enshrine entertain fancy guard harbor hold dear hold in high esteem honor idolize like nourish nurture preserve revere reverence safeguard shelter shield support sustain value venerate worship animal beloved caress Pet Pet bdsm master mistress sub parrot hamster slave domination pretty dainty ugly homely ambrosial appealing attractive captivating charming cute darling dear delectable delicious delightful dishy dreamy fetching heavenly hot luscious pleasing precious sexy suave adept apt artful clean clever crack crackerjack cunning deft dexterous expert foxy good handy hot tamale ingenious masterful neat nifty nimble on the ball on the beam proficient quick on the trigger quick on the uptake quick-witted savvy sharp skillful slick smart up to speed whiz wizard admirable alluring angelic beauteous bewitching classy comely dazzling delicate divine elegant enticing excellent exquisite fair fascinating fine good-looking gorgeous graceful grand handsome ideal lovely magnificent marvelous nice pulchritudinous radiant ravishing refined resplendent shapely sightly splendid statuesque stunning sublime superb symmetrical taking well-formed wonderful acceptable agreeable beautiful effective enhancing presentable seemly tasteful welcome well-chosen absorbing amiable charismatic choice desirable electrifying enamoring engaging engrossing enthralling entrancing eye-catching glamorous infatuating inviting irresistible likable lovable magnetizing pleasant provocative rapturous seducing seductive sweet tantalizing tempting titillating winning winsome airy bonny diaphanous ethereal feeble frail lacy light palatable petite rare recherché savory select soft subtle superior tasty tender thin toothsome trim well-made adorable adroit becoming Cute pet beast stray being brute mutt bum plant animals beasts cattle cows domestic farm animals flock fowl herd hogs horses livestock pigs sheep swine Animalia animal group animal life animality brute creation fauna kingdom Animalia amateur animal challenger competitor contender contestant games player gorilla iron person jock jockey muscle person player professional shoulders sport sportsperson superjock body conscious thing creature entity human human being individual living thing mortal organism person personage soul thing cannibal critter degenerate devil fiend lout monster ogre ruffian sadist savage wild animal creation fellow living being lower animal man party quadruped varmint woman stock animal kingdom athlete Animal what the fuck&39;s tag
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