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Guy Digs Most Unusual Underground Secret Cinema With Natural Clay Swimming Pool, Also Serves As An Underground Greenhouse, Giant Kiln, Fire Pit and Ampitheatre.



I call this contraption, "The Pentitheatre" because it has at least 5 uses, depending on the weather. 1. This is an impressive mini amphitheater, capable of amplifying sound for music and singing. 2. This space is a great place to have a fire pit. 3.... I call this contraption, "The Pentitheatre" because it has at least 5 uses, depending on the weather. 1. This is an impressive mini amphitheater, capable of amplifying sound for music and singing. 2. This space is a great place to have a fire pit. 3. The natural clay swimming pool is very medicinal. *When wet, clay attracts toxins from the skin due to opposing charges. Clay also binds with heavy metals and removes them from the body. This can be done through taking a clay bath or by taking specific clays that can be used internally. Lastly, clay is nutritious for the skin because it is rich in calcium, magnesium, silica, potassium, iron, copper, and even sodium. So while these nutrients don’t exactly “detox” the body, they help nourish and strengthen the skin, especially from the silica content it contains. Silica is known to help encourage hydration, cell regeneration, and connective tissue health*4. The back wall can be used with a projector to watch movies in an underground cinema. 5. With a bit of plastic over the top we also have an underground green house.6. If this ever floods it turns into a 10,000 liter + water tank / catchment.7. Using the shadow, this hole can be used as a Sundial8. The pentitheatre can also be used as a giant Kiln.9. You could also cover this and use as a root cellar.10. If you built a structure over this it can be a secret basement.So far that's all the uses I can think of, perhaps I should call it the Decatheatre, but I started with the first 5 uses first and named it before thinking of the rest. If you can think of any more uses or a better name for this unusual build let me know in the comments.If this video gets 1 million views we will be buying a van for our offgrid community to transport water and building supplies. If this video gets 2 million views we want to buy a used escavator to make jobs like this easier in the future for our community and youtube channel. So make sure to give us a like and a share because it can actually help a lot!I invite you all to subscribe if you wish to see more future projects like this. Many more to come! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope I inspire some of you to build your very own "Pentitheatre"!


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