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[Haiku] Y'all seen these new big skeletons?




Haiku haiku y'all detect examine identify look look at notice observe recognize regard spot view watch witness beam behold clock contemplate descry discern distinguish espy eye flash gape gawk gaze glare glimpse heed inspect mark mind note peek peep peer peg penetrate pierce remark scan scope scrutinize sight spy stare survey be apprised of catch a glimpse of catch sight of get a load of lay eyes on make out pay attention to take notice disbelieve disregard ignore miss neglect overlook pass by forget look away turn loose have feel discover determine follow suffer feature get perceive hear know catch realize study experience learn understand think envision tumble fancy envisage unearth ponder visualize fathom sustain imagine conceive investigate ascertain grasp weigh undergo appraise find out take in catch on get the drift get the hang of misinterpret fail lose misunderstand lead show receive visit walk call conduct meet encounter shepherd attend route direct usher escort date steer pilot come by drop in look up associate with bear company come over consort with drop by go out with go with keep company with pop in run into speak to stop by stop in take out cancel avoid conceal anticipate picture foresee foretell vision divine graphic blocked-out delineated depicted descriptive diagrammatic drawn engraved etched iconographic illustrated illustrational illustrative marked-out outlined painted photographic pictoric pictured portrayed representational seen sketched traced visual obscure vague unclear implicit more visible arresting big as life bold clear conspicuous detectable discernible discoverable distinguishable evident in sight in view inescapable macroscopic manifest marked not hidden noticeable observable obtrusive obvious ocular open out in the open outstanding palpable patent perceivable perceptible plain pointed pronounced revealed salient signal striking to be seen unconcealed under one's nose unhidden unmistakable viewable unseeable secret unnoticeable invisible concealed ambiguous inconspicuous unsure unknown uncertain indefinite hidden obscured indistinct observed ascertained attended beheld checked contemplated descried detected discerned discovered espied examined found heard heeded inspected looked at noted noticed perceived realized recognized regarded scrutinized surveyed viewed watched desecrated abandoned unperceived forgotten unseen unnoticed optic imaged optical seeable visible visional pictographic hieroglyphic pictorial lifelike picturesque realistic vivid the above-mentioned the particular those these advanced brand-new contemporary current different late modern original recent state-of-the-art strange unfamiliar unique unusual au courant cutting-edge dewy dissimilar distinct fashionable inexperienced just out latest modernistic modish neoteric newfangled novel now spick-and-span topical ultramodern unaccustomed uncontaminated unknown unlike unseasoned unskilled unspoiled untouched untrained untried untrodden unused up-to-date virgin youthful antiquated common familiar future like normal old old-fashioned past regular similar standard usual deteriorated existent existing out-of-date outdated unstylish worn fresh other more another else extra farther further increased supplementary added improved altered changed renewed revived redesigned refreshed newly afresh anew lately freshly of late additional affixed appended new on the side option over-and-above padding perk spare necessary another time come again de novo from scratch from the beginning in a different way in a new way once again once more one more time over over again recently a distinct a further a separate one more some other that avant-garde beat experimental head hip innovative lead leading-edge liberal new wave pioneering progressive radical vanguard conventional moderate conservative beta dubious flaky mostly working pre-release suspect testing unready blank bare barren clean empty pale plain spotless uncompleted unfilled unmarked vacant vacuous virginal void white occupied habited dirty full understanding excited aware animated filled colossal considerable enormous fat full gigantic hefty huge immense massive sizable substantial tremendous vast a whale of a ample awash brimming bulky bull burly capacious chock-full commodious copious crowded extensive heavy-duty heavyweight hulking humongous husky jumbo mammoth mondo monster oversize packed ponderous prodigious roomy spacious strapping stuffed super colossal thundering voluminous walloping whopper whopping impoverished inconsiderable insignificant little miniature minute poor slight small teeny thin tiny unimportant adolescent baby babyish blah bland dull humble infant infantile juvenile selfish shy unconfident ungenerous ungiving leading powerful valuable significant popular serious main big league consequential eminent influential major league material meaningful momentous paramount prime principal prominent super weighty big-time trivial minor subordinate tall adult elder full-grown grown-up mature altruistic benevolent bighearted chivalrous considerate free gracious heroic liberal lofty magnanimous noble princely unselfish greathearted arty boastful conceited flamboyant haughty imperious imposing inflated overblown pompous presumptuous pretentious proud high-sounding bragging Brobdingnagian big giant A-OK adequate admissible all right average common cooking with gas cool copacetic decent delightful fair fairish goodish hep hip hunky-dory in the swim kosher large moderate okay on the ball on the beam passable peachy keen pleasant pleasing respectable right on satisfactory standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional unobjectionable up to code up to snuff welcome extreme unreasonable bad extraordinary unusual abnormal unacceptable acceptable disagreeable unrespectable unwelcome unsatisfactory disturbing inadequate intolerable insufficient unsuitable Robin Hood all heart big-hearted bleeding heart charitable generous good good scout human humane humanitarian kind openhanded philanthropic self-sacrificing stingy uncharitable abounding abundant bounteous bountiful broad enough expansive galore great heavy lavish no end plenteous plentiful plenty profuse rich spare unrestricted wide not enough limited rare meager short narrow scarce sparse lacking wanting restricted cramped amplest Big skeleton Skeleton Skeletons skeletonized
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