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according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof Pseudocoup H.O.W. 'how' How adoption benefit handling help need operation practice purpose service treatment usage value account advantage appliance applicability appropriateness avail call capitalization cause convenience custom end exercise exercising exertion fitness good habit helpfulness mileage mobilization necessity object occasion point profit reason relevance serviceability usability usefulness utility way wont worth wear and tear disadvantage harm hindrance hurt injury inappropriateness loss unsuitability uselessness handle control adopt run work wield utilize accept employ exploit manage apply operate spend manipulate exhaust expend regulate exert relate ply bestow govern waste capitalize bring into play bring to bear draw on run through take advantage of avail oneself of do with find a use make do with make the most of make use play on press into service put forth put into action put to use put to work set in motion turn to account save leave alone stop halt let go neglect mismanage abstain repudiate reject cease renounce misuse abuse do an injustice to impose on use wrong commend approve esteem care for defend treasure honor praise compliment adulate acclaim revere prize respect protect preserve cherish abused abusing adapt affiliate affirm appropriate assent assume borrow embrace endorse espouse follow go down the line go in for imitate maintain mimic opt ratify seize select support take on take over take up tap repulse return give oppose disagree disown shun disallow discard disapprove refuse release deny adopted aid asset assistance benediction betterment blessing boon cream extras favor gain godsend gravy interest perk prosperity welfare handicap bad fortune misfortune bad luck disapproval obstruction blockage U.S.E Pseudocoup ample bountiful copious generous heavy rich sufficient abounding bounteous crawling with cup runs over with eco-rich exuberant filled full lavish liberal lousy with luxuriant mucho no end of overflowing plate is full of plenteous plenty profuse rolling in stinking with teeming depleted insufficient lacking meager needy poor wanting rare scarce sparse abundant flush prodigal prolific replete empty affluent suffering penniless impoverished destitute big broad capacious commodious enough expansive extensive galore great large no end plentiful roomy spacious spare substantial unrestricted voluminous wide not enough limited small short little narrow unimportant insignificant restricted cramped amplest comfortable comprehensive dilatable distensible expandable extended sizable vast squeezed tiny detailed accurate all-inclusive amplified at length blow-by-blow circumstantial circumstantiated clocklike complete complicated definite described developed disclosed elaborate elaborated enumerated exact exhausting exhaustive finicky fussy individual individualized intricate meticulous minute nice point-by-point precise seriatim specific specified thorough undetailed nonspecific brief simple careless imprecise false uncomplicated sparing cursory incomplete vague uncertain indefinite questionable inexact inaccurate Pseudocoup attitude ethos mentality psyche behaviorism medicine mind therapy mental make-up mental processes personality study psych science of the mind way of thinking what makes someone tick where head is at physicality air angle approach belief bent bias character demeanor disposition frame of mind headset inclination leaning like it is mental state mindset mindtrip mood notion opinion perspective philosophy point of view position posture predilection prejudice proclivity reaction routine say so sensibility sentiment set slant stance stand standing standpoint temper temperament twist view where one is at fairness attitudes acceptance admission assent assumption assurance avowal axiom certainty conclusion confidence conjecture conviction credence credit deduction divination expectation faith fancy feeling guess hope hypothesis idea impression intuition judgment knowledge persuasion postulation presumption presupposition profession reliance supposition surmise suspicion theorem theory thesis thinking trust understanding nonbelief confusion truth calculation proof fact disagreement uncertainty ambiguity measurement ignorance reality doubt distrust disbelief beliefs code culture habits ideology principles psychology spirit traits values body ethoses Pseudocoup mind set dearth drought famine inadequacy insufficiency lack paucity shortage exiguity infrequency rareness rarity scantiness sparsity stringency uncommonness want abundance enough excess plenty sufficiency commonness surplus defect birthmark blot blotch break bug catch check crack deficiency deformity discoloration drawback error failing fault flaw foible frailty gap glitch gremlin hole infirmity injury irregularity kink knot mark marring mistake patch rift rough spot scar scarcity scratch seam second shortcoming sin speck spot stain taint unsoundness vice weak point weakness closure line truth right correction certainty strength good correctness blessing benefit improvement cleanliness boon clarity blank accuracy success strong point perfection advantage defects deficiencies absence defalcation default deficit demerit dereliction failure inability to hack it insufficience loss need neglect privation superfluity faultlessness satisfaction adequacy achievement accomplishment aridity dehydration desiccation dry spell parchedness rainlessness wetness monsoon droughts Scarcity Pseudocoup Scar City affluence bounty myriad plenty plethora profusion prosperity riches wealth ampleness copiousness fortune opulence plenitude prosperousness thriving few lack little need poverty scarcity want dearth deficiency inadequacy abundance luxury wealthiness bounteousness ample amount bountifulness great deal plenteousness slew comfort alleviation amenity assuagement bed of roses cheer cheerfulness complacency contentment convenience coziness creature comforts enjoyment exhilaration facility gratification happiness peacefulness pleasure poise quiet relaxation relief repose rest restfulness satisfaction snugness succor sufficiency warmth well-being irritation distress annoyance aggravation depression pain gloom unhappiness misery injury hurt hindrance torture torment exasperation botheration bother worry upset agitation woe sorrow sadness dissatisfaction displeasure discontent inconvenience comforts deal degree distribution extent portion quantity shake superabundance transaction misunderstanding disagreement Abundance Pseudocoup
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