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I know this has been shared on a few other subs, but this needs to have much more visibility.



Today the largest undercover dairy investigation in history is being released with video evidence documenting systemic and illegal abuse at Fair Oaks Farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana. Fair Oaks Farms is one of the largest dairies in the U.S. and produces... Today the largest undercover dairy investigation in history is being released with video evidence documenting systemic and illegal abuse at Fair Oaks Farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana. Fair Oaks Farms is one of the largest dairies in the U.S. and produces dairy products for the Fairlife milk brand - which is produced, marketed and distributed by the Coca-Cola Corporation.Undercover investigators for Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) have confirmed that male calves from Fair Oaks Farms are in fact transported to veal farms (Midwest Veal and Calf Start), despite the corporation's claims that it does not send its male calves to veal farms.The following abuses were witnessed on virtually a daily basis:Employees were observed slapping, kicking, punching, pushing, throwing and slamming calves; calves were stabbed and beaten with steel rebars, hit in the mouth and face with hard plastic milking bottles, kneed in the spine, burned in the face with hot branding irons, subjected to extreme temperatures, provided with improper nutrition, and denied medical attention. This resulted in extreme pain and suffering by the calves, and in some cases permanent injury and even death.In addition, the ARM investigator captured footage of drug use and illegal marijuana cultivation by Fair Oaks employees and supervisors.Animal Recovery Mission calls on the Coca-Cola Corporation, which claims to have a progressive stance on animal welfare, to end their relationship with Fairlife Corporation and cut their ties with the veal industry.


dairy milk animal rights investigation ARM undercover
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