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Idiot Brake Checks And Causes Accident



truck car crash crazy fail wtf bad driver fool jerk twit nitwit stupid moron kook dunce ninny cretin dimwit dork brain blockhead dolt donkey dope idiot imbecile jackass numbskull simpleton addlebrain blunderer bonehead botcher bumbler butcher butterfingers clod clumsy oaf duffer featherbrain foul-up fumbler goof off goofball harebrain ignoramus incompetent klutz mismanager muddler muffer numskull screw up spoiler creep loser dullard airhead boob chump clodpate dodo dumbbell dumdum goon lamebrain lunkhead meathead sap yo-yo ass lame-brain bungler Idiot Idiots white idiots trump idiot Idiot Idiots white idiots trump damper control hamper obstacle curb hurdle rein anchor binders cinchers help opening impede hinder slow bar halt dam stop block aid allow push open free arrest barricade block out blockade brake catch charge check choke clog close close off close out congest cut off deter fill hang up hold up intercept interfere with occlude plug prevent shut off shut out stall stonewall stop up stopper stymie tackle take out of play thwart barrier border bridle chain deterrent edge harness hindrance ledge limitation lip restrainer restraint restriction rim confine hold in obstruct repress restrain restrict retard suppress backwoods chase clump coppice copse cover covert grove growth jungle park shelter stand thicket timber timberland weald wildwood wood woodland woodlot woods forest orchard plantation spinney blow whistle on cramp one's style delay discomfit disconcert disrupt embarrass faze flag one freeze interfere oppose rattle saddle with shut down slow down checkup audit review control inquiry test rein poll aid help blow reverse holdup harness curb damper setback trouble grunt rebuff boost plaid quilt tartan probe monitor confirm verify correct try analyze study case count compare prove quiz note frisk candle tell look at eyeball guess allow halt stop reduce arrest thwart snub tame delay retard stay baffle foil pause impede bit hold bar choke limit bridle abet open free break off call it quits call off check cut off drop end fail interrupt knock it off lay off nullify scrap scratch scrub terminate IOU bad news balance bill book books charge computation cuff inventory invoice ledger reckoning record register report score statement tab tally advise berate call down call on the carpet censure chide come down hard on counsel ding draw the line enjoin exhort forewarn give a going over glue growl hoist jack up notice rap rap on knuckles rebuke reprimand reprove scold sit on slap on wrist speak to talk to tell a thing or two tell off upbraid warn accede acknowledge acquiesce admit be of the same mind bury the hatchet buy into clinch the deal come to terms comply concede concur consent cut a deal engage give blessing give carte blanche give green light give the go-ahead go along with grant make a deal okay pass on permit play ball recognize see eye to eye set settle shake on side with sign subscribe take one up on yes adjudge assay assess calculate check out deem evaluate examine eye figure figure in figure out gauge guesstimate have one's number inspect look over peg price rate read set at size survey take account of valuate value blockage cessation checking hindrance inhibition interruption obstruction prevention restraining restraint stalling staying stoppage suppression suspension abort account admonish agree appraise Checks Check checks porn penis computer jack roast flame work schooling diss burn insult ugly ass nigga bitch ass nigga money merchandise sell numbers cash cashing out chips poker cards bet also moreover additionally again along along with and as well as well as besides conjointly further furthermore in conjunction with in like manner including likewise more more than that on top of over and above plus still to boot together with too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider origin matter motive source root spring ground end author agency doer object basis aim leaven maker result outcome product effect finish neglect fruit issue faith goal ideal plan creed begin create induce produce provoke generate make hatch breed secure engender muster revert incite motivate compel introduce elicit let evoke kindle occasion kickoff originate open break in cook up dream up make up work up lead to fire up result in think up ruin delay deter block hide halt stop close cover keep causes details explanations justifications whys cause grounds interest justification rationale rationalization reason regard sake case claim lawsuit litigation proceeding prosecution suit activate animate arouse drive egg on energize excite impel influence inspire instigate key up mobilize move prompt propel put up to quicken rouse spur stimulate turn on work into lather channel factor force means medium organ power vehicle antecedent assumption authority axiom backbone background backing base bedrock center chief ingredient core crux data dictum essence essential evidence explanation footing fundamental hard fact heart infrastructure keynote keystone law nexus nucleus postulate premise presumption presupposition principal element principle proof rudiment sanction security substratum support theorem theory underpinning warrant whys and wherefores account action actuate agent 'cause because lazy slang type cuz bcuz bcause b&39;cause mishap setback hazard pileup blow smash fluke total smashup boon decree intent plan fate turn luck accident earthquake force majeure freak accident hurricane inevitable accident marvel natural disaster phenomenon supernatural event tornado unavoidable casualty unforeseen event vis major wonder advantage chance favorable circumstances fortune good luck occasion opening opportunity shot show stroke of luck time adversity affliction alluvion bad luck bad news calamity casualty cataclysm contretemps crash culmination curtains debacle denouement desolation devastation disaster emergency end failure fatality fiasco finale grief hardship havoc ill infliction meltdown misadventure mischance misery misfortune reverse scourge stroke termination the worst tragedy trial trouble upshot waterloo wreck adventure break cast coincidence contingency destination destiny doom even chance fortuity future gamble hap haphazard happening heads or tails hit in the cards kismet lot lottery luck out lucky break occurrence odds outcome peradventure peril providence risk throw of the dice toss-up turn of the cards way the cookie crumbles wheel of fortune Moira action adjunct affair article case cause concern crisis detail element episode event exigency fact factor feature happenstance incident intervention item juncture matter particular phase place point portion proviso respect scene status stipulation supervention thing where it's at eventuality happy accident act of God catastrophe circumstance ACCIDENT Accident negligent boner no-fault insurance terms bullshit drug test pee in a cup urinalysis oops onoez broken condom ruined life forced parenting hell false hope unwanted unexpected baby face butterface fugly car hump abortion lipton condombroke goods traffic stuff barter exchange wares trade dealings contact communion business stock relations wagon van car crate pickup rig buggy dump jeep lorry wheels semi handle deal bargain swap peddle retail deal in deny hold keep auto bucket of bolts bug bus clunker compact convertible four-wheeler gas guzzler go-cart hardtop hatchback heap jalopy junker lemon limousine motor car oil burner passenger car pickup truck ride sedan sports car station wagon subcompact taxi transportation truck tub wreck haggle attend back bear buck carry chaperon companion conduct consort convey deliver escort fetch gather guide gun heel import lead lug pack pick up piggyback schlepp shoulder take take along tote transfer transport usher automobile bucket conveyance coupe machine motor motorcar roadster touring car backpack bring cart channel convoy displace ferry freight funnel give haul heft hoist lift move pipe portage relay relocate remove shift sustain traject transmit transplant waft barrow curricle dolly dray gig gurney handcart palanquin pushcart rickshaw tilbury tumbrel two-wheeler wheelbarrow Truck trucks ford-150 dodge chevrolet redneck big boy toys chevy ford toyota skateboard grind bearings riser pads tank tonka man beast nerf wagon van auto bus ride pickup truck motor wreck buggy bucket jalopy heap jeep coupe junker sedan wheels car chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator stage tallyho train vehicle victoria carriage carrying communication machine movement transfer transference transmission transportation carryall crate dump eighteen-wheeler four by eight four by four four-wheel drive freighter lorry rig semi agent automobile bicycle boat cab carrier chariot conveyance mechanism motorcycle taxi transport vector motor car passenger car barouche buckboard caisson camion caravan cart coach dray fourgon gilly schooner tram tumbril wain Car not a truck tahoe mustang sex mobile sex engine exhaust bitch money bitches attract stick shift gas brake blast clash sound smash din wham burst clang peal slam boom crack clap loss impact wreck pileup shock crunch bump ram jar jolt thump total ditch thud abend dash shiver mend aid fix help plunge hurtle tumble dive drop collide slip meet topple sprawl upset lurch pancake pitch prang washout go in ascend rise abort crash bide bunk bunk out dwell hang out inhabit lodge nest perch reside room roost settle squat stay clatter detonate drum echo explode make noise rattle resound thunder bash beat hammer hit knock pound pummel rap strike whack bang blow-up detonation discharge dynamite eruption outbreak outburst salvo volley annihilate batter bust bust up crush damage demolish disintegrate divide eradicate finish off fracture fragment make hash of make mincemeat of part pull to pieces rend separate sever shatter snap splinter split tear torpedo trash abide break C.R.A.S.H. CRASH saigon greatest front coward rapper insane nuts wacky kooky nutty silly mad lunatic cuckoo psycho berserk ape barmy batty bonkers cracked crazed daft demented deranged dingy dippy erratic flaky fruity idiotic maniacal mental screwy touched unhinged potty flipped schizo unglued unzipped sane sound calm smart hate goofy strange absurd weird foolish odd bizarre loony wild balmy fatuous inane puerile usual wise normal keen eager ardent happy dislike campy crazy daffy fooling around for grins freaky gagged up illogical incongruous irrational jokey joshing laughable ludicrous nonsensical off the wall preposterous sappy stupid tomfool unreasonable bugged out dotty harebrained mentally incompetent moronic manic violent beatific cool delighted dreamy ecstatic elated enchanted enraptured euphoric floating flying gone heavenly in ecstasy in seventh heaven in the twilight zone joyful joyous on cloud nine rapturous sent spaced-out turned-on askance askant asymmetrical awry cam canted crooked cross-eyed lopsided squint strabismic Mickey Mouse boffo camp comical diverting dizzy droll entertaining facetious farcical fool foolheaded funny gelastic goofus gump horse's tail humorous ironic jerky jocular joking light priceless ridiculous risible schtick side-splitting waggish whimsical witty blissful cockeyed comic Crazy tom cruise tom cruise oprah fun hyper random mentally unstable paula abdul free different awsome tuney high drugs prejudice whack eccentric bold out there awesome decline fall founder flounder flop blunder fold abort fizzle slip miscarry miss go down go wrong lose out gain merit rise go up build earn reach win ignore neglect omit forget slight fault overlook blink discount desert funk back out let down overpass obtain attend regard finish break close drop end crash default terminate dishonor repudiate go under defalcate overdraw be ruined close down go broke go bust lose big begin start bear arrest break off call it quits call off check cut off fail halt interrupt knock it off lay off nullify scrap scratch scrub backlash boomerang bounce back disappoint rebound recoil ricochet spring back bypass condone connive cushion disregard pass by turn a blind eye goof become insolvent fold up go bankrupt go into Chapter 11 pauperize back off bring to an end call it a day close out come to an end culminate cut it out desist die discontinue give over intermit knock off leave off pack in quit quit cold turkey refrain shut down stay surcease wind up backfire blow bust cease Fail flail fale phail fial wrong success douche bag annoying useless failure failbox douchebag asshole overused arpgme forum slang stupid bad situation failed poor cheap sad lousy crummy awful rough gross bummer garbage blah diddly downer amiss beastly cheesy crappy faulty grungy icky off raunchy junky cruddy grody lucky great happy good right just true damaging hurtful ruinous wrong evil base mean sinful vile wicked moral noble naughty unruly sour harsh serious intense painful grave easy mild nice ill down downcast upset low contrite dejected guilty above grim gloomy abhorrent atrocious bad contemptible cursed despicable disgusting foul hairy hateful heinous hellish horrible horrid loathsome nauseating obnoxious odious offensive repellent reprehensible repugnant repulsive revolting rotten sleazy stinking terrible wretched awry confused crooked erring erroneous fallacious false flawed glitched up haywire imperfect improper inaccurate inappropriate incorrect mistaken out of order sick unfair unlawful unsuitable untoward alarming astounding daunting dire disheartening dismaying dreadful fearful formidable frightening frightful ghastly harrowing heavy hideous horrific intimidating petrifying scaring shocking terrifying the end unnerving barbaric desperate diabolical fiendish flagrant godawful monstrous nefarious scandalous villainous appalling detestable execrable horrifying noisome obscene sickening A-1 ace beyond compare boss capital champion chief choicest cool culminating finest first first-class first-rate foremost greatest highest incomparable inimitable leading matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight outstanding paramount peerless perfect preeminent premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none super superlative supreme terrific tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed abominable best sexy beautiful girls women hot fine beastly sexy look good girl female foxy a turn on. jockey whip hack cabbie passenger brassie cleek driver iron mashie midiron niblick putter spoon stick wedge wood city worker straphanger suburbanite traveler cowboy gaucho horseback rider horseman/woman fan fin oar paddle prop screw engineer operant operative agent broker conductor dealer manager club commuter rider propeller operator Driver drivers drive car hump back seat driver shot gun bitch seat trunk wing man the white marauder rules! dangerous homicidal selfish harmful russians limo taxi joe male pull fail
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