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If Luke Skywalker Had The Internet...



star wars luke skywalker chewbacca leia darth vader han solo jabba wtf fartknocker Luke luke funny cute charming sexy intelligent integrity thoughtfullness confidence unique name meanings etymology history birth names happy fun smile sex giant big fat guy amazing luk great pal chum buddy friend diary awsome beastly cool pimpin gangsta rockin skywalker sky walker Skywalker skywalkered skywalkering denial stubbornness irrationality mark hamill star wars geek nerd spaz dork sci-fi fantasy fanboys sky walker oxnard holla yul guy richard jordan kiss your sister incest brother love driver car lane changing unsafe the nulk retard nymphomaniac literature character personality luke skywalker anakin skywalker enjoy get bear accept keep admit own take carry retain hold obtain gain hog land secure annex occupy corner sit on lack need exclude reject forfeit refuse avoid dodge release deny dispute forsake neglect fail lose miss pass yield give offer drop spend free let go abandon stop want kill undergo feel leave see know allow permit become suffer let sustain must fall on ought should halt involve include subsume embrace embody take in fix fool undo dupe beget baited bamboozled betrayed conned culled duped fooled gulled had hoaxed hoodwinked lured played snared taken trapped victimized bought enjoyed held in hand inherited kept purchased retained confined contained detained held back included maintained owned possessed received remembered reserved restrained saved secured sustained treasured withheld access achieve amass attain bring in buy catch collect cop corral earn gather get hands on get hold of grab have hustle latch onto lock up pick up procure promote rack up scare up snag take possession of wangle win absorb appreciate believe comprehend conceive digest fathom get the picture grasp imagine perceive read realize recognize sense think cherish entertain exhibit harbor hold up maintain possess shoulder uphold weigh upon deceived acquire apprehend h.a.d. H-A-D HAD h.a.d lied to tricked gullible bandana headwear h.a.d. headwear h.d.a. d.h.a. a.h.d. high and drunk all over again rugged wet zombie water safety xtreme-jumps scary trickjumping hump dump booty boob comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The why and peter griffin family guy comedy what fuck wtf word teh sex internet Internet Internets internets pron fbi p33n pedo major chief main lesser minor extra unknown hero name idol draw lead commoner champion genius master pro star virtuoso winner wizard be on bring down the house burlesque characterize do a turn dramatize emote enact feign go on go over ham ham it up impersonate lay an egg make debut mime mimic mug parody perform personate personify play play act play gig play part play role portray pretend put it over rehearse represent say one's piece simulate stooge strut take part tread the boards amateur artist barnstormer bit player character clown comedian entertainer foil hambone headliner impersonator ingenue ingénue pantomimist performer play-actor player soubrette stand-in straight person thesp thespian trouper understudy ventriloquist villain walk-on VIP ace big cheese big deal big gun big name big shot big stuff bigwig celeb cynosure famous person figure heavyweight hotshot immortal lion luminary magnate mahatma major leaguer notable personage personality somebody someone superstar the cheese worthy arch capital cardinal central consequential controlling crucial effective especial first foremost grand head highest key leading momentous number one outstanding paramount potent predominant preeminent premier primal primary prime principal ruling significant stellar superior supreme telling uppermost vital weighty Purple Heart accolade award badge bays citation colors cross distinction emblem garter kudos laurels medal mention order ribbon act actor celebrity decoration stars Star starr moon comet starre estrella indie pop rock indie music music canadian dude buddy man jamaican rasta fusion thermonuclear reaction explode elements hydrogen friend best best friend close friend warfare combat fighting strife strike struggle battle conflict enmity contest cold war accord truce peace differ contend shoot shell attempt clash challenge disagree bombard attack murder kill meet endeavor strive oppugn tug take on go to war make war wage war aid laze agree action assault barrage blitzkreig bloodshed bombing brush campaign carnage contention crusade encounter engagement fray havoc hostility onset onslaught press ravage scrimmage significant contact skirmish sortie war agitate argue clamor dispute feud wrestle bang heads brawl buck cross swords fret gall grapple grate mix it up quarrel raise Cain row try wrangle affray battle royal brush-off fight flap jackpot mix-up run-in service shoot-out cope cross swords with defy do battle with duel engage go up against oppose put up a fight repel resist shoot it out traverse withstand collision competition emulation fracas rivalry set-to striving tug-of-war death destruction hate religion terrorism greed evil violence stupidity Luke luke funny cute charming sexy intelligent integrity thoughtfullness confidence unique name meanings etymology history birth names happy fun smile sex giant big fat guy amazing luk great pal chum buddy friend diary awsome beastly cool pimpin gangsta rockin skywalker sky walker Skywalker skywalkered skywalkering denial stubbornness irrationality mark hamill star wars geek nerd spaz dork sci-fi fantasy fanboys sky walker oxnard holla yul guy richard jordan kiss your sister incest brother love driver car lane changing unsafe the nulk retard nymphomaniac literature character personality luke skywalker anakin skywalker chewbacca Chewbacca chew tabacco anal toilet pooh pain houdini alabama hot pocket cincinatti bowtie cleveland steamer arabian goggles chewy not chewbacca chewbaka chewbaca chewwy the chewster hitler stash hairy beaver. Leia faithful beautiful cute fun bubbly. leia lea leya leah leigh amazing girl perfection hobnockey love sexy shy princess leia star wars perfect girl brah boobs small pretty dumb airhead Darth darth jedi sith lightsaber star wars moot luke skywalker dark lord star wars awesome amazing outragously cool wondrous grand Vader anakin darth vader anakin skywalker jedi star wars polish slang poland poles polak fart gas force choke choking father dad mother mom son Hans hans han HANS german jibberish poser bamf thinker awesome god religion the man gundelfinger nigga hot rockstar sex me please like right now i want you solo alone together group chewbacca star wars kirby hat draw ham hard as a motherfucker colby going hard navy osama single solitary stag unaided together combined abandoned batching it by itself/oneself companionless deserted desolate detached forlorn forsaken friendless hermit in solitary individual isolated lone lonely lonesome me and my shadow me myself and I on one's own onliest only shag sole solo traveling light unaccompanied unassisted unattached unattended unescorted unmarried widowed all by one's self apart autonomously by oneself exclusive of freely individually of one's own volition one at a time one by one separately severally singly unrestrictedly unsupervised without regard to without support alone one particular secluded separate separated singular unique exclusive matchless once in a lifetime one and only one shot peerless unequaled unparalleled unrivaled belt out burst into song buzz canary cantillate carol chant chirp choir croon descant duet groan harmonize hum hymn intone lift up a voice line out lullaby make melody mouth pipe purr resound roar serenade shout singsong trill troll tune vocalize wait warble whine whistle yodel bachelor divorced eligible free living alone loner spouseless unfettered unwed independently sing Solo SOLO sex porn film movie gay orochimaru deidera nagato juubi jiriaya minato naruto beat defeat win single-handedly jabba Jabba fat slob obese brute revolting disgusting jabba the hutt lazy gluttonous baked star wars ugly nasty oprah cannabis slang liverpool drugs joint fool noob irish lucky boxing karate WTF wtf fart choss piss ass fartknocker fart knocker Fartknocker fart-knocker fudge packer anal sex hijacked from beavis butthead turd burglar baccalaureate impact crater
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