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I'm the guy from the Area 51 livestream. Where should we raid next?



I hope you enjoy the video! Be sure to Subscribe if you're new here!Hello everyone I own a live streaming satellite and I used it to help document the events that took place on September 20 when the storm area 51 movement took place. We filmed what we... I hope you enjoy the video! Be sure to Subscribe if you're new here!Hello everyone I own a live streaming satellite and I used it to help document the events that took place on September 20 when the storm area 51 movement took place. We filmed what we were legally be allowed to film. Might put some area 51 meme compilations in here at some point not really sure. Hopefully we see some aliens ufos and what not as well. Here we streamed the Naruto area 51 raid live.Be sure to become a channel member for exclusive content, emojis, and to support the channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-WX... Music from https://freetouse.com Track: Ehrling - S.A.X.Music from https://freetouse.com Track: Ehrling - Lounge#area51 #stormarea51 #area51live


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