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Is Climate Change Releasing Ancient Frozen Diseases? [12:02]



#Climatechange #Permafrost #Disease The world is getting hotter, and the permafrosts are melting. Buried under the ice in Antarctica, Alaska and the Siberian permafrost is the potential for a global epidemic of ancient disease, in the form of bacteria... #Climatechange #Permafrost #Disease The world is getting hotter, and the permafrosts are melting. Buried under the ice in Antarctica, Alaska and the Siberian permafrost is the potential for a global epidemic of ancient disease, in the form of bacteria and viruses from thousands or even millions of years ago.In this video I delve into the wealth of research on this topic of permafrosts, together we will discover exactly what a permafrost is, where they are and what the consequences that come with their thawing out will be. We know that there is frozen bacteria and viruses in the permafrost soil, but could there be something much more sinister?Could the deadly infections of the 18th and 19th century also be laying dormant, waiting to strike humanity once again? Is it dangerous that the Russian city of Yakutsk resides on top of a permafrost? Have researchers already discovered deadly ancient frozen diseases?All this and more will be revealed in this episode of Wiser. Stay tuned.I hope you enjoy this weeks video, hit those like and subscribe buttons if you did! Join the Wiser crew for more awesome and educational videos!------------------------If you wish to support me to make these videos full time and eventually quit my job, my Patreon is here: ------------------------Timestamps:00:00 - Introduction to the concept00:28 - Can life survive being frozen?01:26 - The effects of freezing on bacteria, viruses and germs01:42 - What is Permafrost?02:54 - How fast is the Arctic Permafrost melting?03:20 - The 30,000 year old flower03:47 - Salekhard and the Siberian Anthrax outbreak04:40 - Methane explosions caused by thawing permafrost05:21 - Could the melting permafrost cause a revival of deadly 18th and 19th century infections?07:05 - Studies and research on newly discovered ancient bacteria and viruses, from permafrosts.09:47 - Yatusk, the Russian city that sits on top of a permafrost10:38 - ConclusionsSources:All video footage is mine to use and acquired legitimately from Video Blocks.Music:All music is from the Youtube Audio Library.Cumulus Nimbus by Quincas MoreiraBeyond the Lows by The Whole OtherFar The Days Come by Letter BoxThey Might Not by Puddle of Infinity---------------------------------If you have an issue regarding something in one of my videos, please contact me before reporting the video and I will gladly fix it for you!Thank you so much for watching this episode, see you next time.


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