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Is FBI really watching?




FBI f.b.i. fbi cia dia nsa css kgb fsb nkvd cheka mossad mi5 mi6 bnd commando semper ubi sub ubi in chino veritas sans brief boxerless federal agent u. s. inverstigator g man fed big heat aliens corn demons invader zim absolutely actually certainly easily genuinely honestly indeed legitimately literally surely truly undoubtedly unquestionably well admittedly as a matter of fact assuredly authentically beyond doubt categorically de facto for real in actuality in effect in fact in point of fact in reality indubitably no ifs ands or buts nothing else but of course positively precisely unmistakably verily doubtfully dubiously indefinite questionably come hell or high water conclusively decidedly decisively definitely doubtless exactly for sure no strings attached on the button on the money on the nose really right on straight out sure as can be sure as hell sure enough sure thing the very thing unambiguously unconditionally in truth veritably very actual existing real tangible bloody by all means clearly determinedly distinctly downright emphatically flat out for a fact in spades no catch no holds barred no mistake powerful right strongly sure terribly terrifically unequivocally almost certainly beyond question by far doubtlessly far and away indisputably no doubt plainly probably undeniably approximately at heart at the heart of centrally characteristically chiefly determinately factually fundamentally importantly in essence indispensably inherently intimately intrinsically materially more or less so naturally necessarily originally permanently primarily principally quite radically significantly substantially typically virtually vitally incomplete questionable not sure doubtful uncertain partially difficultly indefinitely essentially on the surface apparently superficially really ???? Really Really? really ? really ?? really ??? really ????? omg oh shit oh snap holy shit are you serious obnoxious seriously sarcasm faggot bitch well... duh! duh [oh come on!] dur stupid obviously how question sarcastic simple unimpressed rly alert cautious observant wary unobservant fish eye glaring gun look looking ogling peek peep scrutiny seeing survey watching absorbed attending attentive bent bound committed concentrated concentrating decided decisive deep eager earnest engaged engrossed enthusiastic firm fixed hell-bent immersed industrious intense minding occupied piercing preoccupied rapt resolved riveted set settled steadfast steady watchful wrapped up ascertainment check cognition cognizance conclusion consideration detection estimation examination experience heedfulness information inspection investigation knowledge mark measurement mind monitoring note notice noticing once-over overlook perception probe recognizing regard remark research review search study supervision surveillance view defending escorting garrison lookout patroler policing protecting protection safeguarding scouting sentinel spy vigilance watch watchperson gaze ignorance intent distracted unenthusiastic unfixed weak soft flexible irresolute unconcerned trivial undecided indefinite unstable observation neglect thoughtlessness indifference inattention disbelief heedlessness observations observing patrol
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