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Janet Jackson Surprises 'The View'




Janet Jackson janet jackson garnet jane jennet cant kent caned jaunty ante jaunt canter gander gent gaunt jet joint junta junto net ant jader junket magnet conte jacket janitor can it cane canned gained jade joined bant giant pant quant rant want cunt canst cornet jane doe Janet janet surprisebitch sexy hot awesome beautiful love honest pure wholesome freaky adorable caring loving wildly irresistable my girl jly jjboo kutie tacks on jacking kicks in packs in jackass jocks jacks up locks on jacks picks on jargon jackies caisson takes on jack checks on calls on hooks on locks in socks one sucks in tucks in rags on tags on gangs on carps on focus on gains on looks on works on Jackson nice smart cute athletic idek jackson dragon sweet caring jackon energetic loved contagious exhausting joy amazing best friend hilarious blunt ripped hot sexy perfect amazement astonishment awe bewilderment consternation curiosity disappointment jolt miracle revelation shock wonder abruptness attack bombshell disillusion epiphany eureka fortune godsend incredulity kick marvel miscalculation phenomenon portent precipitance precipitation precipitousness prodigy rarity start stupefaction suddenness thunderbolt whammy wonderment astoundment curveball eye-opener unexpected unforeseen calmness composure coolness expectation happiness indifference dismay dazzle unsettle perplex bewilder overwhelm flabbergast confuse astound rattle confound amaze startle stun disconcert dumbfound discomfit floor electrify nonplus stupefy jar consternate stagger daze rock petrify bowl over shake up blow away cause wonder leave aghast leave open-mouthed spring something on strike dumb strike with awe take aback throw a curve expect clear up clarify order compose bore comfort calm soothe explain enlighten nab capture seize discover bushwhack ambush take waylay grasp grab come down on burst in on catch in the act catch off-balance catch off-guard catch red-handed catch unawares drop in on lay for lie in wait spring on take by surprise offer give lose free let go misunderstand liberate release That surprises me. That surprises me sarcasm telling question absurdity condesending pick up line. mock joke fabrication fake out the the bullshitwords the view the View The View talk show morning tv drama boring feminists blabfest gossip star yak yak tupperware party girls time out crap girl friends loud group of girls beaches ladies who lunch lifetime friends espn good morning america late night chuck norris same jeans wasted little dejays weed pot bud dank marijuana mooning flashing ball showing game da view uber gay
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