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Joe Palma, the original Fake Shemp (1956) After Shemp Howard died in 1955, The Three Stooges still had to fulfill their contract for four more shorts so they used a stand in with his back turned to th



Following the death of Shemp Howard, there were eightThree Stooges shorts owed to Columbia Pictures to fulfill the current year's contract. Producer/Director Jules White combed old footage of the trio featuring Shemp to "create" four new films,... Following the death of Shemp Howard, there were eightThree Stooges shorts owed to Columbia Pictures to fulfill the current year's contract. Producer/Director Jules White combed old footage of the trio featuring Shemp to "create" four new films, shooting minimal new footage in order to change the story lines. Where new shots of Shemp were needed to change the plot, White enlisted Joe Palma, a long time Shemp stand-in to take Shemp's place. So here, collected for the first time digitally and in order are theclips that made Joe Palma a household name as "TheOriginal 'Fake Shemp'". Enjoy!


Three Stooges Shemp Howard Moe Howard Larry Fine Joe Palma Jules White Fake Shemp Columbia Shorts
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