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Julia absolutely crushes Juice by Lizzo




Julia name julia awesome jealous perfect gorgeous pretty sweet desirable funny agreatfriend swag amazing loving loyal genuine unique crazy beautiful smart cute sexy friend date eyes world actually categorically definitely doubtless exactly positively precisely really surely truly unconditionally unquestionably come hell or high water conclusively decidedly decisively easily for sure no ifs ands or buts no strings attached on the button on the money on the nose right on straight out sure as can be sure as hell sure enough sure thing the very thing unambiguously doubtfully dubiously questionably uncertain doubtful incomplete indefinite not sure partially questionable absolutely affirmative agreed all right amen assuredly aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly even so fine gladly good good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course okay roger true undoubtedly very well willingly without fail yea yep as a matter of fact de facto genuinely in fact in point of 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right rule say say-so steam strength strong arm stuff supremacy sway upper hand warrant weight what it takes whip hand word zap claret clot cruor gore hemoglobin plasma sanguine fluid vital fluid allowance ante bite bonus brokerage chunk compensation cut cut-in discount end factorage fee indemnity pay payment percentage piece piece of the action rake-off remuneration royalty salary slice stipend taste vigorish authority bridle check containment curb determination direction discipline guidance inside track limitation management manipulation oversight predomination qualification regimentation regulation restraint restriction strings subjection subordination superintendence supervision wire pulling authorities break breach powerlessness prohibition disadvantage lethargy lack weakness inferiority blood commission increase whole commissions control renouncement helplessness mismanagement freedom neglect relinquishment inability advantage lawlessness disorganization chaos Juice football i dont have the juice fire popular hotline boring power respect. awesome amazing horrible disgusting jewced Lizzo lizzo singer funny skinny lizard lad thin
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