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Just looking at Instagram Thots



Look at this dumb mother fucker. He forgot his phone was on Apple TV. I see everything. You mad thirsty! Look at this thirsty bitch! Ohhh you wanna comment?! Boy i dare you, God i dare you. That's what i thought but you st- Oooooh! You know what? You... Look at this dumb mother fucker. He forgot his phone was on Apple TV. I see everything. You mad thirsty! Look at this thirsty bitch! Ohhh you wanna comment?! Boy i dare you, God i dare you. That's what i thought but you st- Oooooh! You know what? You know fucking what? You know fucking what? What you doin' yo? What?! What you doin'? Shitting! You shitting? Yes! Let me shit in peace! Don't close the door on me! You not out here likin' pictures on Instagram of big booty bitches?! That's not what you doin'?! Oh why you lookin' at me stupid?! Because that's exactly what you doin'! No it's not! No it's not! No it's not! You dumbass forgot your phone is on Apple TV dumb bitch. You out here thirsty! All up in my business for?! Yeah! Why you lookin' at my stuff for?! You dumbass left it! That's not my fault! So you turn your head! No! Fuck outta here you thirsty bitch! I shoulda brought water for how thirsty you was "Damnnnnn" That's what you wanna comment? No... That's how you feel when you see all them shorties? No!

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