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KENYON -EOW Champion- Freestyle 2



hiphop end ofthe weak eow impro kenyon rennes freestyle rap kenyon Kenyon EOW EOWS Eow unbeaten super prime superior head dandy choice premier first boss chief capital cool splendid tops greatest tip top lower minor least extra worst bad poor hero winner champ patron victor ally backer enemy loser defend promote uphold espouse contend battle support back patronize fight for plead for side with thump for forsake oppose brilliant champion distinguished excellent expert first-rate great master outstanding superb virtuoso genius pro star wizard apostle attorney campaigner counsel defender exponent expounder lawyer pleader promoter proponent proposer speaker spokesperson supporter upholder advance advise argue for be in corner bless bolster boost brace up build up campaign for countenance encourage favor further get on bandwagon give a leg up give a lift go for go to bat for go with hold with justify plug plump for press for propose push recommend ride shotgun for root for run interference for say so side speak for spread around stump for tout urge vindicate adjy advocate agent anarchist demagogue disrupter dissident dogmatist fighter firebrand fomenter heretic incendiary inciter instigator leftist malcontent mover partisan propagandist provocateur pusher rabble-rouser radical reactionary rebel reformer revisionist revolutionary ringleader sparkplug troublemaker wave maker zealot best enduring everlasting perpetual ace agitator all-time Champion bathe glide dive float paddle wade crawl move slip stroke race stop breast-stroke dog-paddle freestyle go for a swim go swimming go wading high-dive practice skinny-dip submerge take a dip swim Freestyle free style Hip Hop Hip-Hop hip hop top edge term point stump tip bound stub spire tail prong cusp head foot heel neb nib bottom cause origin opening start means birth closure finish result outcome issue cease close payoff curtain finale upshot terminus target closing finis expiry omega windup sign-off wrap-up source forfeit failure neglect defeat goal object drift mark reason intent purpose objective design side lees scrap share dregs bit piece core whole base demise doom ruin passing quit halt stop wind up drop wrap up delay settle expire resolve achieve crown abolish wrap abort give up sew up top off bear open keep die depart wane desist lapse create grow go on begin abate abrogate annihilate annul call off cancel destroy disestablish dissolve end eradicate erase expunge extinguish extirpate inhibit invalidate kill negate nix nullify obliterate overthrow overturn prohibit put an end to put kibosh on put the kibosh on quash repeal repudiate rescind revoke scrub set aside squelch stamp out subvert supersede suppress terminate undo vacate vitiate void wipe out zap abolishment abrogation annihilation annulment cancellation destruction dissolution elimination ending eradication extirpation invalidation negation nullification obliteration overturning quashing repudiation rescinding rescindment rescission revocation subversion suppression termination voiding wiping out withdrawal arrest break off call it quits check cut off fail interrupt knock it off lay off scratch do in finish off knock out reject renege retract torpedo accomplish acquire actualize attain bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through complete conclude consummate deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effect effectuate enact execute follow through fulfill gain get get done manage negotiate obtain perfect perform procure produce rack up reach realize score seal see through sign solve win work out after-effects causatum chain reaction consequences eventuality flak impact remainder residual residuum results waves abolition aftermath Ends ends shaky fragile anemic sickly wobbly frail feeble effete faint flaccid flimsy infirm languid limp puny rickety rocky rotten senile spent spindly supine tender torpid unsound wasted weakly stable potent brave noisy firm steady sure active strong able hearty bold loud fit safe secure thick nervous soft palsied unsure zero wimpy poor quiet dull thin small low dim gentle pale slight bated reedy rich happy solid inept slim faulty flabby green hollow lame raw enough helpless unsafe dilute diluted insipid watery washy runny below par debilitated diseased down down with enfeebled feeling awful ill indisposed run down sick sick as a dog under the weather unwell wasting weak afraid alarmed biting nails butterflies concerned disquieted doubtful feel in bones foreboding frozen get vibes have a hunch have cold feet have funny feeling have stage fright hung up in a cold sweat in a dither in a sweat jellyfish jittery jumpy lily-livered mistrustful running scared scaredy-cat stiff suspicious troubled uncertain uneasy uptight worried worried sick banal blah boring dull as dishwater flat flavorless ho hum humdrum milk-and-water monotonous nerdy nothing pabulum sapless tame tedious unexciting uninspiring uninteresting unstimulating vanilla vapid waterish wishy-washy brittle crisp crispy crumbly delicate fracturable frangible friable shatterable shattery splintery vitreous breakable crumbling inelastic shivery busted coming unglued coming unstuck defective disabled exhausted fallen apart gone gone to pieces gone to pot haywire imperfect in disrepair in need of repair in the shop inoperable kaput not functioning on the blink on the fritz on the shelf out out of commission out of kilter out of order out of whack ruined run-down screwed up shot unsatisfactory wracked wrecked ailing apprehensive bland broken Weak EOW EOWS Eow I'm Pro kenyon Kenyon renne bathe glide dive float paddle wade crawl move slip stroke race stop breast-stroke dog-paddle freestyle go for a swim go swimming go wading high-dive practice skinny-dip submerge take a dip swim Freestyle free style blow lick tap beat swat pat conk praise yarn chat prose chin talk quiet knock swipe pan rebuke flak reward silence flattery approval palaver spit babble jabber converse chitchat discourse bark chatter scold skin blame laud advise berate call down call on the carpet censure check chide come down hard on counsel ding draw the line enjoin exhort forewarn give a going over glue growl hoist jack up notice rap rap on knuckles reprimand reprove sit on slap on wrist speak to talk to tell a thing or two tell off upbraid warn abuse animadversion backbiting backhanded compliment black eye calumny defamation detraction dirty dig hit invective libel obloquy put-down slam slander smear vituperation belittle criticize cut down to size dis disparage dump on find fault malign mudsling pooh pooh put down rip roast run down take a dig at take down a peg tear down tear to pieces bash bump clatter collide crash hammer pound pummel smash strike thump whack bang belt bop crack smack sock thwack wallop whop bat batter box break bruise buffet cane castigate clout club crush cudgel drub flagellate flail flog lambaste lash maltreat mash maul pelt punch punish ram slap slug spank thrash thresh trounce whale whip admonish aspersion bad-mouth Rap
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