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Minecraft sound test. 9 years old. (13k views)




Minecraft minecraft mine craft crafting mines rejection creeper angry old lady computer guy still lives with mum. notch miencraft meincraft addictive mining online indev infdev building blocks video game minecraft.net cool ownage kick ass flawless intact robust safe sane solid stable sturdy thorough vibrant vigorous entire firm fit hale perfect right total well whole alive and kicking effectual hearty in the pink right as rain substantial unblemished undamaged undecayed unhurt unimpaired uninjured up to snuff vital well-constructed wholesome wrapped tight broken damaged defective soft unstable vulnerable weak wobbly imperfect imprecise inaccurate inappropriate incomplete part partial sick unfinished unfit unhealthy unsuitable unsuited wrong distrusted illogical infirm refused rejected unbelievable unfathomable unreasonable unsound backbite bad-mouth bash belittle berate blow off calumniate cap castigate cuss out cut down cut to the quick decry defame derogate discount do a number on dump on give a black eye hurl brickbat insult knock minimize nag offend oppress persecute pick on put down rag on reproach revile ride rip up run down scold signify slam slap sling mud smear sound swear at tear apart trash upbraid vilify vituperate zing echo noise sound properties sound transmission appropriate apt commendable desirable expedient fitting judicious politic prudent seemly sensible suggested suitable tactical healthy unharmed precise satisfactory wise fair reliable responsible valid rational proper accurate correct exact convincing deep sober satisfying intellectual telling cool advisable cogent consequent faultless impeccable just levelheaded orthodox profound thoughtful together trustworthy well-advised well-founded well-grounded commonsensical right-minded true all there got it together right-thinking corrupt improper flawed careless false excited ignorant incorrect irrational irresponsible untrustworthy unreliable foolish unacceptable unwise unrealistic senseless questionable inexact legal dependable fly received solvent secure sanctioned recognized kosher faithful authoritative canonical loyal reputable significant tried-and-true legit proven washing hanging together holding together holding up holding up in wash holding water standing up disloyal dishonest uncertain undependable tone vibration accent note music harmony melody voice din ringing softness modulation tenor intonation report static reverberation pitch racket resonance tonality sonorousness loudness sonority sonance sonancy cacophony silence blow blare resonate reflect shout boom resound sing ring burst rattle whisper clank reverberate clack creak bark thud trumpet moan thunder jar vibrate thump clink shrill play crash cackle patter smash babble hum detonate clang rumble toot murmur clatter shriek jangle jabber roar whine bang explode squawk snort buzz chatter emit clap be silent quiet praise seem look appear appear to be strike as being abuse commend esteem care for help defend approve flatter treasure honor adulate acclaim revere prize benefit respect protect preserve cherish exalt laud compliment abused abusing acoustics injudicious inadvisable imprudent all right unsatisfactory Sound cheers thanks friendly awesome nice great deadly slang irish. dude agreement sweet yes yeah agedness dotage generation lifespan lifetime oldness senescence senility caducity elderliness childhood youth ages forever and a day forever and ever long time years age ascendancy cycle epoch height heyday period prime term time zenith aeon time period advancing years autumn of life debility declining years decrepitude evening of life feebleness geriatrics golden age golden years infirmity longevity retirement age second childhood senectitude seniority winter of life course date duration era interval measure season space span spell stage stretch while blue moon day bottom night evening nadir eon old age infancy adolescence year Year Years fuckery hell twelve months crapulence shitness past 1984 plural long ago wog wogtastic wogalicious jurassic park kiss my face fuck woot woot 2014 new years leap year the year week hour minute timespan
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