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Motivational Success Story Of Hrithik Roshan - How He Beat Depression And Overcame Every Failure



Motivational Success Story Of Hrithik Roshan - How He Beat Depression And Overcame Every FailureHrithik Roshan is one of the biggest Bollywood superstars, but the struggles he faced on his path to success are an inspiration to all of us. His... Motivational Success Story Of Hrithik Roshan - How He Beat Depression And Overcame Every FailureHrithik Roshan is one of the biggest Bollywood superstars, but the struggles he faced on his path to success are an inspiration to all of us. His motivational success story is amazing. After everything he had to go trough, his perspective towards life, actually changed my life, so I recommend you to listen till the end.He was bullied and humiliated at school by other kids because he was struggling to speak fluently. He has a speech disorder known as stammering.” But, Since he was a child he wanted to become an actor, so this was an enormous barrier that he needed to break. But Hrithik decided that his stammering won't stop him to become an actor. Determined he dedicated himself into overcoming his speech disorder and joined speech therapy classes. When he was 21, he was diagnosed with Scoliosis - Curved Spinal Cord, and was suggested by doctors to forget about acting, If he wanted to not spend his life in a wheelchair, because acting requires a lot of stunts and dancing which can put a lot of strain on the spine.In 2010 He was diagnosed with a bad knee. His knee was in a extremely bad shape and it was so brittle that doctors told him that his condition was even worse than old people. In 2013, a blood clot was found in his brain. He underwent a surgery that was very risky and the chances of death were higher. "These are the cards I was dealt and if I complained I was not going to get anywhere. I just had to find the best way to play them. I analyzed my weaknesses and realized that through practice, hard work and, more importantly, through research and educating myself, a lot could be accomplished. And because of that, I've gained a lot of knowledge on health and fitness. Anything you create in life comes from your experiences-they have made me the man I am."Today, Hrithik Has an amazing career, it's one of the highest paid actors in India, has won many awards and a very bright future is ahead of him. He was also voted the sexiest man in Asia. After everything that happened to him, his positive outlook on life is magical, and the wisdom that comes from his success story is motivational.“I have been through my ups and downs. I have experienced depression and confusion. It’s a normal thing and we should be very casual when we speak about it. I have experienced issues in my life. We all go through ups and downs in our lives. The ups and downs are important because we evolve through both of them. When you go through a down it is important to have a clarity of thought. Sometimes your brain takes over and it kinds of feeds you with unwanted thoughts. Feeds you with thoughts which are not aligned with what you want to do in life and that is the time you need an objective point of view or a third person to look at you and tell you that this is what has happened because you lose awareness at that time.”"Do not be afraid of your weaknesses , of your struggles, of your miseries. Your miseries are eventually going to become the wind beneath your wings. They are going to make you fly one day. You know, the best love story that you can ever have is the one with life itself. You know life, its dark its dusty- its bright its beautiful - romance it. Make it the best love story of your life.""What I am today is not in spite of my struggles, but because of them. If you've the right perspective towards your struggles, they can actually become your wings."Music:Ross Bugden - Music:Epic and Emotional Music (Copyright and Royalty Free) - Parallel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je9bn... Images:Bollywood Hungama [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... )]Videos from:https://www.pexels.com/videos/ https://pixabay.com/ Are you feeling down and empty with all hope lost, or maybe you are having a bad day. Are you feeling depressed and full of anxiety on a daily basis, or you’re feeling like a complete failure?Do you need that spark of inspiration that will make you stand off that couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself? Are you tired of being unhappy, unfulfilled, not confident? It’s time to change your mindset! Do you need just a little bit of motivation to change things? The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.You're on the right place.


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