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[OC] Buzz Aldrin is Definitely Not Crazy



This video is a Buzz Aldrin compilation containing clips from all across his time in the public eye. The first and maybe most popular clip is when Buzz Aldrin threw a punch at Bart Sibrel after being provoked by him. The other controversial clip is... This video is a Buzz Aldrin compilation containing clips from all across his time in the public eye. The first and maybe most popular clip is when Buzz Aldrin threw a punch at Bart Sibrel after being provoked by him. The other controversial clip is Buzz arguing and yelling at an airport employee this was captured by TMZ and aired on their show. The rest of the clips were of Buzz's public appearances on various talk show clips. In one he was suing his family for stealing money from him and needed to be cleared medically as fully functioning to proceed with the case. And for whatever reason this T.V. show decided to have a segment about the old astronaut's family drama. The rest of video goes on to contradict his medical clearance as it appears he is acting quite wild and angry at times like when he threw a punch. Aldrin's appearance on Dancing With the Stars which happened in 2010 is also included as something to get you from clip to clip and turns into Buzz rambling in a video about how there is a monolith on Mars which is shaped like a potato. The final clip is of Aldrin on Entertainment Tonight where he speaks of how he encountered a UFO in space on the moon.Endscreen background - : https://www.youtube.com/dvdangor2011 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEmLR... #BuzzAldrin #MoonLanding #BartSibrel


Buzz Aldrin Punch Bart Sibrel moon Mars Monolith Fight Dancing with the stars Conspiracy Airport TMZ Angry
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