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Oktoberfest Devil's Wheel - The girl who stayed till the end is amazing



A Devil's wheel is a rotating circular platform upon which riders sit or lie. It begins by spinning slowly and increases its speed to make riders slide off the platform. Spectators stand around the platform, the announcers often offer some satirical... A Devil's wheel is a rotating circular platform upon which riders sit or lie. It begins by spinning slowly and increases its speed to make riders slide off the platform. Spectators stand around the platform, the announcers often offer some satirical commentary.Riders who slide off the platform usually hit a cushioned wall. Injuries are possible if riders collide with spectators or other objects. An operator controls the speed of the platform, sometimes slowing it down to give participants the opportunity to re-position themselves toward the center.Credits: @themeparkreviewDisclaimer: This video is for Entertainment purposes only. It belongs to and are credited to their rightful owners. No copyrights intended.


Oktoberfest Devil's Wheel Oktoberfest Devil's Wheel rotating Entertainment girl wins the devil's wheel
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