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Old Spaghetti Factory - The Musical




aged ancient decrepit elderly gray mature tired venerable fossil senior versed veteran along in years broken down debilitated enfeebled exhausted experienced geriatric getting on gray-haired grizzled hoary impaired inactive infirm matured not young olden oldish over the hill past one's prime seasoned senile skilled superannuated wasted new young youthful green inexperienced contemporary current fresh late modern recent up-to-date age-old antique crumbling former old-fashioned old-time original outmoded primitive traditional aboriginal antediluvian bygone past relic remote antiquated archaic cast-off dated decayed démodé done early erstwhile hackneyed immemorial moth-eaten of old of yore oldfangled once onetime out-of-date passé primeval primordial pristine quondam rusty sometime stale time-worn unfashionable unoriginal worn-out present established familiar constant firm perennial solid steady vintage continuing enduring hardened inveterate lifelong long-lasting long-lived of long standing perpetual practiced staying time-honored broken changeable intermittent interrupted soft unstable unsteady untrustworthy wavering weak old timeworn well-established ancestral affiliated born with congenital consanguine consanguineous familial genealogical in the family inborn inbred inherited innate lineal maternal paternal running in the family totemic tribal obsolete fusty moldy obsolescent old hat outworn forward-looking broken-down battered bedraggled deteriorated falling apart in disrepair neglected ramshackle run down seedy shabby threadbare unsound good healthy intact sound sturdy well-kept cast off deserted discarded forsaken left behind thrown away thrown out abdominal alimentary bowel celiac duodenal gut inner inside interior internal inward rectal stomachic stuffing ventral visceral intestinal penne tortellini noodles shells macaroni gnocchi linguine ravioli fettuccini lasagna manicotti orzo rigatoni vermicelli ziti pasta spaghetti more intestinal most intestinal branch cooperative firm industry laboratory mill shop workshop forge foundry manufactory mint sweatshop warehouse workroom works machine shop salt mines armory arsenal center depot dump factory headquarters magazine plant range depository ordnance repository stock stockpile store storehouse supply debt business Mom and Pop cartel concern corporation establishment fly-by-night operation house institution market megacorp monopoly organization outfit partnership setup shoestring operation syndicate trust venture businesses Mom and pops cartels concerns corporations establishments factories firms fly-by-night operations houses institutions markets megacorps mills monopolies organizations outfits partnerships setups shoestring operations shops stores syndicates trusts ventures unemployment recreations avocations dairy buttery cow barn creamery dairy farm farm pasteurizing plant abode building company enterprise foundation institute office quarters residence structure system workplace every the choral melodic operatic rhythmic symphonic vocal blending consonant melodious pleasing sweet agreeable chiming dulcet euphonious harmonious lilting mellow orchestral silvery songful sweet-sounding symphonious tuned tuneful discordant cacophonous dissonant inharmonious unmusical artistic aesthetic creative cultivated cultured decorative dramatic elegant exquisite fine graceful grand ideal imaginative musical ornamental pictorial picturesque poetic refined rhythmical sensitive stimulating stylish sublime tasteful ugly uncreative unimaginative distasteful horrible inelegant scientific concert gig jam session musicale recital rockfest selections show disagreement disharmony disunity pleasing to the ear pleasurable euphonic euphonical mellifluous clear smooth well-pitched harmonic accordant concordant harmonizing in chorus in concert in harmony in tune in unison sonorous
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