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Penguins' Hilarious Reaction To Opera Singer



antarctica aesir911 penguin singing funny lulz Penguin penguin lively gay happy jolly jovial joyful joyous merry noisy riot scream witty sad airy animated blithe bouncy bright bucked buoyant cheery chipper chirpy contented effervescent enlivening enthusiastic full of pep glad gladsome good-humored good-natured hearty high hilarious hopeful in good spirits in high spirits jaunty jocund lighthearted optimistic peppy perky pleasant roseate rosy sanguine snappy sparkling sprightly sunny sunny side up upbeat vivacious winsome zappy zingy zippy back-slapping cheerful clubby companionable conversible entertaining festal festive friendly genial glad-handering holiday mirthful sociable brash bubbly ebullient excited exhilarated exuberant gleeful high-spirited irrepressible vital absurd amusing antic capricious clever diverting droll facetious farcical for grins gas gelastic humdinger hysterical jocose jocular joking killing knee-slapper laughable ludicrous playful priceless rich ridiculous 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