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Pocahontas Was a Mistake, and Here's Why! - Lindsay Ellis



But there's a benefit to losing... you get to learn from your mistake. So don't worry, we're gonna fix colonialism, y'all! Merch Store: Twitter: @thelindsayellisSupport us on Patreon: But there's a benefit to losing... you get to learn from your mistake. So don't worry, we're gonna fix colonialism, y'all! Merch Store: Twitter: @thelindsayellisSupport us on Patreon: Stewart, James B. Disney War. New York: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2006. Print.Reel Injun. Dir. Neil Diamond, Catherine Bainbridge, and Jeremiah Hayes. Rezolution Pictures, 2009. Film.Cochran, Jason. "Pocahontas Needed an Ethnic Look." Time Inc, 16 June 1995. Web. 16 July 2017. .Dekneef, Matthew. "5 Beautiful Versions of 'Aloha Oe,' Queen Liliuokalani's Most Famous Song." Hawaii Magazine. N.p., 02 June 2017. Web. 16 July 2017. .Durian, Annie The Amazing. "Disney Magazine: Cast and Crew Interviews." The Waterfalls: Cast and Crew Interviews. Disney Adventures Magazine, 1995. Web. 16 July 2017. .Elaine Dutka | Elaine Dutka Is a Times Staff Writer. "The Angriest Actor : Native American Activist Russell Means Focused His Fierce Will at Wounded Knee. Can a Revolutionary Co-exist with 'Pocahontas'?" Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 11 June 1995. Web. 16 July 2017. .Grandinetti, Tina. "Moana Might Be Great for Representation but It's Not All Heartwarming for Hawaii." The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 12 Jan. 2017. Web. 16 July 2017. .Herman, Doug. "How the Story of “Moana” and Maui Holds Up Against Cultural Truths." Smithsonian Institution, 02 Dec. 2016. Web. 16 July 2017. .Hunt, Elle. "Taika Waititi on Shaking up Thor and Being a Hollywood Outsider: 'They Take This Stuff so Seriously'." The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 20 Mar. 2017. Web. 16 July 2017. .Casley, Emma. "‘Lilo & Stitch,’ ‘Moana,’ and Disney's Representation of Indigenous Peoples." Bitch Flicks. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 July 2017. .Why Not Moana. Perf. Tina Ngata. N.p., n.d. Web. .How Disney Uses Language. Perf. Sideways440. N.p., n.d. Web.


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