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Russian Spy Whale



When you hear the word spy, the images that come to our mind is stealthy, secretive and fit characters like, James Bond and Jason Bourne right?Have you ever thought that a whale could be a spy?During the cold war period, the USA and Russia have trained... When you hear the word spy, the images that come to our mind is stealthy, secretive and fit characters like, James Bond and Jason Bourne right?Have you ever thought that a whale could be a spy?During the cold war period, the USA and Russia have trained and employed oceanic dolphins to rescue lost naval swimmers or to locate underwater mines.Rumours of military dolphins include training them to lay underwater mines, to locate enemy combatants, or to seek and destroy submarines using kamikaze methods.But Both the USA and Russia ended its training programs, however in 2017 according to media reports from Russia, captured beluga whales are to be used to guard naval bases, assist military divers and help kill enemy intruders. It comes as no surprise as beluga has a very specialized sense of hearing and its auditory cortex is highly developed. It can hear sounds within the range of 1.2 to 120 kHz, with the most significant sensitivity between 10 and 75 kHz, where the average hearing range for humans is 0.02 to 20 kHz.On 26th of April 2019, a fisherman in Norway found a beluga whale with a Russian harness when it began hovering around their boats in the waters close to the small fishing village of Inga.one of the fishermen leapt into the freezing arctic waters to rid the animal of the tight noose. A closer examination of the harness revealed the words "Equipment of St. Petersburg," and a mounting point for a camera. This, together with the beluga's unusually friendly behaviour, as well as its location in the vicinity of the Kola Peninsula, which is home to several Russian military bases, has led some experts to proclaim the mammal is a spy.On 6th of May 2019, a beluga whale was seen off the coast of Norway, retrieved a woman's phone after she dropped it in the sea. It has prompted speculation that the whale is the same creature spotted by local fishermen last week.Several media outlets and marine biologists claimed that the Russian military could have trained the mammal as a "spy", and some even dubbed the creature Hvaldimir ("Whaledimir") in a somewhat awkward nod to Vladimir Putin.A former reporter with Norwegian publication Fiskeribladet is not sure the beluga was a spy. She thinks it may have been a therapy whale. "I recognized him from a story we had made," she told the paper. "It was wearing a harness because it was used to dragging boats with children on board," she added. "This is the reason why he is so social.Belugas are social animals, and they always leave in groups however this particular one is cut off from the group and still depends on humans for food, oceanic mammals which were cut off from their natural habitat always ends up dead when they are left back into the wild.Whales and dolphins used for military means are often captured and removed from their family pod. They are then held in captivity unable to travel the distances that they would in the wild each day. Many die from infections, gastric impaction (swallowing a foreign object), pneumonia, spinal fractures.It is not enough that we are already in our way to destroy ourselves, practices that involve training and harassing innocent creatures like beluga whales is not just inhuman but a proof that we have already put ourselves on top of the food chain where in reality we are nowhere civilized than the rest.Please support us by subscribing @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC5m... Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OneMinuteFacts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/facts_minute If you could, please follow us on patreon, we have amazing content to offer but it is still not financially viable. but I am trying hard to bring it for you guys as soon as possible, https://www.patreon.com/OneMinuteFacts russian spy whale


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