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All Videos: Saturday, December 7, 2019

  Amazon Echo Ring (Parody)  two boys hit a hole  Klownin' Around  Solving Super Monkey Ball's 20-year mystery  The Future is possible  Thalidomide: an ongoing crisis (2019) - "Thalidomide - known as Contergan in Germany - is still being used as a drug. This, even after the medication caused thousands of birth defects six decades ago.  North Korea's Darkest Secrets Documentary (2017) | eveals the complicated history, extreme politics, and rigid societal standards that have created a legacy of internal oppression and external aggress  Civilization 5 Technology Quotes [10:59] - Just 10 minutes of interesting, inspiring and witty quotes, read by a man with an amazing voice.  How to eat a banana like a lesbian  Mel Brooks: Unwrapped - Official Trailer - Documentary the filmmaker behind classics like The Producers, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and more. Filmed over 35 years  Inherit the Viper - Josh Hartnett, Margarita Levieva, Owen Teague, Bruce Dern, Chandler Riggs - For siblings Kip and Josie, dealing opioids isn’t just their family business—it’s their only means  Let me show you how the baby monkey got up,she is very obedient  Wetherby (1985) [720p] [altered - POR subs]  Thalidomide: still with us half a century later | DW Documentary  Afterparty | Adult Demons Only  Irishman leaves funny recording for his funeral and it was played out loud by his family during his burial  I just rewatched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure for the first time in over 30 years; how in burning hell did I forget about the Twisted Sister cameo?  Did Ancient Egyptians Circumnavigate Africa? [9:38]  [Russia] 2 Angles of the same car crash (OLD).  [Haiku] Bag of carrots  [Haiku] Bernie Sanders Plays Ro Sham Bo  [Poetry] Congratulations  Prick Up Your Ears (1987) [480p]  Tim Allen series shoe horning boomer politics into every plot  Shooting with a medieval crossbow replica  Amazon Echo Ring  Black Friday Sale  Jump rope with a motorcycle lol... and other clips I’ve found this week  Hair Love Short Film (Full) | Sony Pictures Animation [6:48]  [Canada] Getting The Finger And Some Crazy Drivers  [USA][MD][OC] Motorcycle crash and spin out on I-95  Journey of the sperm- how you make baby(z)  [Poetry] totally innocent video  [Haiku] Burger Queen  [Poetry] Beep boop  The Valstrax fight in Monster Hunter  800 Channels and this is the best i could find  When Chris Hansen feels bad for you  The cat wins  Every "Hot Ones” Episode.  Order 66 But It's The Lego Star Wars Death Sounds  Why Every Japanese Criminal is Guilty [8:39]  alinity a danger to animals or internet outrage is to blame? [12.51]  A Language Landscape: an American Sign Language performance art program from 1988. With English voiceover. [27:32]  [USA][CA] Inattentive & blind spot = close call  LORN - SEGA SUNSET (unofficial video)  Spongebob vs patrick pokemon battle #1 [2000 views, 4 years]  [Meme]Getting your cartridge to work  [Poetry] Alarm Clock Type Beat  [Poetry] How to be a playa  A Language Landscape (1988) deaf culture program by San Francisco Public Library  Meatloaf goes absolutely berserk over Gary Busey stealing his paints  Why Every Japanese Criminal is Guilty  DOUGLAS CARSELL: Cheer up! How freedom is making the world better  Why Every Japanese Criminal is Guilty - Rare Earth  If John Wilkes Booth had sneezed  Honest Low Budget Ad.  Drugs, Dreams, Billionaires, and a Kidnapping: The Strange Story Behind The Evil Within (2019)  Alicia Vikander on learning Danish, studying ballet, and shooting in Siberia [7:59] [Subtitled]  [USA][FL] Turn Lanes Are Made For Passing, and That's Just What I'll Do  Treadmill [HAIKU]  [Poetry] mandalorian angry  [Meme] he smells so good  Duck tries Strawberries for the first time  Made in Britain (1982) [1080] Directed by Alan Clarke  Must Watch I got robbed  never letting anyone eat wendy's at my stream setup again...  CBC "The National" report on the opening of Canada's first Costco in Burnaby, British Columbia (1985)  This is how Mercury orbits the Sun  Confessions of an Nespresso Money Mule DEF CON 27 Conference - Nina Kollars (2019)  Energy and Matter at the Origin of Life scientist Nick Lane argues that geologically sustained electrochemical charges across semiconducting barriers were central to both energy flow and the formation  Nick Lane: Origin of the eukaryotic cell eukaryotic cells have organelles with a cell membrane and are one of the 3 domains of life  Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel  Guy seamlessly edits himself hitting a bong on Americas Got Talent  Laguna Churup, Does Life Get Better Than THIS!? [7:08]  Taxi Driver: A Cautionary Tale [15:05]  [France] BMW driver tries to show off on a roundabout  Weiner Water! 337 views uploaded 8 years ago  Slipknot and "Jump" mashup  [Poetry]Croissant  [Haiku] teenager snacks on door  Edgy JoJo fan tries to be funny  Woody Dancing (2000)  [Russia] Motorcyclist and cyclist get caught up in bad chain reaction collision.  Twitch Wrongfully Banned Small Streamer For Playing With Her Dog, Yet Known Animal Abuser Alinity Still hasn't been banned  What happens after you flush the toilet on a cruise ship?  I like good boys  The Last Prayer? Christians in the Middle East (2019)  How To Get A Book Deal in Ten Years or Less [31:04]  Mike Tyson | Crazy Drills That Became KOs - Technique Breakdown [6:02]  You're Wrong About COPPA (Real Law Review) [49:12]  The Coup - Ride the Fence  Touching insulation without gloves on my phone (1)  Trust (a music video - Little Rap Guy and Friends) By: Anthony Wall  [895 views, 8 years old] I feel good - frog  "watch my stuff or go to hell"  [Meme] YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind  [Poetry] Whistle Blower Uncovers Damning Evidence of Epstein Cover Up  Fantastic Trip (1985) [720p]  Busker in Dublin gets a hearwarming crowd singalong for Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect'  Vulfpeck crowd at MSG sings three part harmony a cappella  Gary Clark Jr. Fans Serenade Him At Glastonbury  70 Years old Bun kabab Shop at Burns Road | Burns Road ka Masoor Bun Kabab | Street food Karachi  How to Make Homemade Korean Jajangmyeon Noodles  𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 🔥🔥dryaged Entrecote and Porkbelly Bacon 4K🔥🔥  A Woman's Worth by Michelle Obama  "Yes, yes you do"  Kyokushin Karate Wheel Kick Knockouts  Osamu Tezuka's Mermaid (1964) - Elegant Fantasy Animation By The "Anime's Grandfather"  Did Ancient Egyptians Circumnavigate Africa?  Chinese Highschool for a Day  A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] - Races  Average Siberian Joiner [1:46]  DRDISRESPECT MOST VIEWED TWITCH CLIPS!  Pen drawing  These guys shot a short with a script generated by artificial intelligence. It’s complete nonsense and hilarious.  American dad  Lost in Space Season 2 | Final Official Trailer | Netflix  Auto Cannibalism E2, "Another Man's Heaven" (2019) - A homeless man born to a Klan member discusses his belief in equality, peace, knowledge, and heaven. "I could've been somebody great...it is very e  Today is National Fry Up Day - Cooking The World’s Biggest English Breakfast [10:01]  How to Make Homemade Korean Jajangmyeon Noodles [10:29]  Wojtek: The Bear That Went to War  Getting Started with MIDI Music Recording in Windows 10 (Alesis VMini and Studio One 4)  Branded To Kill (1967) [1080p] Directed By Seijun Suzuki  F Is For Fake (1973) [1080p] Starring And Directed By Orson Welles  “Macho Man” Randy Savage on QVC UK (1994)  Santa Mouse and The Ratdeer (2000) - 2 incarnations of Sabrina The Teenage Witch voice acting in 1 special, very under appreciated  North Pole Nutrias (2003): The Weirdest Christmas Special Ever Made!  Grace Jones on an Italian fantasy-themed disco show named “Stryx” (1978)  Girls dance like crazy in argentinian tv show from the 90's  ROTPUNKT Full Film | Alex Megos [50:27] - film following one of the world's best rock climbers  Fascinating North Carolina [8:12]  RE: Dolphin Love  Sir Jaime and Sir Guy - Bringing Sexy Back! (Yeah!)  [Poetry] Every Day as a Business Guru  Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX  Netflix vs. Disney vs. Apple: How Disney got 10 Million Users in No Time?  KSI Explains 'Down Like That' To A Classical Music Expert  Christmas movie promos on Cartoon Network. (2004)  The Strange Story Behind The Evil Within  Where were these when I was a kid ?  PLG – At The Top Of The Ramp (2017) Looking at the background and family of one of the vertical ramp skateboarders in the world [45:04] [CC]  [14 views, posted 1 year ago] A Short History of Decay 解體概要  80s Synthpop song about people from Ibiza  [433 views, 3 years old] Absurd Alex Jones Parody  History Buffs: Elizabeth [39:24]  [USA] Police release video of man stealing, crashing ambulance. law enforcement in pursuit.  dont touch my bed  The Boys Season 2 teaser  Another filmstrip saved: Scooby-Doo in The Great Grammar Hunt Part 1: Parts of Speech (Hanna-Barbera filmstrip #51910) (1978)  Jimmy Carter Says Yes performed by Gene Marshall (1970)s based on a song-poem which were lyrics people could send in to get performed with the promise that the company would make them hit singles. Non  Beautiful footage of a kitchen gas explosion in slow motion  [23:19] CUPHEAD: Don't Deal With The Devil - First Impression Gameplay  Why Tesla's Biggest Advantage, is its Brand: People LOVE Tesla [12:02]  Lego McDonald's Google Assistant Automated Vending Machine [10:51]  Cooking The World’s Biggest English Breakfast [10:01]  The Aftermath Of The UPS Truck That Was Shot Over 200 Times By Florida Police Officers, Killing The Driver And An Innocent Bystander  [Meme] If Amazon's AWS DeepComposer had been trained on the Internet  [Haiku] One Small Step for Man  [Haiku] i'm not a fucking whore  Check out my garage  Naughty pupper or nice pupper?!  Dog eating like a Man in wedding Ceremony  I had to share this legendary video  Welcome to Iowa!  Drop Redoubt - England's Hidden Fort - Western Heights Dover - History [11:23]  Manners matter at Julius West  Do Not Reject Me in My Old Age  ~ p o t a t o ~  [Poetry] Orange Justice x T-Pose  [Poetry]Cat rave  [HAIKU] Give the gift of Peloton  Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe By BinteSyed Cooking  Virginia Colony - From Exploration to John Smith (Animated History)  Hotel California solo with cats  Not Every Norwegian Speaks English  ✨Hash Brown Casserole🥔🧀🍽  Father of UPS driver killed in shootout speaks out about his death [9:58]  [20:45] Abstract Circles - Mechanical Pencil Speed Drawing Art Timelapse (my first voice-over)  Poor guy just wanted to learn a little more about magnetism. [7:33]  Punch-up outside Buckingham Palace as NATO leaders meet the Queen  [Haiku] Out of the Box  [meme] christmas hits you fast  [USA] Motorcycle and car road rage  [USA][NYC]Inattentive driver runs a red light  107.5 WBLS New York Commercial Breaks - White Castle, St. Ides, Olde English Etc. (1991)  Extreme. Only the strong will survive  Sexy eating with the Ganja Goddess  [87 views] Fred And The Seven Blobs. This is one of the Smashtuber Little Z’s oldest videos that I could find.  Whats heavier a kilogram of steel or a kilogram of feathers [Limmys Show]  Magnet Satisfaction Extreme | Magnetic Games  Atlanta, Georgia - 4K Drone Video  A Trip to Infinity - Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom  [Poetry] Mixed race couples  [Haiku] Webdriver Bolos  [Haiku] Tobey before he gets his spider-reflexes  A look at the time paradox  Homemade Eggnog from Scratch : Twin Moons Tavern  Sonic Dances to Animusic Pogo Sticks  “Why are you gay?” televised Uganda interview  (1960)s Bette Davis sings "I've Written a Letter to Daddy" both in and out of the character of Jane Hudson  The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas - 5.7k 360 Video Walking Tour - Insta360 One X  [23:54] Why The TF2 Mercenaries are Amazing Characters  [Haiku] Harold  Creamy Tagliatelle with White Sauce and Mushrooms!  Pizza Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe, Dinner just became #Awesome !  People Not That Bright  John Wick Hex (Animated Custom Made Movie) (2019) (1080p)  Sylvester Stallone Talking Naturally is the Most Charming thing Ever ! (old tv interview)  Live holiday beat making  Loca is the best pug you will see today.  Cowboy Bebop OST: absolute jam  So- I found a random video of a guy accidentally shooting himself...  New Silent Hill Trailer!  Gimme More Britney cover sung Acapella by Marco DC  [HAIKU] レジの扱いをよく分かってない猫  [Haiku] star wars behind the scene  Evolution of English  Girl follows the wikihow on how to be emo.  A Half life 2 Glitch 424 views 7 years old  Scott Falls in Love The Diabetes Love South Park - Basic Cabe / Season 2...  Father of UPS driver killed by police in Florida shootout speaks out about his death  Xinjiang (2019) - Xinjiang Attacks Footage - Why the Re-Education Camps Exist  [POETRY] kanye west mic feed.  Once Upon A Time Trial In LEGO Racers  Shortest career in law enforcement ever!! "Welcome to the law." (I'm sharing this from DonutOperator's YouTube channel.)  [Haiku] streuth  DRIVING TIPS.Turning.How to coordinate brakes, Accelerator and steering wheel.turning a Car.  Tuna fish curry kerala style home made traditional  Chocolate coated bacon with chili  The Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) [720p]  The Last Phonebooth  Summoning a demon  This Video Deserves An OSCAR For Best Supercut Ever Made!  Lots of memes  I35 bridge collapse Minnesota | Why did it happen and how could it have been avoided? [8:07]  [Poetry] Poinsettia  Korean War explained: What caused it and who won?  Korean War explained! 🇰🇵🇰🇷 What caused it and who won?  PBS Light Falls: Space Time and an Obsession of Einstein (2019) unique stage play narrated and written by Brian Green to celebrate 100 years of the proof of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity  One Night: Joshua vs. Ruiz (2019) - The Story of One of the Biggest Upsets in Boxing History  Alice Rogoff reads three poems about baseball [11:51]  Female cop attempts to arrest visibly intoxicated shoplifter at his home, accidentally shoots his mother after the arrest goes south  [Poetry] The Harley Reunion  17-year-old shows how to approach the oldies with the proper reverence, playing Great Balls of Fire [2011]  Ideological Subversion explained by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in 1984  From fireside chats to key decision-maker: A history of the European Council [41:50] [Subtitled]  How to Make Chicken Cordon Bleu! Easy to Follow Steps. Perfect for Holiday Season!  David Letterman's 2nd Annual Holiday Film Festival (1986) - Prime Time NBC Special where Letterman gives celebrities $40,000 to make a short film. Featuring films by Michael J Fox, Diane Sawyer, Jonat  Very strange cover of a Weezer song in the woods  Don't tell my employer I made this song...  Cook F** Kill’ - Trailer - Czech w subtitles - The tale of an outwardly good-natured man who is a conniving and violent tormentor behind the closed doors of his family home.  King Corn (2019) - the story of how corn gave birth to factory farming, processed foods and ethanol  The Dystopian Reality Of All Those "Inspirational" Stories [20:00]  How Do I Tell My Daughter What Her Dad Did [07:55]  The Governor of Pitcairn Island Laura Clarke's first journey to the remote islands [14:07]  TEXTURES II  [Meme] NEVER LACK  You will never love anything as much as this man loves this watch  Finally, after 7 days of training I did my first 'chicken wing' Muscle-UP  Markiplier saying "Yeah, this is big brain time" 1,048,576 times meme  From fireside chats to key decision-maker: A history of the European Council (2017) [41:50] [CC]  Customize Home Screen For Any Android - The Mandalorian Theme Vol.1 [16:18]  Free Guy - Limited Time Offer teaser - Ryan Reynolds, Rel Howery, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery  The Last Right - Trailer - Michiel Huisman, Samuel Bottomley, Niamh Algar, Colm Meaney - A mismatched trio transport the corpse of an old man across the length of Ireland, in a biodegradable coffin fe  Don't Be a Dick About It - Official Trailer - Documentary about two brothers in Maryland. Growing up in a loving home, Peter and Matthew are crazy about each other, but also constantly at each other  Fenugreek Flat Bread  Poop from my Pee Hole. Pee from my Poop Hole. (You Thought We Ran Out of Poop Song Ideas. You were Wrong).  GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE  Boddicker (8-bit suicide) - 8 years ago.  Kid playing ukulele in class  [Haiku] Leap Frog  [Meme] Spaghet VR  Is There A Future For The [British] Union?—A panel discussion from the Future Wales Festival [58:48]  How the Nile Can Provide Life and Divide Nations | Part I [10:55]  The Animated History of Switzerland [16:50]  Know Thy Self, The Knowledge of the Self Discovery leading to the Supreme. Know Your Self and You Will Know GOD. Self Realization is GOD Realization.[11:23]  Count Dooku Speeder Bike Chase Scene to Drop It Like It's Hot  CVP 3: the third installment of “A bionicle take on the popular Alien Verses Preditor films”  Comedian Drew Lynch describes life with Invisalign  The "Kottonmouth Kings" Act Like Douchebags During An Interview, Then Freestyle Horribly  Worst Convention Ever  What Black Friday tells us about parking lots [13:46]  Behind the scenes of the UN General Assembly [9:33]  "Blunt in the Butt"  China: Power and Prosperity (2019) As China has risen in prosperity, influence and military strength, what are the social, economic and political forces at play?  [Poetry] Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel  [Meme] Students Surprise Colorblind Teacher With Gift  This needs no introduction...  The voice bong rip 10k views 2 years old  Bush "Fool me once..."  I couldn't stand either side..  [Haiku] BONQUISHA  Mother of All Cupcakes | One Easy Cupcake Recipe With Endless Flavor Variations  Go Back 1 Day: Friday, December 6, 2019