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All Videos: Friday, January 22, 2021

  Two dudes enjoying SFXT's character select menu  Sweet Pickles Learning Activities Commercial (1984)  The Necros live at the Graystone (1983)  Live spectacle musical based off of The Magic Roundabout/ Le Manege Enchante (2010)  How deaf people wake up!  5 Daily Finance Rituals To Attract Wealth  [Haiku] What Color is This?  [Haiku] Super Mario Bros. 2 (dunkview)  The Fantastic Invasion: John Frum and the USA (1991) [0:46:46]  Putin's Palace: History of world's largest bribe (2021) [01:52:50]  Monkey Huahua begs her mother to hold her all the time  This 90's Canadian Milk Ad  This terrible Joker mukbang  Bill Burr Hates Black Friday - Conan O’Brien  [USA] Almost got hit by a Jeep in parking lot. Two ladies came out of nowhere.  Super Mario Bros. 2 (dunkview)  10 Most Bizarre Ancient Facts  [Haiku] Smooth landing  [Poetry] Tier Listed All My Friends  Monster School: LUCKY BLOCK Challenge - Minecraft Animation  A Parting Shot of Corruption - LegalEagle  Video of dog doing trick used in an old "The Onion" skit has only 1900 view (2008)  Let's talk about Biden's first 24 hours and explain all those orders.... - Beau of the Fifth Column  Truby | I'm not gay but I''m Gay |  How To Make The Best Lomo Saltado | What is Chifa? | Peruvian Food  Make Asian side dishes - Kimchi, smashed cucumber 🥒, seaweed salad | Steamed scallion buns  American Boy: A Profile Of - Steven Prince(1978) [1080p]  The Cannonball Run (1981) [1080p]  KFC secret Ingredients revealed [17:31]  A Parting Shot of Corruption - LegalEagle [9:02]  Surviving Japan ; An Introduction [11:03]  Let's talk about Biden's first 24 hours and explain all those orders.... - Beau of the Fifth Column [10:09]  Sanford Clark - It's Nothing To Me (1968) Sanford Clark biggest hit was “The Fool”. He made a few more albums before quitting to work construction and occasionally recording under his own label.  New to the sub, lifelong weirdo! Thought I could start with contributing with some of my collection of early movies mostly intended for vaudeville shows. The Haunted Castle (1896)  This was awesome. Yes, it was planned.  Whole channel is like this and he is so disliked he turned off his comments.  Stock market research with the Bloomberg Terminal, the $24K software used by hedge funds and used by Bobby Axelrod in the series Billions  Healthy way of cooking fish  DON'T GIVE UP || Trust Yourself || Best Motivation & Inspiration Video  The CallMeCarson Files (2021) - This video covers the huge, complicated topic of the CallMeCarson allegations [00:22:36]  An analysis of the TV series "24": "I wish everyone else was dead" [27:10]  Tango  Cops ask truck driver for help stopping a high speed pursuit, he gets the job done and continues on his day  “CEO” fires Walmart employees (prank)  French toast brunch and healthy recipes 🇵🇪 🇺🇸 🇻🇳  [Haiku]HOW IS THIS BABY!?  Simon Says Play All Star [Poetry]  Q's Going Nowhere (2021) - Cults, Conspiracies and the future of the far-right fringe [1:06:08]  Richard Wolff: How Capitalism Exploits You [5:26]  Miniature "Kiki's Delivery Service!" // Ghibli Crafts [11:04]  Return to Oz is fucking terrifying [32:25]  "Send me the video" "Okay"  Found on Reddit Part 13  Butters destroys bullying grandma  Whose Line Is It Anyway - Rap Battle  (2006) Misheard lyrics for Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down  Recommended for some reason.  no image, weird sound  A video that a friend showed to me when i was i high school, we always thought that second 00:15 was disturbing/slightly funny  Colonel Cornelius Cornwall ON A CHAIR!!!  The good things Hitler did  [Poetry] Playing Battlefront II feels like  [Poetry] whoops  How to Make the Korean Seafood Soft Tofu Stew  The BEST and EASIEST Lemon Tart Recipe! I saw this, and it just looked so good that I had to share it!  A few thoughts on ambition  Mr. Chickadee- Raising a Japanese timber frame [18:52]  How to take care of your beard. (Funny)  23 Pixar Cameos Revealed by Voice Actor John Ratzenberger in Toy Story, Soul, and more [12:00]  PBS NewsHour Presents - The Plastic Problem [54:08]  Gas stations and heavy traffic in Los Angeles (1973)  DAZ WATCHES LIFE HACKS THAT MAKE NO SENSE  Live Spectacle Musical based on The Magic Roundabout/ Le Manege Enchante (2010)  Quentin Tarantino's - My Best Friend's Birthday (1987) a short film about the day in the life of young radio DJ's and their friends.  The Richard Pryor Show (1977)  river snails rice noodle  You Are Not Alone! - A Tale of Romance and Microbiology  EAT ALIVE吃活螃蟹 CRAB  Young talented drummer covers "Schism" by Tool  Two Unemployed 30 year olds insulting people.  Mom, can we have Pee-wee’s Playhouse? No, we have Pee-wee’s Playhouse at home. Pee-wee’s Playhouse at home:  Can you eat this ?  [Haiku]80's Sea World Ad  How to Make Sam The Cooking Guy's Spicy Garlic Butter Pasta!  8 hour Tacos in Banana Leaves  Mac and Cheese (One pot) recipe  the Devil at Your Heels (1981) Chronicles the attempt of the stuntman and daredevil Ken Carter to jump a rocket-powered car over the Saint Lawrence River, a distance of one mile, which would break all  Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity (1995) Arthur C. Clarke presents this Doc on the mathematical discovery of the Mandelbrot Set (M-Set) in the visually spectacular world of fractal geometry. [00:53:44  Down Home Music - A Journey Through the Heartland (1963) German filmmaker Dietrich Wawzyn set out to shoot a series of films for German TV that took him through the southern US in search of American j  The Cosmic Scale [33:11]  History of the Yu-Gi-Oh Meta (2002 Preview) [46:57]  Scientist Thinks Mysterious Interstellar Object is Extraterrestrial [11:46]  5 Weird Facts About Sloths | Why Do Sloths Go Slow? | Wild Animal Studie...  WWE wrestler works out WITH wife.  Footage of 80's NYC by Taka Iimura over Japanese experimental jazz-fusion versions of jazz standards (1986)  German crash derby footage from the 1970s underlayed with obscure trance music. This is art  Kanye West - FAMOUS Parody  A short-lived YouTube series from several years ago where three women lie on a bed and talk to people. None of their videos have more than 100K views, but this is the episode where their guest was Orl  How Quentin Tarantino Shoots a Film at 3 Different Budget Levels: Reservoir Dogs ($1 Million), Pulp Fiction ($8 Million), and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ($95 Million)  Robber pulls out machete, Clerk pulls out sword  Finally an explanation...  Dewey's seeing another mom  Jalapeno Burgers  6 quick and easy recipes with puff pastry  Try this out this weekend! Here's an EASY, one-pan, stovetop-only way to cook a fantastic steak.  Easy Snacks For Next Party. Need a Few Ingredients  Mutton Shorba Recipe | Mutton Soup | Lamb stew | مٹن شوربہ  Woodworking as a music video  [Meme] MORSHU - RTX ON  [Poetry] BIG VAMPIRE LADY  [Poetry] Cyberpunk's most optimistic NPC  21 mushrooms found in one single day. Nature is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be found, we just have to go and look for them. Every species found was identified with its scientific and comm  New Jailbreak iOS 14 4 RC Update  The Lord is Not on Trial Here Today (2010) - Peabody Award winning doc on Vashti McCollum, whose efforts to protect her young son led to one of the most important 1st Amendment cases in U.S. Supreme C  Craft in America DEMOCRACY (2020) - Explores how craft is intertwined with our nation’s defining principles [00:56:35]  Cyberjack (1995) [480p]  The Most Underrated Chemical on Earth [11:43]  SPONGEBOB CONSPIRACY: The Squilliam Theory [11:33]  The Tomb of Horrors: Deadliest D&D Dungeon Ever? [23:22]  History of Bathesda games[49:07].  Where Symbols of the Far-right Really Come From [05:09]  Acceptance  This Father And Daughter Used To Be Mother And Son  The QR Code benefits  Bottom gear  Hank Aaron's four guest appearances on Letterman, (1982) - 2011  The Bed & Furniture Warehouse. Defunct local furniture store from Lancaster County Pennsylvania. (1999)  Bill Gates talks about World's Largest manufacture of low-cost Quality vaccines.  In Memory of Hank Aaron, Vin Scully's call for breaking Babe Ruth's record his 715th Home Run  Ghost from The Ring Throws out ceremonial first pitch at a Japanese baseball game.  This kid who would do anything for a dollar  Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents  How Joel Animated This Video  How To Create An Animated Talking Head Avatar In Premiere Pro  ORANGE CAST Gameplay Walkthrough PART 1 (4K) - No Commentary  Shy kids first time in prison, gets goofed on and targeted  Fired from work  Burt Reynolds and Marc Summers get into a fight on the Tonight Show  No wonder this scene was deleted  Perils of Paid Time Off [4:48]  Potato And Radish's Dish | Aaloo Aur Mooli Ke Patte Ki Sabji | NirmalBhoj  How to make sikhye(traditional Korean sweet rice drink)!  Baja Fish and Shrimp Tacos!  10-minute Shrimp and Grits!  Easy One Pan Filet Mignon Recipe  Chili Oil Recipe - Shorts Video  How to make Okonomiyaki お好み焼き!  What an amazing video on self realisation. A must watch video!  An App Called Napster (2021) [19:31:00]  Flak [17:06]  No Mans Land trailer: After a vigilante border patrol stop turns fatal the killer travels thru Mexico in attempt to earn forgiveness  Our Friend trailer: A terminal cancer dramedy staring (Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson and Jason Segal)  Damon and Jamie propose their Monkey Ideas  Sony U-matic System Demo (1971) - Fairly relaxing video until the lady call her friends and start to have an acid trip  The Alex Jones Show September 12th (2001) Alex Jones' public access episode from the day after 9/11.  [Canada] It was close there though, bud.  The Beach Boys Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech  Donald Trump incited the Erection  What Football Looks Like With No Ball  HMB while I pull a crocodile by its tail  Air Fryer Orange Chicken [Date Night Recipe Idea!!]  [Poetry] It's over...it's done  [Poetry] Little Pigeon Friend  Funniest&Humorous&Cutest Cat videos ever!Funny Cat compilation TIKTOK 20...  Are We Recording?  “What can we make fresh for you today?- A man triggers the Arby’s automatic greeting multiple times and repeats everything that it says  Strange Channel With Only A Single Video of Water Flowing from Pipes, but Hundreds of Weird Playlists | 7 Views  Tik Tok ‘’Views’’ Sould not be Called Views [8:18]  [10:05] Sheep's Wool Insulation: Pros, Cons, and FAQs  (Short) News anchor has laughing attack on air over CPR baby  Petite - "So Fine" (1986) Music video by a teen pop girl group for a song about how they're in love with boy band New Edition.  California Gigolo(1979)- Theme from the Golden Era porno starring John Holmes with Kandi Barbour in the "music video".The Los Angeles location turns it into a time capsule for 1979 So.Cal.....suprisin  Origin and behind the scenes of All Gas No Brakes  i just took a DNA test  Russian family who had never seen another human.  Lego animation about the battle of Verdun.  Hank Aaron hits is 715th career home run becoming the all time leader  PA senator Daryl Metcalf IS NOT GAY GOT IT! He's got a wife and children! No man may touch him! NOT GAY!  Japanese Beef Bowls | Japanese Recipes Easy | Healthy Asian Meal Prep Ep 25.  Beef Intestine  PULL APART CINNAMON BREAD LOAF | Cris is Cooking |  [Haiku]projector test  Tasty Paneer Paratha | Stuffed Paneer Paratha Recipe | Vegetarian Easy P...  [Poetry] Commodore  Delivering a package, WCGW?  Lefties: Angry Wimmin (2006) A look into radical feminism in the 60s and 70s and where they are today. [00:58:34]  Blue Spring(2001)[1080P](ENG SUBBED)  Snowboarding in SWITZERLAND🇨🇭 | Champéry PORTES DU SOLEIL 4K [07:18]  Why visual effects artists love this shiny ball [8:08]  Still got to practice for better 3d cam track  Here's a great video for college students by Dr. Jordan Peterson on how to read and study effectively.  Simple Text Animation Using html & css with Source Code || easyweb coding  Condiment shower - 560 views.  Dog ruins family's life  Guinea pig climbing stairs  TIL: If you google the definition of 'savage', you get Jeff Ross video roasting Courtney Love  When you know you shouldn't laugh but can't stop.  A Young Irish Interviewer with Down Syndrome Asks Reggie Watts "What Do You Love About Your Life?"  Chickenman (1968) playlist, radio comedy by Dick Orkin  "Sooper Goop" (1976) | Damn good '70s animation teaching kids about the cruel world of cereal advertising  Guy asks sheik if he’s allowed to give “charity” to his own mother  Healthy Indian curd rice.  Spicy Sweet Potato and Kidney Bean Curry/ how to make spicy sweet potato...  NOLA-Style Shrimp and Grits!  Swedish blacksmith constructs a half-moon blade for leatherworking.  [Poetry] rip birb  [Poetry]Lamar Checkmates Franklin  [POETRY] I just took a DNA test  The Problem With Bitcoin  If you want to learn MATLAB Simulink for free, Join us to improve your Knowledge. we will do the Simulations Step by Step. You can improve your skills from this.  Maya Deren's Meshes Of The Afternoon - The Dizzying Reality Of Dreams [Film Studies, Media Studies]  LGBT+ Fantasy: Lord of the Rings and The Old Guard [31:01]  Girl fighting of her siblings while trying to dance to tekk music (66 views)  Buff Bagwell cameo in "Terror Tract" film (2000)  The Difference Between Australia and New Zealand  Australian diplomacy.  Homemade blue butterfly pea flower tea rice roll cake  Perfectly imperfect  HYDERABADI CHICKEN MAJESTIC RECIPE  Shutter Island(2010)[720P]  just a racist man eating cake. (628 views)  Take a look at their channel  [Poetry] Sharing Your Music Taste With People in Real Life  [Haiku] [OC] "Birds"  [Haiku] Please cut the ringing  USSR "Civil defense in rural areas". (1962)  Apparently Elmo is VERY passionate about climbing  Perfect casting.  If Mandalorian was a violent 80's action movie - and lego...  Al and Peggy Bundy marriage rocked  Karate guy attempts to chop coconuts on live television  Pad Thai is a Thai noodle stir fry with a sweet-savoury-sour sauce scattered with crushed peanuts. It’s made with thin, flat rice noodles, and almost always has bean sprouts, garlic chives, scramble  The Best Mac Salad in the World! And dope background song :)  Masala papad recipe  Restaurant Style Paneer Masala / Easy Cottage Cheese Gravy Recipe  Making a classic steering wheel from scratch  Ah' Edwin Xmas Special (2021) - A former drug dealer narrates his best Christmas memory behind the bars of a dangerous penitentiary during a Covid-19 Outbreak. [00:06:38]  Vaillant boiler controlled by raspberry pi  Only 2 ingredients Mango Mousse ...  What is INFLATION? | Causes, Types and & Indexes  Best Time Table for JEE Main Feb 2021 | 30 Days Strategy | Tips for 99 Percentile | New Pattern Tips | Goprep  I Was Abducted By Aliens (2013) UK documentary following a UK helpline for people who believe they have been abducted by aliens [0:50:40]  Are We Being Told the Truth About COVID 19 - Prof Sucharit Bhakdi (2020) Originally taken down from youtube and hard to find. Humor me and watch before taken down again. [1:01:10]  [10:50] an avant-garde parody of Pokémon top-10 videos  The Zenonia 4 title theme got me like [meme]  [Poetry] Still D.R.E - Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg With a Little Twist In The End (Parody)  The Highly Repetitive Background Music  Ultimate Smashburger Patty Melt #shorts  Novympia creates a spot-on parody of 'Dessert Person' Claire Saffitz  Doing the Lindy Hop | AI Enhanced Swing Dancing in 1939 [60 fps]  Woman goes live with dating advice guy to find out why she has a hard time getting a "high value" man, he tells her nicely shes isnt that great looking.  The sarcastic fringehead are known for the aggressive territorial behavior, and will attack anyone, including other fringeheads or even scuba divers, who dare to threaten them. To defend its territory  [Haiku]happy a-10 sounds  The great divide. Rich vs poor in USA INDIA SOUTH AFRICA PERU BRAZIL. Rich and poor divided by borders  Jim kwik about millionaires habits Learn this simple technique. You will never feel tired again! This is reason behind *Brain Fog* and *Mental Fatigue* You will use this skill for your whole life!  STUDY WITH ME ASMR  Ah' Edwin Xmas Special (2021) - A former drug dealer narrates his best Christmas memory behind the bars of a penitentiary during a Covid-19 Outbreak. [00:06:38]  Reverend Death: Making a Living Out Of Assisted Suicide (2016) | Real Stories - Film maker sets out to make a supportive documentary about assisted suicide and finds an underbelly of ego, unprofession  The Social Seminar: Tom - A (1972) short documentary about a Norcal hippie and heavy psychedelic user named Tom. He was apparently still alive and well as of 2017, working as an artisan in the Pacific  Strawberry Ombre Cake I made for my channel - It tasted heavenly :)  DO NOT FRY THE ZUCCHINI, but cook them this way! GOOD AND HEALTHY!  Mushroom Sabrosa  Ori and the Blind Forest Part 3 - FULL GAMEPLAY NO COMMENTARY PC. On my way through the Moon Groto this time following a strange creature who has something I need.  Animals Funny videos  BTCC TALES (2019) - The Madness of the British touring car racing of the 90's [00:59:48]  Lakes Rally Finland 1994 (2021) - The tale of possibly the greatest World Rally Racing comeback [00:10:10]  a video that will make u question ur existence  Magical animation story for kids 😊 must watch  Tim Foust broke the sound system at a concert and the crowd lost it - especially these two ladies recording it  IDT long distance commercial (2000)  Who else loved Muzzy (1980)s  [Czech Republic] Winter police chase on summer tires  That went from biting to licking my hand really quick xD  Google's Plan for World Domination | Beast Files (2010) [00:02:45]  [Haiku] Humanity  mythological creatures on tape  A stealth/viral marketing campaign (2012) for Paranormal Activity 4 that gained almost no traction. Channel is filled with videos from a dad documenting bizarre events occurring within his home  The Sexiest Philosopher's Most Famous Book [7:28]  When Mom wants to see your progress of your guitar lessons  Belgium QAnon interpretation  Street fight . It's hilarious  Shaq tells an NBA player that he's bad to "motivate" him.  This fight really had me on my toes!  black fungus mushroom and chicken on lotus leaf  Whatever this video is (28 views/2018)  Funny Animals - Geese at Wendy's  Funny Animals - Goose at Mandarin  Funny raccoon going through garbage  Made You Look Roast Chook - Nat's What I Reckon  Was watching Toy Story 2 on Disney+ and realized they removed this scene from the ending blooper reel.  Jisoe (2001) - a year in the life of a Melbourne graffiti artist [00:55:52]  Whoever is behind the wheel at WandaVision knows their David Lynch (make fun if you want) [14:09]  So you wanna be a Formula 1 driver? [9:47]  Government cell phones control 1000 copies of your self (2 views)  Critical Ops Highlights #1  Critical Ops Highlights #2  A Scene from Infinite Jest - Night at the Enfield Tennis Academy  This old guy farting (34,612 views)  Father Abuses His Infant Child On Stream After Raging At Game  [Haiku] How to introduce your sibling  [Haiku] woo  Horsefucker  Adam Neely Analyzes Lady Gaga's Mixed Meter Star Spangled Banner  Super delicious Kashmiri Dum Aloo recipe | baby potato fry recipe  PEANUT RICE : Vegan and gluten-free, this is a spicy, delicious and flavourful delicacy from south india made with roasted peanuts, rice and few little spices.  Villains in 2021 be like [5:51]  Gene Wilder Tribute Video  Grotesque Cartoon (2 years old 300 views)  The Beatles First Time in America  Apple's Defunct Mulitimedia Appliance Pippin Promo (1996)  Jimmy Fallon guesses that the Earth is 20,000 miles from the Sun  Making of: The most unique lighter in the world!  WCGW | Texting & Driving in the fast lane  Paradox Bullets - short film by Tom Sachs, narrated by Werner Herzog [25:23]  [Haiku] New Hot Wheels  The Duckling Saves the Day (1931) / Ahiru no Otegara / アヒルのお手柄 [Very Old ...  Yea.. he's uh.. different.  That Creepy Feeling - What is it with Source games? [8:31]  [Poetry] Girl Breakup Speedrun World Record  some guy listening to radio  Vintage gmod animation from 2007, 700 views  Youtube Poop: LOLSOFMONEY [2009, 747 views]  Ignorant guy interviews reluctant "Aborigian" while he eats  One of my favorite scenes in Always Sunny: Mac gets analyzed.  Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) does a solid comedy set at the Oscars (1986)  Karen says the n word than faces the consequences  Am a Troll adopted Dog 😱😱😱 or Am I? 😅 try not to laugh  Go Back 1 Day: Thursday, January 21, 2021