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All Videos: Saturday, August 17, 2019

  ToonTown All Your Base Remix  bitch lasagna but it's hatsune miku  man dies horribly in mattress commercial  Michael Rapaport and Brian Scalabrine HEATED Interview During Big 3 Game  La Strada (1954) [720p] Giulietta Masina, Anthony Quinn, Richard Basehart (excellent movie!!)  A kid in the (1990)'s recorded himself singing over a cassette of Nirvana's Nevermind as a way to apologize to his friend for losing a copy of the album he borrowed and lost  Janitor loses his cool after the Tourettes Guy stuck the toilet  Michael Rapaport and Brian Scalabrine’s FreakOut During Interview on Live TV  [Poetry]Tobey in the MCU: the humble beginning  How to pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch  8 Minutes of Unsettling Mukbang  A smart phone from 1984 - The STC Executel [19:35]  The War Against Mutilation - Rare Earth [11:45]  Brandy in her wheelchair  Freemasons Exposed: Masonic BBC  Jambi Jam  Carbonated milk - Sodastream  1 Gets Knocked Out Guess Who  3 Hart Warming Minutes of Piglets Sleeping, Playing & Eating  I got this as an ad on YouTube and was baffled.  Wait for the contagion at the end...  Cowboy Bebop - Spokey Dokey 1'  big boy singing butts  Boy & The World. Animated film unlike any you've seen, unusual/poetic, 40 awards, Oscar nominee (2013) [1080p]  Supersonic Saucer (1956) Charming Little Sci-Fi B-Movie with IMHO the Cutest Alien seen on film  My cat loves watching racing on TV (Too cute! 😍)  Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra  The Great Mattress Migration of 2019  Top 5 shortest wars [7:22]  The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master [8:24]  Marcos is fall  An animated music video about a negative potato (11 years old, 88 views)  My sexy CAT at the nighttime | Thesleepy7 on YouTube  Supersonic Saucer (1956) [360p]  Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure (1977) [480p] RIP Richard Williams  Speed Racer: The Movie (1993) music video for the Alpha Team theme song remix from the VHS tape.  First kiss crash and burn  Waifu Adventures 19: Origin Story Part 2 + Activity!  Funny Voiceovers Vol 3  this guy just does joker impressions so here is this video labeled "To Batman" have a nice day  A group of teenagers enjoy various ways of preparing packing peanuts for consumption.  the entire movie of shrek but its just this man dancing through the entire thing  This guys cover of My Girl by The Temptations (4k views, 10 years old).  It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) Stan Freberg Radio Commercial "Funnier Than Cleopatra" for the L.A. Premiere at the Grand Opening of the Pacific Cinerama Dome Theater on November 7th  Chinese student attack Hong Kong student in Australia  News anchor makes Ron Burgandy look like a true professional  Man very excitedly opens rolls of old coins  Never knew there was a music video to this.  1 Minute Vs. 1 Hour Vs. 1 Day Noodles • Tasty [13:15]  CRUNCHY SLIME BY SLIME  Deep into yourtube  Wolls and Gromt: A horrifying 12 minute animation centred around a deformed man and his beastiality-ridden relationship with his mutant dark. Probably what Nick Park sees when he closes his eyes.  Not the video / album itself, but the image that the album plays over. it's just a picture of OP holding the album and it's practically art.  She took my money and broke my heart (Animated Story)  True!  [Haiku] When I meet up with Epstein and the boys  [Haiku] Quality  [Poetry] Summer Vending Machine  [Poetry] Heat Miser is a Danger to the Community  What.. just what?  Beautiful drone footage of a cliff collapse on the north shore of Lake Superior.  really cringey video about this subreddit and cringetopia  Never saw the music video to this. Pretty uncomfortable.  Guy threatens to knock out Gary Busey for jokingly asking if he's gay after the guy simulates receiving anal sex  Just over a thousand views. I see the potential...  voice actor from banjo kazooie gives you city tour (2015, 5k views)  Nickelodeon Rhapsody by John Fassold  LG NASA HDR Demo- ISS, Earth, Moon, Solar Flares & More!  The Box: A tv channel from the 90s where viewers request music videos via telephone. Here is a promo for their most requested videos of (1993)  My first attempt at capturing video of soap bubbles at high magnification...quite trippy. [OC]  [Poetry] How (NOT) to find Minecraft Girlfriend.  [Poetry] NakeyJakey Loves His Beats!  [Haiku] How anon got rid of a shit fetish  You hearing this Sh*t?  Chernobyl fallout visualization and other things that cause anxiety  What is the Purpose of Human Beings? [54:12]  How to Get Over a Pinball Addiction [53 views, about 6 years old]  1/2 Stick of TNT + Beer ÷ 4th of July = Bad Day  The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary (2010)  Adorable dog hiding under my sheets  The Little Island (1958) [480p] RIP Richard Williams  "Tom Green:Subway Monkey Hour" special, Tom Green's special brand of social awkwardness set loose on Japan...It gets crazy(2002)  [HAIKU] Politically correct pulp fiction  [Haiku] Make it stop  Crushing Prince Rupert's Drops with a hydraulic press  The way he reads this sign at 4:36  Why are Quarks called Quarks? (and why physicists suck at naming things)  Akira: The TERRIFYING Reality of 2019 [14:45]  Why are Quarks called Quarks? (and why physicists suck at naming things) [12:18]  Middle aged man with shoulder length blonde hair chugs a bottle of Captain Morgan  What Could Go Wrong If I Dress Up Like a Zebra in a Safari With Lions Around?  What Could Go Wrong Trying To Fix a Vladimir Lenin Statue?  Sucky times  Public Image Ltd storm off during interview on Tyne Tees youth show 'Check It Out' (1979)  Cool confidence trick with a coin and a real kicker ending.  [Haiku] Talking To A Vegan  The sound of the aztec death whistle, used during war and human sacrifice, is like a hundred people expelling bees out of their lungs in a long scream.  Juggalo pride video  Carillon, a 100-ton instrument made of bells![36:09]  Super Masala Bengali Street Food Compilation Masala Golgappa Pineapple Mango Sugarcane Juice Panipur [17:55]  Roller Coaster Physics on Mars [13:32]  History of Brazil [11:30]  Joseph Anderson Loses It [Laughing Hysterically Compilation]  White Guy West Coast (wannabe?) Gangster Rapper - The Seatown King interview (653 views in 9 years.  A guy in boston asking people if they would like to get spanked for 7 miles straight (A spongebob reference), and then creating a spanking machine.  "Mariupol: City of Blue and Grey" (2019) - An inside look in one of Europe's most polluted cities, Mariupol. With thick smog clouds and a poisoned sea, half a million people struggle to breathe, livin  Fails and Funny Sport Clips  Cessna flight training filmstrip "Flight Prep 6C: Obtaining Weather Information" (1983)  [Poetry] when you realize lego star wars came out over 14 years ago  [Poetry] The Circle of Life  [Meme] Brit Tries VR For The First Time  The New UN Climate Report: We're Fucked.  Yoda's story of how he got addicted to cocaine (full story)  i did a repair on a wall and added a bridge and river  Throwback to this Nickelodeon ad four years ago parodying the nae nae dance  Wedding with a large cash bar. (Beer only)  Popsicle Schtick...  Facts and Trivia About King K. Rool | DidYouKnowGaming? [10:28]  "A modern retelling of the Odyssey": KFC BUFFET (15 months, 34 views, 0 comments)  Slow motion helicopter noise  Girl makes a sexy music video featuring Saul from Better Call Saul  SATAN'S LITTLE TEAPOT (Roger Moore is a Satanist)  Do you think using this “Heavy Hitter Boxing Program” is it possible to increase your boxing level without a coach?  I like turtles  Oooh ouchie!  Found this weird self defense VHS tape in a thrift store in nowhere California a few months back. 10 minutes of Tim and Eric-esque gold featuring sweet music, cool edits, and slowmo fighting. (1990)s  This ad from The Dark Knight dvd (2008) always scared the hell out of me  [Poetry] Crossfit Jesus  My first video on Youtube!Painting a night scene on ice cream stick ??!  "I'm not one of the professional shadow boxers, but..." (this isn't satire)  Should Police Use "MAN CATCHERS" Instead of Guns? [9:06]  Gorgeous short about aging.  Japanese guy does impressions of Forest Gump, The Rock and George W Bush  "Tommy Douglas: Keeper of the Flame" (1986) - A NFB biography of the holder of the titles 'The Greatest Canadian' and 'Father of Medicare'  Removing a yellow jacket nest and picking the larvae out for chicken feed  [Haiku] Don’t think I was meant to see that  35 years ago today "Dog Police" came out. I thought I'd hallucinated it back then but as it turns out, it's real.  Skyblivion Is A Gigantic Volunteer Gaming Project Where Developers have Rebuilt an entire AAA Game 'Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' For Free Inside A Newer Game Engine Version - They Just Released An Offi  Which Foods Can Actually Contribute To Acne?  An A.I Teaches you to be popular for [5:07] but in reality its just an excuse to make you laugh so it doesnt get terminated.  a southern fella sits in front of a confederate flag, wearing a mask, explaining why you shouldn't show your face on the internet  Ants mosh pit  [USA] Who do you think should have the right of way here?  Yellow Jacket Ground Nest Removal Wasp Sting  12 punch combo by Turkish Tyson, Gokhan Saki  Norwegian soldiers home made music video to the song Kosovo  A YouTuber edits his cat inside movies. Here’s the video for Avengers : Endgame  This Youtuber "Talks" To The Dead  Pt. 4/5 The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care...[9:39]  Why Doctors Make Mistakes [17:29]  World War 3: why it won't be nuclear: a speculative scenario. [10:02]  Rigging a stadium from a concert to soccer match  Back in the days over 100 years ago when underpants was rare if you lost your underpants you had to borrow your wife's thong,this guy lost both his underpants and his boxing trunks and then had to app  Ja  [Poetry] Tesla  [Poetry] oh no!  [Slovakia] Car overtaking into corner with oncoming traffic, then does the same thing again  The Light Bulb Conspiracy (2011) - A great documentary about planned obsolescence  A Certain Magical Index the Movie: The Miracle of Endymion (2013) [720p]  50/50 (2011) [720p] Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen  9 (2009) [720p] Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover  During WWII, a German fighter comes across a critically damaged American bomber. Rather than attack, he escorts it back to England  Trying to grab a pro cyclist’s water bottle  Kids rap music video  This ad  The confirmed pilots' names of the Asiana Flight 214 crash.  Dispute Settled After A Hard Fought Fight Over A Facebook Post [39:02]  ONE HIT WONDERLAND: "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles [17:02]  The Legacy of SpongeBob Squarepants ... And How Nickelodeon Is Squeezing It Dry | blameitonjorge [15:38]  New Rule: Armed and Lonely [6:00]  Group Discussion: The Killing of Satan - So Bad It's Good But Is It Better Than Samurai Cop ? [25:36]  Insane Whole Lamb Roast | Singapore Street Food | BBQ and Grilled Lamb Meat  How To Make Hennessy Glazed Wings | Tasty Wings Recipe  Homemade Zucchini Bread Recipe  1970s newscaster loses it when he remembers that "keeping your legs crossed" is an old-school euphemism for women's sexual chastity (laughter starts at 0:37)  Restaurant owner in Albania goes crazy after Spanish tourists do not like his food  [Poetry] Excitement. For Grown Ups.  [HAIKU] Pitchfork Reviewer in Real Life  Beauty Day (2013) "Before there was Jackass there was Canadian Ralph Zavadil. All it took was a broken neck for him to get noticed. This fascinating doc gives you behind the scenes access to an idioti  Getting hungry... my genius plan 😋👍  Hardee's of Covington, VA: The Best of the Best! (1992)  The height of beer advertising  The Life of a Futtock! Reframing 1910 yacht (Tally HO EP54)  when being small is fine  Another Advanced Useless Machine  The Man History tried to forget existed - The Genius Nikola Tesla  Extreme heely competition  American invasion of Fiji island  World GDP Per Capita [06:18]  Gougéres - French Cheese Puffs - Kelvin's Kitchen  Fried crispy eggplant  Some Kid Ranting About The American School System  Someone Made a Parody of "The Office"  Dr Strangelove ending with awesome minecraft parodies playing behind it (2 years old, 47 views)  So this is what people use to fight like over 100 years ago  [Poetry][Meme] Rhett Walk  Hardee's of Covington, VA: The Best of the Best! (1992) - Basically the fast food equivalent of an NFL Film, celebrating the 1992 "Championship of Service" award winner (11m)  [Albania] Restaurant owner goes crazy after Spanish tourists dislike his service  [USA] Sun is too bright for driver to see red light?  [USA][TN] Red Light Runner Totals My Car [OC]  [USA]Driver tries to skip traffic, gets pulled over seconds later  Kid Knocked Out For Acting Tough  Memes I found in my mom's purse  Elderly taxi driver gets robbed by young couple. (they got caught after 2 hours)  Woman loses it after fat guy with a scooter blocks her car.  Animated skit of Justin Roiland as Rick prank calling Joel Osteen's church  A neat trick to see the blood vessels in your own eyes  I'm so fresh you can suck my mushrooms  Disney/Pixar Innuendos and Subliminal Messages  Pervis of the Dead: The Motion Picture BASED ON A TRUE STORY  Wayne Rooney with Oscar Worthy Acting  Wannabe YouTuber doing a "skit"  PUA approach demo  Monten*ggers - Mladi Pistolero (1996): mid-90s Yugoslavian hip-hop cover of Warren G. & Nate Dogg's "Regulate", complete with SINGING.  Making a knife handle from colored pencils [14:54]  Joe Rogan Meets Roe Jogan  Funny Car Commercial Parody - Wildly inapporate but actually solid spoof of local car dealership ads.  Running across an entire Island (39km/24mi) - PART 1  Ron Mac 11 - Just a Janitor Featuring Bagel Boss  What Makes This Song Great? Ep.73 THE ROLLING STONES [16:51]  Sam Riegel's Sound Effects! (Critical Role)  Kid laughing at himself laughing - Inception Style  Fillipino Singers Try to Cover Sam Smith  Fortnite homage PewDiePie, but it's too late  Go for zeehao  [Haiku] that was fukin tank  [USA] [GA] Deer hit, but doesn't learn lesson [OC]  [USA] Worst Car Crash Compilation 2019 USA  A Trip Through New York City (1911) - Colorized using A.I.  The History of Anti-Vax (2019): "An investigation into little-known yet disturbing origins of the anti-vax movement and how, despite mounds of contrary evidence, a festering paranoia of medical progre  Low-budget UFO flying over Brazil (1983)  The Bizarre Modern Reality of The Simpsons  The Bizarre Modern Reality of The Simpsons | Super Eyepatch Wolf [29:46]  How a Manhole Cover Became the Fastest Manmade Object Ever [6:15]  Bubbling Sparklers in Water  [Poetry] Staring into the Abyss  Best Funny Videos of Animals Try Not to Laugh | Funny Animals 2019  brutal fight and knockout compilation  1980 Tonka Truck Restoration  I feel for these fails .  Build a bulldozer from scratch to clean the road  $2 Singapore Chilli Crab VS $8 Truffle and Caviar Pasta VS $38 Australian Rock Lobster  World Record Of 463 Punches Thrown In 1 Round of Boxing (round 12)  this strange video, in fact this whole channel...  rock'n'rai (Blob, 16 aprile 2012)  AWAKE: THE LIFE OF YOGANANDA Official Trailer (2014) Unique biopic about Yogananda, author of The Autobiography of a Yogi. In the 1920s, he brought Hindu spirituality to the West. This tells the story  BTS doing the Fortnite Dance Challenge with Jimmy Fallon  The Trip (1967) [720p] RIP Peter Fonda  a restaurant owner chased a group of spanish tourists and 2 albanian guides after they refused to pay for bad service  Stadium transformed from U2 concert to football field in 67 Hours  Wild ducks in a flooded forest. River Ob  Chicken Masala Recipe | How To Make Chicken Masala Curry | Cook with Nabeela  [Poetry] Dead or Alive  [Haiku] Order 69  Man showing how to eat ice cream in one second  The Bootcamp Where Students Train To Be Pro-Life Foot Soldiers (2019) - a short documentary about young people being recruited into pro-life movement.  The Great Hack (2019) - Exploring how a data company named Cambridge Analytica came to symbolise the dark side of social media in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as uncovered by journ  Bizarre fundamentalist suspender-showing mating dance  F-35B in action  I'm not scared of a dead squirrel...  Just have eggs florentine..sooo good check my wifes recipe  [Meme] How it feels to meet a Birb type Pokémon  [Haiku] Billy Joel answers an age old question  (2019)The Sacred City of Mecca: Have We Got It Wrong?[1:24]  look at these dogs being cute and hilarious loooool  Stupidest ways People hurt Themself! (r/AskReddit)  Day 228: The purpose of sharing my weight-loss journey has been the same as Day 1 - to motivate & inspire others out there that are struggling to become their best versions. Everyday is a new day with  Peter Fonda Japanese Honda scooter commercials (1982) to (1983)  No Asians: classic TV blooper  How Japanese ACTUALLY Insult Each Other  How this cartoon introduced elections to children  "So you think I'm a loser..."  [Haiku] SEGA FUCKING DIES  [USA] Almost got hit by a red light runner. Inside view in youtube description.  Giving vodka to McDonald’s workers  Nail shop brawl  What If We Could Go Faster Than Light?  Music video rehearsal didn't go as planned  Japan in the 60s  Hong Kong Protesters Attempt "God Save the Queen"  SovCit Michael Parsons Tries to Play the Ambassador Card  Mystery Man Leaves Vintage Tvs On Neighborhood Front Porches.  These Are My Favourite Spiritual Quotes - Here's Why... | Russell Brand [5:36]  Not your average spongebob episode.  9.7k viewZ  [USA] [WA] I'm sorry deer.  Kick Them In The Nuts?? Do Groin Kicks Work In A Street Fight?  Girl gets upset over being called out by a manager in Boystown.  Limmy encounters an Anti-Scottish remark in The Occupation  Was This Dinosaur a Cannibal? [11:10]  Epic rap battles of history  Was This Dinosaur a Cannibal? | PBS Eons  Mukbang Is Very Hard to Watch  Someone got KO in the parking lot  Viewing Pressure as a Good Thing  Bill Cosby covering a Sam & Dave classic in (1968)  Abandoned Excavator left in woods for 16 years- Will it start ??  This guy with the thickest Chicago accent I've ever heard saves a rattlesnake from getting run over.  A cool video! How to wear Kimono for men  The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant | Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  So many layers  Officer Sanchez-Season 1 Ep 5: Officer Chino  An Ogre-Focused Heavy Metal Music Video  Never Got Famous - one of the best youtubers in my opinion, but only has around 11 000 subs.  [Poetry] Encounters of the shrek kind  [Poetry] Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, Chris D'Elia, Theo Von in Austin Powers  Casting JonBenet (2017) - After two decades of media speculation and public fascination, filmmakers explore the macabre legacy of the world's most famous child-murder case.  Guy with poster of himself does a Ricky Martin "cover"  "I'm 28 and all my friends are 17" - an absolute classic  How to Fake Being Good at Piano  Queer Theory in 80's and 90's Action Movies [22:46]  Uptown Funk Minecraft Parody (731 Views)  Screen Test - 36  Pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb" V & A exhibition London 2017 - final room  Opening to bend it like Beckham recorded by filming a tv in 2017, also the movie came out in 2002 not 2007.  Ed Sheeran - Songwriter (2018) Songwriter is an intimate and personal look into the writing process of one of the worlds leading artists, even if your not the biggest fan of his music it is an interes  This 15 min preaching ad appearing in everyone's feed on YouTube  Bachelor In Paradise contestant recites Shakespeare  I'm crying at this kissing tutorial  Empress Dowager Cixi (1989) [480p]  Ronald McDonald and the Adventure Machine (1987)  Ohio State University in (1998), recorded on HDVS gives a hi-def view of 90's student fashions.  Girl's Chess Session Interrupted by a Drive-By Shooting  This rapper interview is deep  Dean Martin and Foster Brooks delivered one of the funniest sketches of all time  Twins pretend to set the Guinness world record running up the CN Tower in Toronto Canada by one twin waiting at bottom and top [5:11]  Martial artist teaches how to use the force.  HOW TO COOK CHICKEN WINGS  Not your usual Alfredo 👀  Why Doug DeMuro is wood  [Haiku] Please keep giving cats microphones  The Revolution Televised (2016) - This series shows the truth the corporate media tried to hide during the Democratic Convention and presidential election in 2016 (Narrated by Viggo Mortensen)  Go Back 1 Day: Friday, August 16, 2019