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  While talking about how to handle a police stop, Donut Operator tells us not to be sovereign citizens  Breaking2 (2017) | Nat Geo Documentary Special about Nike endeavors to crack the Two-Hour Marathon (55:00)  Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper. Ten years old, under 400 views, part of a six part series  Best Epic Summer FAILS 2018 | Funny Vines Montage 2018  Professional Artist Animates a Fox Trotting  I live in Texas and literally just saw this commercial on TV.  A video of a mirror in a microwave (987 views, 3 years)  FML (2016) [1080p]  HBO April Fools Bumper (1987)  Italians Arguing  Oompa Loompa  Tekken pro players react to character reveals of their favorites.  Man Confronts Joe Biden About Molesting Children on CSPAN Live - The Crowd Is Less Than Enthused  Marge Find Homer's Magazines [5:00]  Deji vs Jake Paul Highlights  Japanese Food - GIANT GOLIATH GROUPER Sushi Teruzushi Japan - Oddly humorous without any speaking  [Meme] Asian Representation  The Making of Cariboo and Whiskey (2017) - A wonderfully shot doc about a band from Canada making a record in a ghost town  Miriam Hinrichs Shares Her Osteopenia & Hormone Story  4chan Comperoni - 11  Pastor Alph Lukau Raised A Dead Man Back to Life  This rap video concept probably seemed a lot cooler in their minds.  [Poetry] Egg?  Dad Turns a Fun Sledding Ride Into a Wet Mess  You have two lives. The second one begins the moment you realise, appreciate and understand that you have only one.  Abraham Hicks (loa)  Electrical Banana - "She's Gone". Folk-rock song recorded in an army tent at Qui Nhon Vietnam by four US soldiers (1967)  Wounds Of Existence - Tragedy of Evolution (music video)  How to Get Apple AirPods For Free (2019) (WORKS 100%)  There definitely needs to be more awareness about this. Nobody NEEDS cruise ships  A great comedy sketch - Iraq Insurgent Subtitles  Man on the Roof (1976) [480p] English subtitles, Swedish audio  [Poetry] Dumb Necromorph  Denmark's chef of government can't stop laughing during her speech about the relationship of an elephant and a camel which she does not want to split.  The ONE technique You Need To Get Lifetime Happiness  Trisha Paytas high on drugs and trying to be sexy is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.  Protesters in Ecuador destroy a tank  The Conformist (1970) [1080p] [Italian - English Subtitles] d: Bernardo Bertolucci  When Borat Came to Town (2013) - how a small village in Uzbekistan was affected by the filming of Borat  History of the Hull to Bridlington Railway (2019) - the history of a British seaside branch line  check out scooped ups new music video!  Ghostwatch (1992) - Only aired once, on Halloween night, this supernatural horror film was presented as a "live" broadcast on BBC1. Its documentary-style presentation fooled thousands of frightened vi  Salted Egg Yolk Sotong & Fish Skin | Street Food Master  STAR WARS - TIE FIGHTER - Incredibly Detailed Animated Short That Took 4 Years To Draw  Grouch (Joker Parody) - SNL  Chick-Fil-A Employee Drops Some Sick Moves To Panini Remix  How to do the Jefo feat. Sexyjefos!  Ugandan channel uploading his own (?) music with an amazing english pronounciation. Read the descriptions and comments, trust me.  Fortnite Goggles (satire)  Did The Ancient Romans Really Swipe Their Butt With A Shared Sponge? (Toilets in Ancient Rome)  Thailand Detox Part 5: What is Colonic Irrigation?  Video Game Maps Size Comparison  One of my favourite episodes  An Actual Shadow Making videos!?  It's 3AM - Do you know where your children are?  Kwassa kwassa  The Assassination of Julius Caesar (The Ides of March, 44 B.C.E.) - Historia Civilis  Man films the public in Manchester UK  The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2019) - The Ides of March, 44 B.C.E.  The Quake Of 1933 (2018)  Unnatural Selection (2019) - An examination of the cutting edge of genetic engineering, and the consequences it can have on humans and the natural world. [Trailer]  Use Code Lazar #PrematureCelebration #YEET  [Prepare for magic...] Light Magic at Disneyland(!): A Spectacular Journey (1997) - Hosts Alex Trebek and Tawny Little await the magic of light. [92 min]  Lightroom Mobile Tutorial: Easy Photo Editing (With English Subtitles) [12:57]  How Self Hypnosis Is The KEY to Success  Weraroa novae-zelandiae (9 years old, 1200 views)  🔥🔥Monster Smoky & Cheesy Meatloaf 4K🔥🔥  The MARKET ON THIS island.  Leslie Cheung - Always On My Mind (1988)  A Friendship in Vienna (1988): early "Disney Channel Premiere Movie" (a precursor to the current DCOM lineup) a rarely seen historical drama about the friendship between a Jewish girl and an SS office  Crowd in Houston, TX after Jose Altuve hits a 2-run Walk Off Homer to send the Astros to the World Series  [meme] Epic Gamer moments  Only happens in anime they said.  Fire Massage Treatment  The real Minecraft video  Portrait of my desperate Youth (4 years, 128 views)  [France] fake speed camera as prank, gets busted in the end (no crash but funny)  When you go from decent gameplay videos to uninteresting reaction videos  WCGW when two majestic steeds drag a pioneer wagon...  Funny Fails October 2019 | EPIC Fail Compilation October 2019!  My first attempt at drywall art  Amateur Builder Turns School Bus into GORGEOUS Tiny House: 18 Month TIME LAPSE [12:33]  Vin. Diesel. BADASS.  Two Girls Eat Chips and Make Jokes While Listening To Their Mom Get Banged!  man is surprised at his videogame [haiku]  Hands down the biggest gang fight i've seen  2 minutes overtime. France 13 - Ireland 12. 1 drop goal. And 1 happy crowd.  Destroyed my 2k20 game after a Terrible loss! MUST WATCH!!!  Middle aged man takes dangerous video while driving teaching you how to get rich quick (4 views)  Man pretends to drown to see if his dog would save him  History Channel has no idea what it’s talking about anymore...BIG yike..  (2000)s Anti Teletubbie Lied by JBO, a germen fun rock band. Teletubbies hate was all the rage back then.  (2000)s Obscure speedcore remix of the Teletubbies OP. Used to listen to this stuff back then  Guy shows the actual flammability of some fuels  Roll Cloud Over Lake Michigan June 11, 2016  [Poetry] MGM lion intro but the roar is Tim Allen's Home Improvement grunt  Who Invented the iPhone? (2019) It wasn't Steve Jobs  Stinging Dust & Forgotten Lives: The Dust Bowl (2008)  Billie’s Reaction to Fortnite Black Hole (Skit)  What bob saget did to me  I’m all by myself but I’m a compulsive pirate, WCGW?  1700 lbs (771kg) Pumpkin is dropped from 100 feet (30.5 meters) into a pool.  Best Ever Chocolate Lava Cake | Molten Lava Cake | Instant Lava Cake  the battiato gang (2018, 38 views)  Dance Luke & Kylie DANCE!! [June 29, 2005] (2217 views)  Ok wtf  Remember this one?  Everything after 2:00  Ever wonder about the cuttlefish? Well learn about it and the folks who carve its shell. Called cuttleboners.  Fortress Rum Review - Booze On The Rocks [9:29]  Pulp Fiction - the gold watch monologue  Salsa 101  [Poetry] videogames  Taipei Street Food: Scallion Pancakes  Why cant i stop fricking laughing at this stupid dino.  30 feet should be enough...  Roewe i5 Optical illusion car commercial  [MEME] wanna join my free giftcard give away?  [Poetry] Freddie Mercury Enjoys Himself at a Restaurant  when cat meets cat  Jim Carrey acting weird and attempting to be philosophical at NYFW  I believe in miracles  A TF2 re-enactment of "me listening to 1700s sea shanties" using SFM.  Vocal Cords up close while singing  Reading Mean Comments About Trouble (My Dog)  satan asmr, 1 year, 1,824 views, iconic video  The Paul Lynde Halloween Special - airdate 29 Oct (1976) A classic 70's special featuring Margaret Hamilton, Witchie Poo, Tim Conway, Billy Barty, Betty White, Donnie and Marie, Roz Kelly (Pinky Tusca  Who is the lofi girl?  [10;16] No Fap Semen retention sexual transmutation from celebrities  How parasites change their host's behavior - Jaap de Roode [05:13]  [Haiku] abby  Collective Soul Cat  Opposition turns into nightlife party in Lebanon  If a gun shoots in the forest, and nobody's around to hear it... is it MURDER?  Is this little monkey afraid of Peppa Pig who can walk and sing?  Ranger rob shows off his lemon scented "poopy bags" (47 views)  3D fractal trip  What A Dummy intro and clip from the episode "The Contract From Hell" (1990)  The Tower (1985) A Canadian TV movie about an AI-run smart building that keeps itself efficient by killing tenants  If Neo Took the Blue Pill (Matrix Parody)  [Poetry] Don't do it  Fruitcake - Eraserheads Cover  Road Tripping'  Donkey Kong Yeah Boi Suffocation No Breathing Loudest Orgasm Car Alarm Japanese Interview  This needs to be more popular.  Holly.....  "A Game with a Computer" - Soviet television documentary about computerization and computer literacy (1986)  LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures (2002) a direct to video spin-off of Veggietales about Larry's superhero alter-ego Larryboy. Only lasted four episodes due to negative reception and Big Idea Entertain  Daily Meme Compilation v37  Workaholic - Motivational Video - Life Advice - Tips on how to succeed i... [4:10]  Literally every interaction hurts  An Adult Baby  [Haiku]Aliens Aren't not real? Think again  Cubs Meet Adult Tiger for First Time  Mike Tyson Gets Emotional Talking About Muhammad Ali  Definitely a Wild Mouse (9,537 views)  The most underrated anime ' cowboy bebop ' (1999)  top 10 best anime sites 2019  Rigid Body Dynamics Simulations ~(1987) Ohio State University  [Poetry] Strangers vs. Ice Cream  Songs with a Downwards Key Change [14:41]  Where Do These Harry Potter Words Come From? [06:39]  [05:09] Freeze - Inktober 2019, Day 4 Speed Drawing  What Really Happened at Storm Area 51? | Aliens, UFOs, Cults, Scandals, Flat Earthers, and the Plasticity of Belief  What Really Happened at Storm Area 51? (2019) | Aliens, UFOs, Cults, Scandals, Bob Lazar, and the Plasticity of Belief  [UK] Never slow down (OC)  this song written in a primary school about the local area... abit creepy if u ask me  Stacy's Mom Pt. 2  Weird cooking video I found, check the comments.  THE SNATCHERS HAVE ARRIVED  Robb Flynn (Machine Head) slam poetry.  [Meme] broo.meme  [Poetry] How to get on TV  [Poetry] The Mercury Redemption  What Really Happened at Storm Area 51? | Aliens, UFOs, Cults, Scandals, Flat Earthers, Bob Lazar, and the Plasticity of Belief [26:01]  El Camino And Why It Never Rained In Breaking Bad [09:21]  Will Sasso Dreams of Bryan Callen Coming at Him  [USA]When you try to help but fuck up by existing... lol.  [USA][CA] Cop can't handle traffic circle  Stealing A Nation (2004) - About the British–American clandestine operation that saw the expulsion of thousands of the native Chagossian population of Diego Garcia and neighbouring islands in order   "You're not my dad", 302 views, posted 9 July 2015  Demonstration of a fish beheading machine followed by a song about eating salmon (6 years old, 5k views)  [Haiku] Closing in on victory  Meanwhile in Japan - Bakeneko parade in Kagurazaka, Tokyo [59:30]  Flappy Bird: The Game That Ruined Its Developers Life [15:48]  [Haiku] Comical Timing - Mordhau  Get 'em, Otis.  TIL Iran isn't what I thought! "Street Food in Iran!!! AND What People in Iran are Really Like!!!"  Next level protests in Lebanon  Woman sings anime theme song on game show  You'll need to beef up your fortitude stats to make it all the way through  Incredible beef ribs  [USA] Lady backs into car in a crazy happenstance. Starts at 3:40  [USA] Van performs a pit on a car!  [USA] Distracted driver crashes into stationary car and RUNS!  [USA] Truck pulls out in front of cammer! Minor crash!  [Italy][OC] 2 drivers blow a stop sign consecutively  [USA] Concrete truck driver can't turn and spends over a minute continuously hitting a truck! Starts at 1:33  WILDLIFE SAFARI IN OREGON.  Wade loses it to Bob's failure to save Mark in Barotrauma  Milk before Cereal (SKIT)  The Ballad of Gatorade Guy (3k views)  This is Not an Escape (Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Game)  I Love YouTube (12 years old)  Making Warm Caramel Apple Cider from Scratch  Elephants rush to save drowning calf  Warm Caramel Apple Cider !  Cooking the worlds most Disgusting meatballs with my room mates 😂😂😂  Grilled Rabbit  [Poetry] How to REALLY stun a fish  Sign Painters (2014) This is great doc for all you hard working creatives out there.  Guy wearing his overalls. Instant classic. [1.7k views]  Man Kicks Door  The Story of the Washington Nationals (aka Senators) (1955) Promotional Film  Compass Dividers  Grilled Rabbit [10:17]  Thor vs Bor (Father of Odin the Grandfather of Thor) - EPIC BATTLE - Marvel Comics Full story 4K [25:17]  🤦🏽‍♀️  [DeepFake] The real Mark Zuckerberg replacing Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network  Former apprentice lady sings insanely racist ninja song.  I'm probably a bit late to the party on this one but this whole Batwoman trailer holy fucking shit.  Phenomenal piloting - Iran air Boeing 727 crash lands with stuck nose gear  On a Scale of 1 to 10; the Silent Epidemic (2019) groundbreaking documentary exploring attitudes toward health and chronic pain, and how a change in mindset combined with a plant based diet, allows pe  Walking the dogs...and PIGS  Fake Tan Prank  One vs All  These kids rubbed food all over their faces and had a food fight hahaha  Cyrus virus  [Haiku] 12 months wasted  [Meme] Micheal Scott Staring in Are We There Yet  [Poetry] Bing - preventing suicide since never  [Haiku] I'm glad high school hasn't changed  Medical bills jump from $220 to $4,000 a month – for a treatment her life depends on [5:32]  Yesterday in Barcelona. Violence erupts between police and pro-independence groups. This has been going for a week.  Musician playing inside a burnt bus. Santiago, Chile  Gross dude does erotic hypnosis and uses the opportunity to grab a boob.  WILD CAUGHT (2012) Sword-fishing Documentary [28min]  ASMR GRAMOPHONE sound 3 ikebana  ELAMO MOYA NO PASSA NADA clip  A Strange Tribute(?) Song to The Mantracker (9 years old, 92 views)  [Poetry] Just Bob the pig eating some bacon  [Poetry] Hereditary/Shrek 2 Crossover  Freddie Mercury gets truck by lightning while flying on his jetpack [Meme]  I let my 5 year old do my makeup  HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE WORLD'S FIRST PANDA TWINS?  How a Spy Changed Horror Movies [11:41]  Canadian Universities | Ontario Universities Fair| Higher Studies in Canada [14:38]  Patton Oswalt Reveals What Keeps Creative People From Creating  Martha Wayne Becomes The Joker.  The Psychology of an Incel