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  Bicycle rider bombing a hill blows through stop sign, rages at driver who collides with his rear wheel and sends him to the pavement.  Minecraft Youtuber appears on the news and is asked to improvise gameplay commentary  Tampa Police Spokesperson Sign Language interoperater Doesn't know Sign Language  Who Else Can They Add?  I did a satirical breakdown of Star Wars: A New Hope. Hope it tickles some funny bones. I laughed a lot making it lol  [Poetry] Hey Fuckers  How To Protect Cryptocurrency The Right Way  Hawaiian Road Rager  [7:02] A Fellow Gamer Was Diagnosed With Cancer, This Is How We Show Support  Mort Garson - Mother Earth's Plantasia (1976) - Music for plants or indie 8-bit RPGs?  Lady makes herself laugh hysterically over a fart app.  Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile Full Movie  This dude made the Friends TV Set in Far Cry 5 and then beat them all up.  Garlic chicken recipe in Malayalam  Number two in japanese  KICKED OUT OF A FURNITURE STORE  Point Blank. Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo star in this action thriller from producer Joe Carnahan. Coming to Netflix July 12th.  San Diego Padre's Eric Hosmer had 2 premature celebrations in one game  How to Turn Cancer Against Itself  Child predator cornered in Walmart (freakout starts at 6:56), now in jail  [USA] Honda Accord loses control, hits side barrier and almost takes out cammer  Socialism For The Rich; Capitalism For The Poor  30 Second Time Machine  Driver loses it in more way than one [gaming]  Hesburgh- "Official Trailer" (2019)  [Haiku] drumming  [Poetry] It’s Back  Painfully Awkward Celeb Interviews That'll Make You Squirm  [Canada] Cammer eliminates opponent with a PIT maneuver  [USA] Oakland Hwy 13 Racing Idiots  bouncer fights of two people  Do presidential debates matter? - BEME News [8:32]  Yo Soy La Salsa (2014) Salsa legend Johnny Pacheco changed music forever  [Haiku] Jakey, Jakey, Jakey attorneys at law  [Haiku] hi how you doing we’re back and we’re ready for it all over again  Jerry Seinfeld’s inflated ego showing on Larry king  Granddaughter of civil rights leader thinks slaves escaped to freedom using an underground train  The birth of a Carbonara  Dan Carlin Prophets of Doom (2017)  Woman freaks out for no reason  Man tries to headbutt through a table  [USA] Hyundai Elantra sideswipes cammer's car; leaves the scene  [USA] Drunk driver attempts to cheat parking garage --> Totals car.  Interviewer asks pornstar if she was molested as a child  How to be not forever alone  The History Of Guns And The 2nd Amendment [22:40]  Dashing Straight To Victory! - Daddy DeGrand Plays Hades The High Speed Update [43:48]  My favorite scene from The Wire - Where’d you get that sideways hat?  [Haiku] Did you just tech deck on my shoe?  This dude crazy or on drugs?  Moops think they own all the land just because they put up a YouTube video (see description)  Guy defends his garden from neighbor's cats who keep peeing everywhere  Mapmen: Why every world map is wrong  Mint Leaf Fritters : Pudina ke Pakode  Spicy prawn fry  Life Changing #GarlicHack Secret Revealed || Glen & Friends Cooking  [Poetry] Foolish reporter on the ski hill  [Meme] Me When Someone Destroys My Minecraft House (Feat. Tfue)  [Video] Noisy autofocus in lenses for video production - SOLVED!  What is an Interventionist? - How They Can Benefit Your Family!  Walker and a wheelchair fight  [USA][WA] Rear ended on I-5  What is an Interventionist? The Many Benefits of Interventions  Chronologies of Collapse: Climate Change and the late Third Millennium BCE Ancient Near East - Felix Höflmayer, University of Chicago (2013) During the late third millennium BCE the Ancient Near East  Captain Marvel(s) | A quick history of Carol Danvers, Shazam!, and Mar-Vell [7:13]  How Evangelion Depicted An Economic Crisist (OC) - [15:11]  Why every world map is wrong | Map Men [6:16]  I'M A VIRGIN, CAN YOU HELP ME PRACTICE? PRANK [8:15]  Cowboy Bebop' (1999) The best of any Tv show  Die Mimmi's - "Mc Donald" (1984) German punk song about going to McDonald's.  Apparently feline leukemia can make your cat have anime eyes  Louisiana Is Getting an Unlimited Supply of a $24K Hep C Cure (HBO) [7:09]  Gas Station Fire - Above ground gas tank explosion - This was a hot day.  Aubrey Plaza snorts milk while eating spicy hot wings | Hot Ones  Winrar be like  Extinct (2016) | Was the Dodo really as dumb and clumsy as legend says? | Part 1  Stealing the Atomic Bomb (2015) The USSR set off their 1st atom bomb just 4 years after the USA. Nobody knew was that it was the result of espionage. At the centre of the op was a very unusual female   The only friend you need is in the mirror  We gave terrible advice lmfao  5 Amazing and Insane facts  [Haiku] The boys react to nuclear disaster  [Poetry] How NOT to get a girlfriend  Triple Play to Win the State Championship  This is less about the crowd (who was happy) but I really wanted to share this great moment with all of you  Amazing Comeback  Idiot trying to steal rear view mirror  How Deepika Padukone Beat Depression And Overcame Her Failures - Motivational Video To Never Give Up  I was looking on youtube for a song we sung in school when I found this gem... (I don't know if this is in the right sub, tell me if it isn't)  West Park Mall, Cape Girardeau, MO. Commercial (1982)  Cutscenes for "The Life Stage: Virtual House", a Construction Simulation game for the 3DO in (1993). Starts off quite peacefully before suddenly veering off into rather unnerving territory  The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil (1988) - The first animated series by John Kricfalusi’s Spümcø, and short lived reboot of the 1959 series Beany and Cecil.  lady claims her dog is vegetarian, Dog proves her wrong.  Head kick KO  Chopping at a wedding  Memorise this song when you go to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020!!!  funny horsie (Jumpscare Warning)  Tremble, Norway! - A slideshow of images of Norway plays, which is then suddenly interrupted with a skeleton bursting out of the Norwegian Flag giving the middle finger  "Target ain't people" flash mob  The Nightmare Never Ends (1980) [480p]  [AU] Driver turns across cyclist sending bike and bike cam flying  Tiny grown man gets jumped  The Dark Side of ABBA [10:37]  Miscommunication. Going in depth into why it happens and who’s at fault. [8:12]  When white supremacists overthrew a government [12:21]  Jordache Fragrances Commercial - Rainy Days and Mondays (1983)  The rare Irish “am i being detained”  "Jackass" type video of shopping cart jousting, 11 YEARS old, moderate production value  Tried to find the Ricky Gervais xfm show and ended up finding these Arabic people shouting at each other.  How Google is building a browser monopoly  A History of Britain - Bronze and Iron 2200 BC - 600 BC (2019)  Memes Fortniteplayers can't understand  Mii theme but the orchestra jiggles along  Waifu Aventures 9: Origin - Story Part 1 (you're going to want to sit down for this)  [USA][NH] Red light runner doesn't see police officer sitting on side road  High School! Kimengumi (1986) [360p]  How not to make a YouTube video (No views)  One of the best movie scenes in history. Amadeus (1984). Salieri discovering Mozart’s genius. Tremendous acting, brilliant screenplay.  Easy speed math they don't teach you in school  Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock on Skateboarding  Koyla Karahi Biryani by MJ's Kitchen | Rice Recipes | with English subtitles  [Poetry] Interactions with a stranger  Bill Burr Puts A Douchy Interviewer In His Place  Wife of criminal sentenced to jail thinks he's a movie star  How to reset GE Smart Light Bulbs  Boom Bees Part 1 [9:45]  Why I am sitting on a frog???[8:03]  How to Practice - Improve your Art (or anything, really) Skills, the Smart Way! [17:52]  The Roman Holidays (1972). Forgotten cartoon from Hanna-Barbera. Same schtick as "The Flintstones," only it's the Roman Empire instead of the Stone Age.  A VERY poorly animated tiktok meme in blender.  Snow has released a 2019 remake of Informer (Snow - Informer)  Guy gets away with chewing up his crackpipe on Live PD  Dawn of Humanity (2015) [1:42:46]  Keanu Reeves Love Song  Biker drives into car, smashes windshield [USA]  [USA][RI] Um, sir. It's not your turn to go.  Russian hooligans going at it  Guy gets the K.O with his beer in his hand  Shocking knockouts from a 16 year old prodigy  Farewell to Manzanar (1976)[480p]  Jeremiah Johnson (1972) [360p]  Koyla Karahi Biryani by MJ's Kitchen | Rice Recipes | with English subtitles [06:24]  Urban explorers find amazing ornate gentleman’s spa with outstanding artwork in a sleepy Belgian town!  On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship (2019) - The entire world praised the military and Aung San Suu Kyi, when power was passed on to the democracy icon after 50 years of military dictatorship. On  Thank you sophie !  A&P Supermarket Training Video: Think to Prevent Shrink (1992)  Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis respond to tabloid that says they are splitting up  Ocean Beach Daggers Skateboarding 1985  welcome to TTT Target  Cowboy Bebop The Real folk blues [53kviews]  The Most Cruel And Psychotic killer to Ever Walk The Planet! (1950) ( WARNING : VERY DISTURBING VIDEO)  "With Passion for Freedom" (2019) A story about the creation of a unique stained glass window in Riga Cathedral and crucial time in Latvia's history, the barricades of 1991, which is encapsulated in t  One Year Old, 39 Views  [Poetry] Well howdy  [Haiku] Avada Kedavra KURWA!  Rango - A Bizarre Masterpiece [07:59]  Leather Holster Making // Western Cowboy Fast Draw Rig // How It's Made  Tripp clothing accessories ad. Hella brootal  [Haiku] Just a peaceful Minecraft video  Queer activism around the world [6:55]  1940s Lumberjacks felling Redwoods in Northern California  Beautiful Marriage Proposal on Local News :)  I am a jar of mayonnaise. Twist ending.  1000 AD: A Tour of the Viking World // Vikings Documentary(2019)  [Poetry] digitally mastered  Man has first date and kiss with his true love  Why does Homosexuality Evolve?  Sgt Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. animated series promo (1991) DIC Entertainment cartoon based on Troma's 1991 cult classic. The series never materialized and this is all that remains of it.  A pre-fame Rick Astley performing with his band FBI in (1985)  Two girls dancing to ‘Tonight Tonight’ in front of an obese baby  The best freeruner in the world  What’s cupcake in German?  Fiona and Kip Winger - “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)” (1989)  Dramarama - ”Wonderamaland” Music Video (1989)  Discover Card commercial for fictional hair band Danger Kitty (2001)  Mysterious Clown - Mysterious Clown (1967) Awkward and atonal garage rock song. It is rumored that the singer got to make this record as a bar mitzvah gift.  Skyler’s Chi Ball (2007) [543 views]  minecraft zombie sound over the bruh vine  His wife left him  Sorry We Missed You - Official Trailer - Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Proctor - A powerful exploration of the contemporary world of work, the gig economy and the challenges faced   5 years old, 67 Views.  Son shows father what nitrous is! Contagious smiling  [Poetry] I feel like Danson  Surviving on Dragonflies: A North Korean Defector's Story (2019)  Gwen - Trailer - Maxine Peake, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Richard Harrington - In the stark beauty of 19th Century Snowdonia a young girl, Gwen tries desperately to hold her home together. Struggling wi  Cop claims man has gun until realizing he is being filmed.  [USA][NJ] This was during the day, and I literally had to dim my mirror. Can we stop with these LED light bars already?  Cute Kittens With Huge Sparkling Eyes  [meme] Tactical Nuke Incoming!  How To Make Quick & Easy Homemade Ravioli  What It's Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver [15:36]  (1988) Soviet Synthpop. NRG - Disturbing dreams, Moscow USSR NOTHING SCREAMS 80S SOVIET UNION MORE THAN THIS VIDEO.  A sad little bit about the fake and pompous culture of Miami's luxury car rental scene.  Many people did not know how much Steve Irwin loved money.  This video was created with 129 spinning records and no visual effects.  TV CARNAGE: YES YOU CAN'T [2011, 459 views]  Hot Pocket  How to prevent rape with nothing but a Fedora and a Sword.  [Haiku] 69 Subscriber Special  Empire of Dreams (2004) The story of the making of the original Star Wars trilogy and its impact on popular culture  Hong Kong police trapping and teargassing protesters outside Citic Tower, almost causing a stampede (12 June)  [Iran] BMW X6 gets hit with textbook pit maneuver by random car  [USA] "Jeep rolls over trying to pass illegally"  Ehtsh's Day Out (2019) [360p]  [haiku] I wasted way too much time making this dumb meme  Frank sees ghost (97 views, 2010)  American journalist flies to Paris and attempts to find racism in every and any part of French culture. Ends up sounding racist himself.  Have you tried the cold cut facial?  Have you tried a cold cut facial?  Battle Royale (2000) [720p] [English subtitles]  The Day Israel Attacked America [48:59]  Optical Glass Sculptures by fine art glass artist Jack Storms - [8:49]  "I Am An American" (2001) was a Ad campaign post 9/11 to help fight racism  ‘Til Tuesday - Love in a Vacuum (demo) (1983)  Despacito top 5 discord couples  For your viewing pleasure...traffic stops that end how we all want them to end.  Sweet Dreams You Can't Resist!  Schizophrenic Talks About His Hallucinations Making it Hard to Leave his Room  The details of my life are quite inconsequential- Dr. Evil  [Poetry] Aaaaahh  Infinity Stone Cookies インフィニティーストーン・クッキー  This is just weird... And Accurate.  Young product designer presents handmade iPad cases on Dragons' Den; when confronted with how defective they are, he doesn't even bother coming up with a defense [3:16]  [Canada][Coquitlam] Stop texting and walking! [OC]  [HAIKU] 6-year-olds when they see mom and dad kissing  Skin and Process a Deer in 10 Minutes Without Gutting It  WHAT IS THAT? WHAT THE 'FUCK' IS THAT!!!?  Lollipop cover 7k views 2011  Man uses a bunch of old instruments to make some crazy beats, and its GOOD! (3,724 Views, Jul 24th, 2016)  Guy walks around a warehouse full of ceiling fans for 47 minutes, turning things on and off. [2018, 974 views]  A slideshow of the tragic events of 9/11 set to COD montage music (2008, 6,000 views)  The 8-Bit Drummer's reaction to Yoshi.mp4  Fortnite epidemic  Tired of sounding like such a gringo? This guy will have you sounding like a true Latino in no time!  High school valedictorian blasts 'alcoholic' teacher and 'unavailable' counselor in Shocking Speech!  [USA] Cammer rear ended by Nissan Altima (front & rear view)  The "World's Fastest Typist" appears on Letterman to compete against one of his staff members. At first she begins typing with no paper in her typewriter, then produces garbled nonsense (and blames Le  Seth Roger Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movie/TV Characters [39:32]  4 Levels of Ice Cream Sundaes: Amateur to Food Scientist [13:47]  🔥 PAINTED in FIRE GALAXY with thousands of STARS Spray Paint Art - SPAC- [8:30]  Guessing How Much a Luxury NYC Condo Costs: Amateur to Agent [14:08]  Inside America’s Totally Unsolved Lifestyles (1992)  Dank ass sandboarding son  A short, unimpressive league clip set to nickel backs cover of rock star with questionable commentary  some guys spill bags of shredded paper all over a dude's apartment. 456 views. 13 years old  small monkey john deere  WCGW being a referee in a 4 way blindfold boxing match  What could go wrong breaking in on private property and stick my head in a work machine  Train Splits an 18 Wheeler in Half  [USA] Welcome to New Haven, where red lights don't matter and do whatever you want  After my friend's older brother suffered a heart attack at 41, his Dad took it upon himself to figure out what happened & figured out that the heart blockage and subsequent attack was due an elevated