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All Videos: Thursday, September 16, 2021

  Karl Jobst teaches how to pick up girls  My Mssk  Charles Manson getting real [Poetry] [Meme]  Blade (1998): Blade's Entrance/the First Fight Scene  Jay Mohr’s impression of the incomparable Norm McDonald  La Jetée (1962) [720p]  Talking About RPGs: Mechanics vs Setting, and Styles of Play. - Matt Colville  Moving the TIMBERJACK SKIDDER To Get the Engine Out! [12:17]  BARRY KOTTER AND CHERRY  Day 4 of hunting weird videos, I saw a rabbithole of videos that are titled "AVSEQ01". Each consisting of DVD opening logos, and they include other stuff such as news reports.  Watch 👍Subscribe & Enjoy Thanks ❤🤫Shhh!!! Don't Miss Out On The Secret To Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself!😱  Pan Fried Brussel Sprouts- Asian style sauce- myjoyofcooking  Tiki Macaw Biking Woodlands Waterway 16 September 2021  10 Most Forbidden Places on Earth [5:50]  🆕legacy Is Everything Best Motivational Speech Motivational Speech 2021 ...  (1991) Persian Gulf Protest War  [Haiku] Sneaky Horse  Funniest pet moments  2,000 miles of hiking in four minutes  Trippy sleep channel  sitting on a tree  An old mini-documentary of some sorts about a high-school student named Craig who suffers from Linonophobia. Only 1.5K views.  Kid shits his pants at Old Navy  "pac-man power up energy drink can crush" 2014, 228 Views  Soft Cornstarch Cookies | Alfajores Cookies Filled With Dulce De Leche  Halle Berry's Razzie acceptance speech  We Are The Worst Ghost Hunters Ever |Phasmophobia| [meme]  i thought the walls were melting ! [Meme]  this is pretty awesome  lavelle crawford - The greatest "yo mama" joke ever told  The Matrix Resurrections - REMIX TRAILER  Brothers in Arms - The Making of Platoon (2018) [1:28:12]  Youth pastor makes video presentation on how to “catch em souls” - religious Pokémon style.  My man has such a lovely voice.  10 year old video of a guy giving his dog chocolate. Couple months later, he seemingly uploads a tribute video to his possibly dead dog  Minecraft let’s play that’s so bad I was convinced it was a joke (6 years ago - 22 views)  Michael Jackson predicted COVID 19[poetry]  Bobobo-Bo-Bobobo - Quite possibly the craziest anime ever created  A father can only take so much disrespect.  Neutron Stars: The Most Extreme Objects in the Universe | PBS Space Time  Why Did we make Front Yard Businesses Illegal? [8:30]  Neutron Stars: The Most Extreme Objects in the Universe | PBS Space Time [14:14]  Plant growing timelapse compilation[10:02]  Longhaul (2019) - Without Truckers this country stops! Dude documents himself breaking enough laws to put him in prison for twenty years, and then posts it on the internet. Longhaul is the documentati  More from the "Baby gurl" guy  [Poland] Idiot drove past me on a red light like a lightning  Norm MacDonald's Moth Joke  Dude in a towel absolutely DESTROYING a guitar. 10 years old. 73 views.  Building a guitar IN the woods with hand tools  Rick Astley singing ‘This Charming Man’ with Blossoms tonight at the London Forum  V/H/S/94 - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original  Tiger & Bunny the Movie 2: The Rising (2014) [1080p]  “[Collective- don’t let the world take you down with them- collective tarot reading]” [25:00]  Talking About RPGs: Mechanics vs Setting, and Styles of Play. - Matt Colville [23:47]  Life under the Taliban (2021) - Insight into life within rural Afghanistan [00:28:25]  Obese Conservative Neckbeard calls Buzzfeed Try Guys "Low Testosterone Betas"  Cringey lip syncing madness  [Lithuania] Police man lectures idiot driver who tries to squeeze thru one lane road and then keeps driving and hits road island sign.  Found this 11 year old video with almost no views of a Random dude dancing  Steve Jobs Last Speech Before Death | The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life  Why wear seat belts  when your render distance is too low [Poetry][Meme]  NIGHTMARE ALLEY | Official Teaser Trailer  Can Video Games Defeat Aging? World's First Scientific Gaming Console: Demonpore 64 [11:00]  [17:41] Did the Romans Know the Empire Was Falling?  Fingernail candy "for parties"  Baseball commentators lose it after seeing a fan grope his girlfriend's boob  [HAIKU] Thunderbolt 1003 8X Faster  When you learn a nono word (turn on subtitles) [MEME]  Norm Macdonald talks about cancer in 2016 and not wanting to garner sympathy from others. RIP Norm.  When Korra (Janet Varney), Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) and the creator of that Portal song brilliantly sing together.  Pistachio Crusted Lamb Chop Recipe  Cauliflower Puree  What's the original video at the end? [meme]  Ghost Rider vs Galactus  Family Guy | Best of Death  How Our Streets Got Stolen From Us  26th Street Garage: The FBI's Untold Story of 9/11 (2021) - Follows the story of ingenuity, teamwork and determination of the FBI in desperate moments after the 9/11 attacks. [00:02:18]  Boeing's Fatal Flaw (2021) - An investigation into the 737 Max jet and the crashes that killed 346 people reveals commercial pressures, design flaws, and failed oversight. [0:53:18]  A cat and his treasure box :D  trying to draw peter griffin from memory  Homemade Pretzels that can either be pulled apart or cut in half for burgers and such  How to make Louisiana Fried Chicken and Dirty Rice from scratch  Corgi's bone is stuck under the couch...  [Haiku] What up sonic squad  [Poetry] Damn...  There are a beautiful things 💗  Little Rosey (1990) - In the 90s, where was a ton of "Muppet Babies" rip offs, one of the most bizare was "Little Rosey", imaging Roseanne Barr as a young kid. Yeah.  A behind-the-scenes clip from a local television studio in the (1980)s. Shows an engineer making a copy of a tape.  Ace Ventura 2 is a sorely underrated comedy that I feel is funnier than the first.  The CEO who took a $1,000,000 pay cut so that he could pay all his employees $70K minimum salary still has a thriving company after 6 years  Let's talk about the California recall and what it means for Trump.... - Beau of the Fifth Column  How To Wake Up And Become A Real Person [42:11]  Newsmax Anchor Cuts Off Veteran for Blaming Trump for Afghanistan  [Haiku] Intercepted by Ha-Ha  [haiku] Warzone Finger Gun  Anchor Vs Reporter On Air Fight  A short, poignant feature about a man who plays the piano for elephants who’ve had rough lives (5 minutes)  Bob Saget pays a touching, stream of consciousness tribute to Norm Macdonald. They had been friends since 1978.  "Onion Biryani"- simple and versatile rice side dish with left over/fresh rice & few ingredients can be prepared in less than 15 mins!  PASTA WITH BURRATA AND SALMON CREAM - CREAMY AND TASTY! 🐟😍😋  Rotini alla Vodka  Dulce de Leche FILLED Churro Cupcakes TOPPED WITH CHURROS  Secret Style Whole Chicken BBQ | Grilled Whole Chicken Recipe | Rosted whole chicken Recipe  Top 5 Math tricks  Login ui design using bunifu UI framework  The Shocking Truth of Support Groups  Shit in a bucket 288-views (2010) -Shitcore  2Face ft. Donna Jordee - Be Alright [suicide prevention music video from 2015-03-25, 4756 views, 66 likes, 5 dislikes]  Pakistan McDonalds + Rouge and Amy (Tennis) - Extremely perplexing (2018 - < 1000 views)  Midwesterner in Boston  Bob Saget remembers Norm Macdonald. Includes a lot of behind the scenes photos of Norm.  Earliest Recording of the word "F*ck" (1885)  Trying Filipino Food  Inside the ICU: An inside view to what Alaskas largest hospital with 100% capacity reached [12:39]  Reddit, a birthplace of mob mentality [7:01]  i miss “Who I Used To Be” 👎🏽  [poetry] english teachers trying to get kids interested in poetry  Photographer tries to set up photo shoot with chimpanzees, but they’re having none of it  Easy and healty home made pumpkin cream soup with recipe :)  Broiled Lobster Tails  How To Grill Pork Chops On A Gas Grill | Juicy Grilled Pork Chops Recipe  Driving through Alabama in Cars With Offensive Slogans [7:54]  What's next for GMTK? [07:40]  Stonehenge in Miniature (If only it was this easy!) – Realistic Scenery Vol.29 [13:18]  Ten Year Old Tom | Official Trailer | HBO Max - Being a kid is harder than ever – especially for ten-year-old Tom, who regularly contends with questionable guidance from the well-meaning grown-ups.  Confessions of an ageing party girl  [Poetry] Facts About the New God of War Ragnarok You Don’t know  [meme] She got that five dollar box  My brother let his humidifier get so moldy life has begun to evolve  This guy made a time lapse of the future.  Bob Saget Remembering Norm  summoner geeks is 15 years old and it still makes me laugh  Frozen Strawberry Dessert  Mahi Mahi Deep Sea Fishing! Caught GIANT DOLPHIN (Catch Clean Cook)  Polish Cabbage & Sausage STEW – BIGOS. Recipe by Always Yummy!  What Does This "Crab" Have To Do With the Covid Vaccine? [11:23]  Vintage Mining Lantern and Battery Restoration [22:31]  Investment casting of a dental metallic crown. Lost wax technique from impression to fabrication. [5:17]  Six Allegedly Cursed Archeological Discoveries. The recent destruction of ancient monuments and relics at the hands of religious radicals has reinvigorated support for the controversial practice of re  Mozart was a Catboy  Red Sox commentators cracking up  Alternate ending to AIDA (1995). Elton John and Tim Rice wrote a pop musical adaptation of the Verdi opera for Disney. It eventually went to Broadway, but not before Disney demanded a rewrite of the f  No Neck Joe - A series of shorts made by Craig McCracken that later aired on Spike and Mike's (Sick and Twisted) Festival of Animation. (1991)  Netflix Recommendations [poetry]  [haiku] ghj  Come take a walk with me on the Mulberry River Walk  The Chip Shortage Has Grown in to a FULL BLOWN CRISIS (Former Dealer Explains)  Macka B X The Kiffness - Cucumba (Cucumber Rap) [Live Looping Remix]  The Last Of The Mohicans (1992) [720p]  The wonderful mountain towns of Turkey  Cobb salad!It's a very filling salad that sometimes I make it as dinner.The most important thibg is,you don't really feel like you are eating a lot of veggies,which is perfect for meat lovers  Why Are There No Openly Gay Male Footballers? | HITC Sevens [23:34]  The Sinking And Aftermath Of Andrea Doria (1997) [00:46:32]  A Match Made In Heaven (2014) - Dates and relationships in Jewish ultra-orthodox communities [01:16:47]  Dopesick Official Trailer | Hulu - examines how one company triggered the worst drug epidemic in American history.  Dear Evan Hansen | Final Trailer | Universal - “a musical love letter to all those who feel alone.”  Fever Dream | Official Trailer | Netflix - A woman named Amanda lies stricken, far from home. A young boy named David questions her, trying to make her remember. She’s not his mother, he’s not her  Poodle wishes she could fly away on holiday!?!!?  Mesmerizing Rainbow Kaleidoscope  How to hitchhike in Turkey  Red Sox commentators Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy have to mute their mics  I made a music video with my dog  SpaceX last night launched the first all-civilian flight into orbit. At the space center a couple weekends ago, I got to see the rocket being transported to get prepped for launch. (cross posted from   Norm on mortality and his funeral  Douchebags from Miami illegally blocking the only road out of the Florida Keys to take photos with their Ferraris and Lamborghinis.  Das Weißwurstessen  I Wonder Whats Inside Your Butthole - Pink Floyd Style - A surprisingly good cover with surprisingly only ~3,000 views  My Movie by PPLEKN, a cinematic masterpiece  I finally found some real music  Bob Marley is Overrated [Unpopular Caribbean Opinions] [14:30]  "The Torture Headquarters" (2020) - Vilina Vlas looks like any other quiet forest retreat, hotel and spa, and it is advertised as one to thousands of happy tourists. Yet it was only in the 90s that hu  Junk mtb rescued & meticulously restored [31:19]  Creepy English guy harasses foreign girls for their Instagrams, talks in pigeon English the whole time  [poetry] BEN SHAPIRO RAP  [Poetry] Joey from Friends being flanderized.  Overview of a number of climate indices - on track for worst-case (RCP8.5) scenario  Kanye addressing homophobia within the hip-hop community in 2005  Chill man explains an accident  Images (1972) [1080p]  Can I pinpoint the exact location of the person in this image? [28:45]  8K future  Old Man remembers his old memorys [Poetry][Meme]  I've been photographing space for two years, and those are some of my best work  McKayla Maroney blasts FBI over handling of Larry Nassar case  ObGyn Explains Abortion Ban in Texas  Anthropology in Afghan Studies - Thomas Barfield [13:04]  History Time | The Spanish Flu & How The World Recovered (1918-1929) History Documentary [32:41]  Why Capitalism is Killing Us (And The Planet) [13:47]  Delicious Pasta made in a Cheese Wheel in London  Dancing Girls in Belfast  [meme] Scatting Over Videos of People Falling Down the Stairs  Bloke ran a full marathon in 3h36mins (while dribbling 2 basketballs at all times)  Monkey Amber troops visit poor baby monkey Candy and all member in Sovana troops  How to make Adas polo with Salad Shirazi  Chinese Cabbage Soup for a Cold Day  Rural Architectural Traditions in Central Asia - Thomas Barfield [13:36]  Grandma's Footsteps - Animated Trailer  ᴏʙᴊᴇᴄᴛꜱ.ᴅᴇᴛᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ  [poetry] Mr. Krabs Money Money Money (Good Ending)  [Haiku] someone forgot grandma  [Haiku] Stop Dolores! That position might be a blunder...  Yoga Motivation: Gentle Intermediate Yoga Flow ⎜ 25 minutes Yoga To Feel Good  Racist streamer kept harassing an old man thinking he is racist, get pepper sprayed  [Poetry] Life advice from an NPC be like:  Ego From Mars - A Nickelodeon short mostly seen in Nick Australia but was seen in America on "Toons From Planet Orange" and Nicktoons Network (1999)  Crow uses stick to get food  How to Profit from a Financial Crash - 2021 Stock Market Crash (2021) - In this gripping documentary, the entire banking, monetary and investing system is picked apart to find out who the real winners  Bill Burr is a national treasure  Red Sox commentators Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy have to mute their mics after the cameras catch a man groping his girlfriend's boob in the stands  This short video changed my mood from 😭 to 😂😂😂😂😂  Apparently Iceland isn’t real  Grilled Sandwich | Potato Masala Sandwich | Quick Breakfast  Crazy Friday Snacks Spicy cashewnuts Almond Masala  China's First Emperor: Qin Shi Huang - The Emperor of the Steppes (2002) [00:46:13]  Geo Godly's X Factor audition  A Popup book I made 20 years ago  Como Hacer Pozole Verde | How To Make Green Chicken Pozole | Chicken Soup  HomeMade Korean Food [Perilla oil makguksu]  How to make French fries super crispy!And a delicious secret sauce~  Srilankan Style Pork Black Curry Recipe  How Headlights Became So High-Tech | CNBC [16:06]  Escaping Jehovah's Witnesses: Inside the dangerous world of a brutal religion (2021) - Former members reveal the secretive practices used to instil fear &maintain discipline among followers. Strict ru  This movie trailer will get you absolutely hyped  [Poetry] Vsauce's Quinquadragintillionaire Grindset  A collection of funny fails  Hansa - Northern Silk Road - Economic History DOCUMENTARY  Why did the US Join World War One? (Short Animated Documentary)  Brain cells trying to form connections  Travis (1998) - TRAVIS documents the complex life of a vital child born with HIV/AIDS who, with the help of experimental drug therapy and his grandmother's unwavering love and support struggles to sur  Shop window painting - Wild Flowers [7.40]  [Haiku] Truck simulator irl  ELMER WAYNE HENLEY / DEAN CORLL - NBC News rushes (1973)  I guess that's how dinosaurs work.  Baby Green Lynx Spiders And Their Protective Mother  cute expressions of dogs when they do something wrong  Never Go Full Retard  Chicken Liver with Mashed Potato.Chicken livers are also one of the top sources of vitamin A, which helps eye health. Mashed potatoes mixed with peas are the suggested side dish.  Among the Stars (2021) - Behind-the-scenes access to the critically important NASA mission of repairing a $2 billion science experiment, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), which aims to reveal the  Laissez-faire Vol. 1: Genesis, decline and revenge of an ideology (2015) - Through the analysis of historical, economic and social events it offers a real perspective to understand what is (neo)libera  See, How cute they are  [Greece] Driving on a busy traffic in Rhodes  That satisfied look. Olga Scheps, incredibly expressive pianist plays Chopin  Frozen Yogurt  Monkey Play Drum Machine USSR, extremely weird.  Satan makes bomb toast, y'all  Norm MacDonald on what he wants for his funeral  [haiku] Please internet man  How to make Chili Chicken with Jasmine Rice  This YouTube channel is nothing but recorded sounds and a MS Paint drawing of the sound. This is The sound of Burgers cooking in a pan.  [haiku] Hey guys, I'm in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Just hanging out  [Meme]Hey Spongebob, Say Canister But Without The Ster  [Meme] When you accidentally start an endgame boss fight.  Ali G show- Science.  A local news station was allowed inside the ICU of a hospital in a city in Washington State that is exploding with COVID cases in order to show an example of what patients and staff are going through   What do tropical fish make of the strange creatures who love them so? [12:24]  Carving decorative pattern for vintage style wine cabinet [5:13]  Pranking my son at 3 am  Threads (1984) [UK] [TV Movie]  ABC NEWS (1980) Frank Reynolds Silent Newsroom footage on Network line  Night Flight ~ Radio 1990 (1984) [USA Network] [17:30] Host Kathryn Kinley ~ Promos ~ Bumpers ~ Ads ~ Wrestling ~ King Fu Theater ~ Mountain Dew ~ Mixer-Pourer ~ John McEnroe ~ Kurt Vonnegut Drinks Co  Norm McDonald's perfect joke compilation.  [meme] Mister Squidward I should...  [haiku] a short audition  An Exhaustive History of Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings - Folding Ideas  Bakshi and the Ring (2021) - An Exhaustive History of Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings [01:00:36]  'An investment in terror' - What role does Pakistan play in the Taliban's resurgence? (2021) [00:11:42]  Trumpism Rejected in Major Landslide as Newsom Wins California Recall: A Closer Look [14:34]  What are Voxels and why are they so cool? [8:07]  Go Back 1 Day: Wednesday, September 15, 2021