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All Videos: Saturday, October 19, 2019

  Best Ever Chocolate Lava Cake | Molten Lava Cake | Instant Lava Cake  the battiato gang (2018, 38 views)  Dance Luke & Kylie DANCE!! [June 29, 2005] (2217 views)  Ok wtf  Remember this one?  Everything after 2:00  Ever wonder about the cuttlefish? Well learn about it and the folks who carve its shell. Called cuttleboners.  Fortress Rum Review - Booze On The Rocks [9:29]  Pulp Fiction - the gold watch monologue  Salsa 101  [Poetry] videogames  Taipei Street Food: Scallion Pancakes  Why cant i stop fricking laughing at this stupid dino.  30 feet should be enough...  Roewe i5 Optical illusion car commercial  [MEME] wanna join my free giftcard give away?  [Poetry] Freddie Mercury Enjoys Himself at a Restaurant  when cat meets cat  Jim Carrey acting weird and attempting to be philosophical at NYFW  I believe in miracles  A TF2 re-enactment of "me listening to 1700s sea shanties" using SFM.  Vocal Cords up close while singing  Reading Mean Comments About Trouble (My Dog)  satan asmr, 1 year, 1,824 views, iconic video  The Paul Lynde Halloween Special - airdate 29 Oct (1976) A classic 70's special featuring Margaret Hamilton, Witchie Poo, Tim Conway, Billy Barty, Betty White, Donnie and Marie, Roz Kelly (Pinky Tusca  Who is the lofi girl?  [10;16] No Fap Semen retention sexual transmutation from celebrities  How parasites change their host's behavior - Jaap de Roode [05:13]  [Haiku] abby  Collective Soul Cat  Opposition turns into nightlife party in Lebanon  If a gun shoots in the forest, and nobody's around to hear it... is it MURDER?  Is this little monkey afraid of Peppa Pig who can walk and sing?  Ranger rob shows off his lemon scented "poopy bags" (47 views)  3D fractal trip  What A Dummy intro and clip from the episode "The Contract From Hell" (1990)  The Tower (1985) A Canadian TV movie about an AI-run smart building that keeps itself efficient by killing tenants  If Neo Took the Blue Pill (Matrix Parody)  [Poetry] Don't do it  Fruitcake - Eraserheads Cover  Road Tripping'  Donkey Kong Yeah Boi Suffocation No Breathing Loudest Orgasm Car Alarm Japanese Interview  This needs to be more popular.  Holly.....  "A Game with a Computer" - Soviet television documentary about computerization and computer literacy (1986)  LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures (2002) a direct to video spin-off of Veggietales about Larry's superhero alter-ego Larryboy. Only lasted four episodes due to negative reception and Big Idea Entertain  Daily Meme Compilation v37  Workaholic - Motivational Video - Life Advice - Tips on how to succeed i... [4:10]  Literally every interaction hurts  An Adult Baby  [Haiku]Aliens Aren't not real? Think again  Cubs Meet Adult Tiger for First Time  Mike Tyson Gets Emotional Talking About Muhammad Ali  Definitely a Wild Mouse (9,537 views)  The most underrated anime ' cowboy bebop ' (1999)  top 10 best anime sites 2019  Rigid Body Dynamics Simulations ~(1987) Ohio State University  [Poetry] Strangers vs. Ice Cream  Songs with a Downwards Key Change [14:41]  Where Do These Harry Potter Words Come From? [06:39]  [05:09] Freeze - Inktober 2019, Day 4 Speed Drawing  What Really Happened at Storm Area 51? | Aliens, UFOs, Cults, Scandals, Flat Earthers, and the Plasticity of Belief  What Really Happened at Storm Area 51? (2019) | Aliens, UFOs, Cults, Scandals, Bob Lazar, and the Plasticity of Belief  [UK] Never slow down (OC)  this song written in a primary school about the local area... abit creepy if u ask me  Stacy's Mom Pt. 2  Weird cooking video I found, check the comments.  THE SNATCHERS HAVE ARRIVED  Robb Flynn (Machine Head) slam poetry.  [Meme] broo.meme  [Poetry] How to get on TV  [Poetry] The Mercury Redemption  What Really Happened at Storm Area 51? | Aliens, UFOs, Cults, Scandals, Flat Earthers, Bob Lazar, and the Plasticity of Belief [26:01]  El Camino And Why It Never Rained In Breaking Bad [09:21]  Will Sasso Dreams of Bryan Callen Coming at Him  [USA]When you try to help but fuck up by existing... lol.  [USA][CA] Cop can't handle traffic circle  Stealing A Nation (2004) - About the British–American clandestine operation that saw the expulsion of thousands of the native Chagossian population of Diego Garcia and neighbouring islands in order   "You're not my dad", 302 views, posted 9 July 2015  Demonstration of a fish beheading machine followed by a song about eating salmon (6 years old, 5k views)  [Haiku] Closing in on victory  Meanwhile in Japan - Bakeneko parade in Kagurazaka, Tokyo [59:30]  Flappy Bird: The Game That Ruined Its Developers Life [15:48]  [Haiku] Comical Timing - Mordhau  Get 'em, Otis.  TIL Iran isn't what I thought! "Street Food in Iran!!! AND What People in Iran are Really Like!!!"  Next level protests in Lebanon  Woman sings anime theme song on game show  You'll need to beef up your fortitude stats to make it all the way through  Incredible beef ribs  [USA] Lady backs into car in a crazy happenstance. Starts at 3:40  [USA] Van performs a pit on a car!  [USA] Distracted driver crashes into stationary car and RUNS!  [USA] Truck pulls out in front of cammer! Minor crash!  [Italy][OC] 2 drivers blow a stop sign consecutively  [USA] Concrete truck driver can't turn and spends over a minute continuously hitting a truck! Starts at 1:33  WILDLIFE SAFARI IN OREGON.  Wade loses it to Bob's failure to save Mark in Barotrauma  Milk before Cereal (SKIT)  The Ballad of Gatorade Guy (3k views)  This is Not an Escape (Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Game)  I Love YouTube (12 years old)  Making Warm Caramel Apple Cider from Scratch  Elephants rush to save drowning calf  Warm Caramel Apple Cider !  Cooking the worlds most Disgusting meatballs with my room mates 😂😂😂  Grilled Rabbit  [Poetry] How to REALLY stun a fish  Sign Painters (2014) This is great doc for all you hard working creatives out there.  Guy wearing his overalls. Instant classic. [1.7k views]  Man Kicks Door  The Story of the Washington Nationals (aka Senators) (1955) Promotional Film  Compass Dividers  Grilled Rabbit [10:17]  Thor vs Bor (Father of Odin the Grandfather of Thor) - EPIC BATTLE - Marvel Comics Full story 4K [25:17]  🤦🏽‍♀️  [DeepFake] The real Mark Zuckerberg replacing Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network  Former apprentice lady sings insanely racist ninja song.  I'm probably a bit late to the party on this one but this whole Batwoman trailer holy fucking shit.  Phenomenal piloting - Iran air Boeing 727 crash lands with stuck nose gear  On a Scale of 1 to 10; the Silent Epidemic (2019) groundbreaking documentary exploring attitudes toward health and chronic pain, and how a change in mindset combined with a plant based diet, allows pe  Walking the dogs...and PIGS  Fake Tan Prank  One vs All  These kids rubbed food all over their faces and had a food fight hahaha  Cyrus virus  [Haiku] 12 months wasted  [Meme] Micheal Scott Staring in Are We There Yet  [Poetry] Bing - preventing suicide since never  [Haiku] I'm glad high school hasn't changed  Medical bills jump from $220 to $4,000 a month – for a treatment her life depends on [5:32]  Yesterday in Barcelona. Violence erupts between police and pro-independence groups. This has been going for a week.  Musician playing inside a burnt bus. Santiago, Chile  Gross dude does erotic hypnosis and uses the opportunity to grab a boob.  WILD CAUGHT (2012) Sword-fishing Documentary [28min]  ASMR GRAMOPHONE sound 3 ikebana  ELAMO MOYA NO PASSA NADA clip  A Strange Tribute(?) Song to The Mantracker (9 years old, 92 views)  [Poetry] Just Bob the pig eating some bacon  [Poetry] Hereditary/Shrek 2 Crossover  Freddie Mercury gets truck by lightning while flying on his jetpack [Meme]  I let my 5 year old do my makeup  HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE WORLD'S FIRST PANDA TWINS?  How a Spy Changed Horror Movies [11:41]  Canadian Universities | Ontario Universities Fair| Higher Studies in Canada [14:38]  Patton Oswalt Reveals What Keeps Creative People From Creating  Martha Wayne Becomes The Joker.  The Psychology of an Incel  Humpty Dumpty  Off the Cuff | (America's Worst Improv Duo) on Morning News  No, this is not a parody  Amazing fruit cutting skills | Fruit Ninja of Fruits | Super Fast fruit Cutting  How to make EASY Prawn TACOS | 15 minute Food Recipes  The dinosaur village (2019) - "More well-preserved dinosaur fossils have been found in Thuringia, Germany, than anywhere else in the world. Almost every skeleton find has become a global sensation. As  QUANTUM RADAR: More about it.  Commando (1985) [720p] Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Alyssa Milano, Vernon Wells  [MEME] The Collapse of the Tetrarchy in a Nutshell  [Poetry] Processing the blunt  Funny Babies Talking on the Phone Compilation  5 minutes of epic hilarious Thug life and Like a Boss compilations!  Classic Style Burger & Pizza McHery | Medan Street Food [12:54]  Highlights from the 2019 Nautilus Deep Sea Dive Expedition  Baby Toucan's literally look like living stuffed animals  A desperate 40 something chick? Check. Liquor? Check. Attempt at dancing? Check. It's a beautiful world.  Canineless dog vs steak!  My SNL audition parody  Rocket Surgery  [Poetry] Vibe Check  They call me a liar but there's a reason behind it.  Plastic China (2016) - A look at two families working at a recycling and sorting facility along with their children helping out.  Hilarious blind comedian Chris McCausland on Would I Lie to You?  Schwebebahn: Why Wuppertal's Trains Are Much Cooler Than Yours [5:22]  Melbourne - Loosest city in Australia  High school Football “Dad”  When the Court Stenographer is a DJ  [USA][OH] Rear ended getting off of the highway  [Haiku] Baaa  Watari Ninja Boy (1966) Psychedelic Japanese fantasy  Dr. Pepper Commercial (1985). After the Cola Wars, a refreshing secret remains on a post apocalyptic hell scape.  Tell Me Who I Am (2019) - After losing his memory, Alex relies on his twin brother to teach him who he is, but the idyllic childhood Alex paints is hiding a traumatic family secret.  The Tesla Pickup Truck Unveiling Is Almost Here! What You Can Expect to See [11:45]  Crystals Go To War (1943) - How Quartz Oscillators were made for US Military radios [41:28]  When Rudy dressed up in drag and Trump was.. well Trump  New Order - Blue Monday  Rifle logic in games  [Estonia] Woman stops scooter fleeing from police  Dog Agility Training  What Could Go Wrong!!! FUNNY VIDEO😂😂🤣🤣  Man has over 100 videos of squirting mustard on things. Here is a fidget spinner (192 views)  Making the most unique SUGAR I've just known.  How does it feel  [Poetry] Musical chairs, but when you don’t have any friends, or chairs  [Haiku] Demi Lovato's most emotional song yet  The hardest Drug in Life to be addicted !  Blind comedian tells a hilarious story of the time he thought his neighbour was ignoring him  ✨Southern favorites : How to Make Buttermilk Biscuits n’ Sausage Gravy🍽🥘  Rogue Warfare (2019) [1080p]  The Poem of the Wind and the Trees (1987) [480p]  730 views 1 year ago some parent thought it was a good idea to film there 3 and 5 year olds listening to 69 for a trap music reaction channel.  Best Oddly Satisfying Video That Helps You to Sleep  “Spongebob’s last straw”  Britney Spears is NOT Crazy - Documentary (2019)  Dunk Guy wets self in stadium  Guy punched so hard he turns into human pinata.  Motivational Success Story Of Celine Dion - How She Overcame Her Tragedies And Started Over  Fukuoka Noodle Tour!!! Going Deep for Spicy Tsukemen, Lime Soba + the First Ichiran Ramen in Japan! [17:26]  The Assassination of Julius Caesar (The Ides of March, 44 B.C.E.) - HistoriaCivilis  Drink Responsibly- South Park  The assassination of Julius Ceasar  Camera Catches Act of Kindness, as Sanitation Worker Helps Elderly Woman With Her Trash Can  Melting Scrap Copper  This guy is insane  I'll let this speak for itself. [6 years old, 68 views]  2 minutes of chilled air... Another video from the Interracial Orange guy. This channel is filled exactly with the type of content this sub loves!  Scottish kid punches T.V over FIFA  I long for the great release death will bring  [Poetry] The new Sprite ad lookin kinda fresh doe  Worst movie ever made  MARCELITO POMOY sing the PRAYER (crazy reaction) compilation [8:37]  The Assassination of Julius Caesar (The Ides of March, 44 B.C.E.) [32:40]  Would you ride it?  ✨🇯🇵Japanese guy cooks American southern favorites🇺🇸: How to Make Buttermilk Biscuits n’ Gravy🍽🥘  Moo Shu Pork/ fried pork with scrambled eggs and fungus  [Haiku] Freddie Mercury gets sick and doesnt want to go to school tomorrow  Too Smart for Strangers with Winnie the Pooh (1985)  Pabst Blue Ribbon Employee VHS Tape: Liquid Intelligence (2003)  Change Your Life Today - Motivational Video  Guy suffers an injury in a video game, which turns out to be way worse than he thought.  The Evolution of the iPhone [5:01]  Man threatens YouTube Rival with Samurai Sword (130 views)  What the fuck is this  Response video to YouTube rival takes an interesting turn (19 views)  Les Claypool (Primus) jamming out on the instrument he created called the Whamola. (Featuring a pot cleaning solo).  Unbelievable free energy claims, part one: cold radiation  Some guy had the audacity to drive his girlfriend's car onto a racetrack during a race  Nervous guy can't stop calling police officer "papi"  Teamwork gone wrong. Starts at 8:40  [Haiku] Smokers  [Poetry]uh oh  Blood Orgy of the She-Devils (1973) [480p]  Kettle Moraine - Northern Unit - breathtaking Wisconsin  Go back to Mexico! U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agent refuses to let Journalist in the Country  Ukrainian dance  Fiji is nice.  Missing Person - Guy I knew from college went missing 2 years agi. Hoping sharing this video might help get the word out again. Someone might have info for the family.  Pineapple giraffe chimichanga 40k views 2009  Naruto goes swimming 9.2k views  This job not everyone can do?  A dude re-uploads a video his mom made of Ignition (Remix) over Jurassic Park 3 footage  Some drunk guy reveals the political alignments of characters in Mario Kart.  "Blueface laid madd pipe in my thotiana hole" what in the shit dicking fuck  Cheesy Chipotle Sloppy Joes!!!  Christian Comedy Bombs His Own Special  BBC: The Story Of Skinhead (2016) - Black British filmmaker Don Letts tells the story of a widely misunderstood subculture.  If Donald Trump threatens the leaders of Wakonda (parody)  Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed (1974) funk-soul with dub influences  Sims 3 based fan video for 3OH!3 Dont Trust Me.  Grilled Lobster Rolls  [Poetry] Batboy Machine  Making Fun Of People Names  Grilled Lobster Tail [7:11]  Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Official Video)  Spectacular Marionette of Freddie Mercury  Profit  [USA] Biggest Tornado In History Caught On Cam  [Meme] The pen is mightier than the sword  Sksksk  Asking for subs through GMod lol - 32 views  You like separation of Orange juice and water not together  Guess that snack  Skating is just on a different level these days.  Newly released security footage from Parkrose High, showing former University of Oregon Wide Receiver turned football coach disarming a would be gunman at Parkrose High and embracing him.  Very simple to make spaghetti with clams  Colbert opens up an interview with Neil Tyson about his sexual misconduct allegations  Fastest Hair Making I have ever seen ....  The Dead Center (2018) [720p]  The Catcher Was A Spy (2018) [1080p]  GAIA · The Big Mother (2016) documentary about the origin, evolution and future of the Earth, focusing on the geological concepts and the role of life and humans.  A [4K] wander through Merrivale prehistoric settlement, and a visit from a friendly wild pony [14:15]  If we're doing 90's music videos today, here is Bjork - All is full of love (1999)  Ice Ice Brimley  How to Remove your Mustache  28.12.2018 ___ 897 views ___ Russian memes are underrated. From movie bumer/bimmer depending on where you live.  Worst musicians ever  125-Foot Luxury Yacht Plows Into A Marina Full Of Boats In Washington St...  Balloon Boy  Blue Danube Fart  No one can know. (6 views)  That's so sad! - Starts at 23:58  [poetry] when you don't know how to talk to white people  Castaway 2  Guy has a seizure after getting KOd  What Happens When You Try to File a Complaint Against a Police Officer.  Eerie Music Video For An Obscure Song (85 Views 3 Years Old)  Ad for movie theater. Wait till the end  Vietnamese Cooking Hanoi Street Food 0,5$ Grilled Egg Cupcakes  [Hungary] Ambulance hits pedestrian  'Sherlock' Heron follows a cow carefully.....  The Man Whose Skin Fell Off (2016) - a BAFTA Award winning film about a man’s last months living with a rare genetic condition called epidermolysis bullosa  Dropped and stopped  Sneak attack?  How I record films from Netflix and such to a VHS tapes (6 years old, 29K views)  Chris Hall builds an incredible Ming-Inspired Cabinet from Curly Bubinga  THANK YOU TO MY SUBSCRIBERS just wanna say thank you so much  This flight attendant makes everybodies day  We Made a Galaxy Quest Documentary! | Official Trailer | Feat. Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver & More!  Switzerland  Hereditary: A Generation of Misery  Smiles - 'Just A Star' (1971) super rare psychedelic garage rock 45 used by DJ Shadow on 2003's Diminishing Returns and recently re-pressed  Promo for the behind-the-scenes documentary Behind the Planet of the Apes (1998)  Life is not how movies paint it. Is more difficult  Scania's press conference at Busworld Europe 2019: Reveal of the new bus generation [14:38]  Abandoned Steam Station 360  Country/blues legend DeFord Bailey imitates a train using just a harmonica  You wouldn't believe what a thing this video was when it came out. (1996) Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (AKA, that Big Hat 90's video you kind of remember)  You've probably seen Ali dodge 21 punches in 10 seconds, but have you seen him throw 12 punches in 3.5 seconds?  Acapella cover of Runaway by Kanye West that has way too much effort put into it.  Child shoots himself in the crotch with a bb gun (9 years old, 336 views)  [USA] Police SUV going through a red light with flashers on rolls over  TV reporter knocks over ice sculpture  The Eye (2008) [1080p]  The Strangers 2 - Prey at Night (2018)  The Mystery Beneath - Baltic Sea anomaly (2015)  Buy This Product  [MEME] how to breach a door 101...  This Barn Owl Baby Just Heard Thunder for the First Time  Dolly Parton playing a vinyl record of hers at the wrong speed, but live  Somebody's obscure audition for star wars episode 7  Make sugar handmade by primitive people  Whoever made this is amazing  One of the most interesting channels on youtube.  Making Deep Fried Food Porn- 37 views • Aug 5, 2017  Spy Kids was something else. This stuffed has me scarred to this day  Go Back 1 Day: Friday, October 18, 2019