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All Videos: Friday, August 16, 2019

  Not so easy - motorcycle safety with Peter Fonda(1973)  Tupac On Japanese TV Interview (1991)  2019 Tour of Utah, premature celebration  Speaking of amazing drummers, I thought this cover of Caravan from Whiplash should get more attention.  Match Chain Reaction Amazing VOLCANO EXPLODE ^^!  Grandfather learns granddaughter is constantly abused by stepdad, beats him on national TV  [AU] Sydney Council rangers reverse into vehicle and don't leave details  [Canada] sometimes accidents happen  Jamie Hyneman has his employee film while he berates him on the bad job he is doing  [Poetry] Worst Minecraft Luck  "Charlotte Anne" by Julian Cope (1988) — partial recording of the hard-to-find music video  The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master  Walmart employee asks livestreamer politely to stop filming, livestreamer then proceeds to make a huge scene about it.  We’re so SOFT!! Bahaha! XD  Youtube now loses first ever professional Youtuber as it battles between being a platform or a publisher. Corey Scherer announces the end of content submissions as his non subscribed user base falls o  Can you cook an egg in sunlight?  "The sound of nachos and glug" 2015, 119 views  Fish tubes [Meme]  [Poetry]Otter this world  Guy tries to illicit reactions by wearing Trump hat, literally nobody cares  Help this guy or Hitler will get him!  Take the Chicken out the fridge!  Watching the Earth move after the 2011 Japan Earthquake  How Did Putin Get So Rich ILLEGALLY WITHOUT Getting Caught? [11:00]  SmokeMajor - Pretty Green Eyes  Deep Fake: Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin - Hard Knick Life  [Meme] first question  Chloe Bennet promoting Agents of shield in a random supermarket where nobody knows who she is  Lakeith Stanfield staying in character in an interview for Death Note.  Youtube guitarist is le quirky goofball  America's Atomic Bomb Tests (1997) - 15 volumes of declassified US Government atomic bomb test & demonstration films. 16 hours total. Published by Atwood Keeney Productions.  Pilot has a mental breakdown before takeoff  There are two nearly-identical, yet unrelated, minor league baseball pitchers who share the same height (6'4"), same red hair, same black-rimmed glasses, and even the same name, Brady Feigl.  Why Route 66 became America’s most famous road  Skrillex Dubstep MIDI  Just some skeletons  WCGW if i fall off this building  Why Route 66 became America’s most famous road (2019)  The Disappearance of anti-drugs campaigner Donald Bruce Mackay | True Crime (2005)  Maximum Efficiency [Poetry]  [Poetry] The Animal King 4  It's Alright, My Friend (1983) Ryu Murakami's superhero parody starring Peter Fonda (music by YMO's Ryuichi Sakamoto)  Transforming McDonald's spicy mcnuggets to ghost pepper mcnuggets  Silicon Valley Season 6 The Final Season (2019) Official Teaser - HBO  60 second explanation of global warming.....from 1958  DoubleSpeak, How to Lie without Lying [16:14]  Disney's Recess - Economics Of Recess [10:04]  Some school project from 2017 80 views  Full fencing response.  Blue collar worker claims to be part of an anarcho-syndicalist commune doesn't recognize governmental authority  How to get a date fast | Faioso (Don’t Do This!)  When school starts this Will be me🥴  Jim Breuer's parody of Metallica, performed in front of Metallica (2003)  How to Quit Heroin | 3 Vital Bits of Information You Should Know  Primitive Technology: Hut burned down, built new one [10:31]  what does the limits of my languege mean the limits of my world mean to you?  How to quit Heroin, 3 important things  Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken Recipe with Steak Fries and Sawmill Gravy ! You Won't Top This !  Indian Wedding Dessert - Moong Dal Halwa  After the whole mess-up/change of plans "whatever" misconduct back in entire episode 1:Labida Doth for sure seaks revenge... no one possibly would do otherwise, so she's not unique about her actions..  [Canada] Cyclist falls over and almost gets run over by a dumper.  [UK] Lost and confused  [USA] [IL] Rollover crash in southern IL  One Guy Fights Three Tall Blondes  [Poetry] Wind.exe  My FIRST YouTube Collaboration! Ft. Aliyah Sapphire  Defensive Fighting at work!  KKKChoppa - Slavery Flow  Part 2: Dictators of WWII  Things to Do at a Job Interview to Screw with the Interviewer's Head  Guy brings his Rolex he bought in the military back in 1960 to an appraiser and learns how much it’s really worth.  He Fought for Migrant Kids. Then He Got Rich. [15:34]  Lego stop motion animation - a visit to the jewelry store [11:48]  Amazing Street Food Compilation [22:01]  Good Bad Game Design - AJG [10:44]  where's the chapstick 4 am freestyle  "April 18, 2016" Ted the bear gets punched and talks for 43 seconds (6 views)  WCGW breaking 20 melons with your head?  [UK] "Oh I'm lost, let me just cut up everyone whilst I make a full loop of this here roundabout from the left lane"  [USA][SC] Reckless driver tries to PIT himself  [Meme] Me and the boys saving Europe from the evil Nazi regime  [Poetry] Dino Daddy D  Danny Elfman: "Veruca Salt (Unused Bollywood Version)" (2004). The initial plan for Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" had been for all the "death songs" to be presented in a Bollywood f  "Shadow Buys a Futon" (1996) Furniture store ad where a dog drives a truck and buys a futon.  Cameron Dye - Draggin' The Line (1991) — Greatest music video ever?  The Chicken Cheeto Sandwich  The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes - Lindsay Ellis [1:10:45]  3 different ways to coil your rope for rock climbing (Rope Management) [5:50]  The Speed (and Stillness) of Being Online (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the memes) [17:30]  Tokido's Legendary Run at EVO 2017 [17:15]  How Do Influencers Make Money? | Ringer PhD | The Ringer [9:01]  Love and Attraction : How to Attract a Goth Girl  walmart wiggle.wmv  invisiblepants.mov [2010 - 30 views]  Tupac is ALIVE!!! In my computer???  Chinese boy with great throat singing  [USA] [IL] [OC] Red Ford Fusion rear ended by Silver Toyota Prius. Another cellphone abuser.  Plants can hear, smell, see and respond (2019) - A brief explanation on how plants sense their surroundings  The Great Disaster of Wakarusa 2013 (2019) - A first hand account of a modern day Woodstock, when a music festival in Arkansas was hit by the same storm that produced the largest tornado in recorded h  12 Hours After A Birth On The Farm  Swedish bouncer and the owner of a billiard hall in Stockholm fighting a bunch of drunks until Swedish police arrive about 3 minutes into the clip  Brawl on Hollywood Blvd caught by FleccasTalks during street interviews. Fight starts at 08:10  Psychomania (1973) [720p] The Death Wheelers  Eric Stuart- "Indigo" (1996). Roots rock/country singer-songwriter Eric Stuart lived a double life, playing with Ringo Starr and Peter Frampton while also directing/starring in 4Kids anime dubs of the  Chinese Karen tries to take camera from Hong Kong student in Australia.  Grandfather beats piece-of-shit stepfather  ‪Time Traveler - Aliens Arrive in 2030 - whatweknow [5:48]  P.T.'s Hidden Meaning [31:18]  Mila Kunis on Craig Ferguson Playing the "Mouth Organ"  There's No "Penguins Of Madagascar" Movie! - CONAN on TBS  DoubleSpeak, How to Lie without Lying.  Conor McGregor sucker punches 70 year old man who refuses to drink his signature whiskey  Sleepy Hollow Motocross Park 2 Stroke Shoot Out 2018 - Iconic Track vs Modern MX Bikes  [UK][OC] Car runs a Red Light through Ped Crossing  [USA][MN] Half hearted red light runner  Morris County New Jersey Central Railroad "Whippanong" Train - 1966  [Poetry]Mowing the lawn  [poetry] coworkers who eat at their desk every morning  [Poetry] When your friend on crutches lets it go to his head  Apocalypse Pooh by T. Graham (1987)  Weird ass UK commercial for Tyne brand U.F.Os (1993)  Father Pat crosses the line.  Can you hear both songs being played? This is my arrangement of “Amazing Grace” and Star-Spangled Banner” to be played on one guitar at the same time. Hope you enjoy!  JonTron - Architecture Tier List [14:46]  [USA] So close  [UK][OC] Car fails to give way to cyclist - Results in £115 fine, £115 Costs and 3 penalty points  Low budget videos about strange moments in history  Bill Burr’s Brother (Bob Burr) running for Massachusetts Senate in 2010  A-REC 969 “Stardroids” full episode!  Steak Cooked on Rock  Jennelle Eliana - The Girl Who Lives In Her Van (2019)  [Poetry] Skype Boy  [Poetry] This Is Fine.  On a scale of one to ten, how would you ratte you pain?  Fitness coach gets emotional  Meet my owners  Ronaldo Stars in Possibly the Most Cringeworthy Commercial of All Time  Pop Secret Pop Qwiz commercial (1992) - Because the world demanded multicolored popcorn  New Series for My New Channel  Share the beauty with the ones you love most.  Learn to code by making a game  Defining a Rusty Venture | One of the best Venture Bros moments  Monty Python - Constitutional Peasants Scene. One of the many great scenes from Monty Python: The Holy Grail  How 2 mash potatoes  XXXTENTACITO - DESPACITO 2  Awake In July, a splicing of a 2010 technology store ad, and gameplay and music from a 2D Castlevania game from the 2000s, uploaded in 2018. 672 views!  A discussion/rant on Trailers [16:18]  [USA][FL] Bad drivers of south Florida honkilation (honk + compilation)  Mindhunter — Dramatizing True Crime (insights from the creators) [12:32]  How to Increase Your Bench Press (FASTEST WAY!) [11:45]  John Goodman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters [17:05]  How to Stop an Epidemic (2019) - a brief overview of the 2014 Ebola epidemic  [Meme] Death of Reuben  [Poetry] H A N K H I L L  This is the worst attempt at getting me to buy a car.  Should husbands help with the weekend housework? (1961) | RetroFocus  Deepfake - Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, Chris D'Elia, Theo Von in Austin Powers  Traditional cooper making a wooden bucket  Mid Century End Table Restoration | Furniture Refinishing [13:46]  Crazy junkie in 7-11 gets her ass beat  Drunk Piano Playing - Bobby Burns  Bangkok slumdwellers don’t want to leave their slum [13:12]  Square dance at a prog metal show  "Distant Planet: The Six Chapters of Simona" by Josh Blaaberg | Frieze & Gucci (2019) - Documetary on Italo disco  Geometric Painting A Recording Studio Floor With Razzle Dazzle Camouflage. 1:09:43  Man Kicks Dog 15 Feet In Air, Collapsing The Dog's Lung, Police Say  Never forget the greatest news blooper of all time courtesy of BBC  Why In-N-Out Isn't Coming to a City Near You[11:00]  Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch! [13:42]  Next Level Supermoto Stunts - Arttu Stenberg [7:18]  How to Fix Democracy [22:19]  two phones talking to each other  How to wear socks DIY - YouTube  Quest For the Best Chinese Food in the USA (2019) (2:27.59)  [Haiku] Hold my beer  [Poetry] Relatable Lifestyle Vlogger  [Poetry] Me and the boys jamming to Il Vento d'Oro in my 2nd floor studio apartment  Today I was trying sort my daughter's bouncing putty and found this.  Crazy man accuses my friend of "taking his kids" and sucker-punches his way into handcuffs (full story in comments)  Father Gets Emotional After Receiving Full Custody of His Daughter  Old Lady Refuses to Accept Ticket, Resists arrests, assaults an officer, is tased  The Golden Palace Intro (1992) Forgotten "Golden Girls" spin off where the golden girls minus Bea Arthur ran a hotel together. Also in the cast was a young Don Cheadle and Cheech Martin. Oddly ran on   Burger King Commercial with the Back Street Boys (2000)  Ronaldo Stars in Horrendous ad for Shopee  [USA] CODE BROWN: Nearly rear ended a car while nodding at a motorcycle [OC]  Corridor Crew - We Audition For The Next Lion King [22:10]  [USA] What is this Tesla driver doing? I can't tell why he started and then stopped, leading him to get rear ended. Driver behind should have been paying attention.  Baby Shark in Seychelles  Bryce Harper hits MONSTER walk-off grand slam - unique view!  Podcast 2: (FEAT) The Stoned Ape Theorist - (Epstein Suicide, Ego-Death, Solipsism, Racism)  Jersey City / New York City | 4K Drone Video  Untitled Amazing Jonathan Documentary (2019) - What begins as a documentary following the final tour of a dying magician becomes an unexpected and increasingly bizarre journey as the filmmaker struggl  [Haiku] Elon musk in Minecraft  [Haiku] Chorlie Brown  Kid and mom sing about wanting to have sex with each other  Booping My Sassy Dog's Snoot Too Many Times  Guy Building a Forest Diorama  Pizza Pops and Chili Pops (1984) - Commercial for the Canadian version of Hot Pockets  The philosophy of Stoicism - TedEd [5:29]  Pt. 3/5 The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care.. [7:35]  YURU YURI Opening [Tactical Version]  Guy adds commentary track to alligator video, calls alligator a dumb cocksucker  Funny scary vidz bro  Waking Sleeping Beauty (2009) - documents the history of Walt Disney Feature Animation from 1984 to 1994, covering the rise of a period referred to as the Disney Renaissance (1:17:33)  [Haiku] Hyunjin.exe  [Poetry] when being short is ok  Can you last more than a minute?  Best Brunch Ever - for food lovers  Footage of Houdini preparing for a straight jacket escape (1915)  Coors Light Beer 4th of July "Bikini Models" TV Commercial - 30sec ad with 5 seconds of old terrible CGI (1988)  The New UN Climate Report: We're Screwed  Things you shouldn't say  Serenading a small dog and talkative cat  When a Bf-109 spared a stricken B-17 in WW2  Back off, VLOG Rant  The New UN Climate Report: We're Screwed | Second Thought [7:37]  Professional Chefs Challenged to Plate a Carrot in 1 Minute [10:07]  Minecraft Concentration Camp  The National - Fake Empire (Live in Portugal), the whole gig has a great crowd, but especially this song  [USA] [OH] Two people who have no clue what they're doing  WCGW if I open a croissant instead of complying with an officer’s orders  What’s Causing the California Water Crisis? | NowThis  The Future of Water  Finish him with a kick up the arse  [Poetry] Jordan Peterson on traps  [Poetry] How a MasterChef Prepares Sausage  Sven, Joergen and jeb_ (song)  Why do people salt watermelon?  Nine Inch Nails - Fragility 1.0 MTV Special (1999) - their first TV live special, never released outside of broadcast  Do You Think I Have A Shot?  If you liked Heavy Chicago Accent guy helping a Coyote Pup, you should check out his tough love with a Rattlesnake...  Dream big and grow big  Lipstick...  Life after new update !!!! [7:09]  "It's Your Move" starring Jason Bateman and David Garrison (NBC, 1984-1985) - 13 Week Theatre [7:37]  Team USA Loses to G League Players [11:44]  Headbutting Lenny Mclean  Kashmir Caged (2019) - A solidarity team just returned to New Delhi from extensive travels in Kashmir. The situation they found is completely different from what is being reported in the Indian mainst  ParaNoid (2019) - mini doc talking about the dominos pizza hostage situation that happened.  [HAIKU] angry protesters.  Looking you right in the eyes  Wrong man to headbutt  Good ol' classic BLT  I made MEATBALLS out of CANNED TUNA  Loco Moco Recipe, Hawaiian Food Series, 로코모코 함박스테이크, ロコモコ, Hawaii cooking, Hamburger Steak  Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004) [720p]  7 months & 76lbs ago I didn't think I would be doing hill/stair sprints and decline pushups while wearing a weighted vest today. The only thing stopping us from becoming our best versions is ourselves  Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives - The Life-Affirming Portrayal Of Death [Film Studies, Media Studies]  See you space cowboy ☆  Funny Voiceovers Vol 2  IAmLif3ofdreads (Nightwolf) VS Panther (Ninja‘s) FT5: Mortal Kombat 11.. Insane first to five wins who, who dominate, who will be crowned champion  Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives - The Life-Affirming Portrayal Of Death [6:36]  Clive Lloyd's Windies Story (2019) - a short document on the best years and strategies of the West Indies Cricket as remembered by legend Clive Lloyd  Bobby Gunn Former Boxing Cruiserweight Champion Nearly Kills A Man In Bare Knuckle Fight  Knocked him out  HOW my wife RETIRED at AGE 25  [LONG VIDEO] Sharon Tracey Gale Bey walks people through her “lien” process  I spent just under 14 minutes watching this guy restore a desk and loved every minute of it. This guy should make meditation videos  I spent my vacation recording this video in the southern parts of Sweden. In the intro I (try to) flirt/reference with one of the great sci-fi classics, can you guess which movie it is?  Realm Royale Gameplay - Hunter Solo Part 1 - No Commentary [15:38]  The Waldheim Waltz (2018) "A film about truth and lies and how a dishonest man can rise to power."  [Haiku]Baby gets yote in smash  He beat his ass while hanging out the drive thru window  SSV - 'Go Figure' (1997) - Andrew Eldritch owed his label two Sisters of Mercy albums he had no intention of recording, so after several years of stalling he traded them this album by his side-project  Enjoy..."Judge Hurley has fun with Sovereign Citizen"  Try not to laugh: animals edition  Guy with thick Chicago accent helps coyote pup  WWII Veteran recalls storming Omaha Beach on D-Day  How to say bruh  Arnie Pie (in the sky)  Vader on Guitar  iCarly Rhapsody  An Aussie Reacts to Steven Crowder [10:24]  Why Route 66 became America's most famous road | Vox [17:42]  MTV Decade 1980-1989 (1989) The 1980s as seen by MTV (I posted this a few years back, but that link is gone) After watching this again, I thought, " Have we learned anything since then?!"  Woody Guthrie: Ain't Got No Home (2006) [720p] - Every American who has listened to the radio knows Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land." The music of the folk singer/songwriter has been recorded by eve  Gaza Fights For Freedom (2019) - PREVIEW  [poetry] Analyzing a deep philosophical story  Sue Hulk - Traditional Scottish Clootie Dumpling  Lethal Panther (1991) [480p]  The Million Pound Note (1954) [480p]  Motivational Success Story of Leonardo DiCaprio - From Bullied Boy Living in Poverty to Oscar Winner  I live in Australia surrounded by mangroves, and recently my 7 year old has taken to making 'catch and cook' videos. Here he's eating huge Witchetty grubs.  Hand-building Mercedes AMG V8 Engine [18:44]  Map of the Age of Discovery (1487-1534)  When the challenge goes wrong ...  conspiracy theorist sings about the moon landings being fake  Acid Acetone Reaction Experiment  Furious 7: James Wan Is A Master | Video Essay [21:46]  [UK] Idiots on bike cause crash  Footage of Melbourne, Australia from the '60s and '70s  not a new trailer but what happened to THIS movie? Imagine if THIS version of Suicide Squad made the final cut.  Apple turnover. Easy 5-ingredient dessert!  Marlon Brando's yellowface, the trailer of Teahouse of the August Moon (1956)  Various commercials from the (1970)s and (1980)s  [Meme] Careful where you step  What would happen to you if gravity stopped working?  Mnarcus can't handle too much "cuarel" pressure anymore, so makes the triplet call.. psychedelic situation inside the 46th minute of the nosy upon pressure land - [OC] - 3D animation musical  Lemmy (2010)  The story on how Apple created the first iPhone (2019) - And revolutionized the entire phone market  Finding Vivian Maier (2013) - A documentary on the late Vivian Maier, a nanny whose previously unknown cache of 100,000 photographs earned her a posthumous reputation as one of the most accomplished s  Gamers, What Strange Thing Did You Hear From An Open Mic? (r/AskReddit)  Judge Judy at her finest  Playtime's over  Whale scraping off barnacles on boat  How to make a ​beautiful leather wallet  Levan Polka made from Smash ultimate samples i guess?!  Watch "E 60 A Time To Kill The Jody Plauche Story" on YouTube Son of Gary Plauche, who's revenge killing was infamously caught on camera. (2019) (14:52)  JUNGKOOK THE INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY!  Mister Rogers Gets Upset  The Decade-Long Quest For Shadow of the Colossus’ Last Secret  Barcelona Park Guell FLAMENCO Musicians & dancing Guitar video  A anti-bullying video by a group of middle schoolers  For those of you in need of a super hero  WcGw trying this skill..  [USA] Cammer tries to get around cab who cut him off (accident)  [USA] Nissan Altima hits cammer head on  [USA] Motorcyclist sent flying after being cut off by Mercedes  Space Circus - "Fantastic Arrival", insanely awesome electronica-rock album from Japan(1979)  No Man's Sky, Painted! - Turning A Controversial Video Game Into Beautiful Fan Art | Two Ruru Paints [9:21]  [USA][CA]It's a small thing, but I hate when people throw right of way out the window like this  How to make an Omelette (FOR GAMERS ONLY)  Space Circus - "Fantastic Arrival", absolutely insanely awesome electronica-rock album from Japan(1979)  Will Wright, creator of the Sims featured on ABC News - (2001)  LISTEN TO THIS EVERY MORNING  How to Survive Family Gatherings with DBT Skills  the greatest reaction to beating a game of all time (volume warning near the end)  YTP: Doug DeMuro changes his hair colour every two weeks  Anybody doing this?  Steve-O's Ten Best Bar Tricks  Yogurt Bleach Stew  North Korea's Tiny, Terrible Airline - Half as Interesting  [14:19] Is PERU UNABLE to Achieve DEVELOPMENT? - VisualPolitik EN  Sweet Frog  Man is lied to about chocolate ice cream, blames menstrual cycle  Cheerleaders are tough [full video & different angle]  How to hook up with an ex girlfriend.  Taiwanese girl (Luo Xiaobai) showing off serious drum skills  What the US gets wrong about minimum wage  [Haiku]How it feels to drink Bepis  Fish over a Fire ㅣ Croaker [5:37]  I’ve Spent $100,000 To Look Like A K-Pop Star | HOOKED ON THE LOOK  Crazy Asian Bar Fight  Just in case you've mentally blocked it, here's the boat tunnel scene from Willy Wonka.  8th Grade Homecoming Skit from 2014 takes an unexpected turn  [Poetry] Playtime's over  [USA] Semi truck rear ends SUV and pushes it head-on into cammer  Exorcism via Skype featuring Bob Larson  Nature Walk and Trout Cooking | Five Oaks Rereat Center at Paris Ontario| Hiking and Outdoor cooking  Vietnamese Street Food: EXOTIC Grilled Banana and Sticky Rice (chuối nếp nướng)  Beef Stir-Fried Fun  Former top porn actress Jenni Lee homeless and living in Las Vegas tunnels  [Haiku]DOGFELD  [USA] Truck smashes into stopped car  Go Back 1 Day: Thursday, August 15, 2019