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All Videos: Friday, February 21, 2020

  Feeding lions 😰 (10:33)  EGGY FRIED CARROT CAKE (菜头粿 | 罗卜糕) / Malaysia Street Food  [meme] two time tony  [Poetry]AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  The worst music video of all time - 49 views  [USA] [MI] 2 drunk drivers fell asleep at the same McDonald's drive through at the same night. Both arrested!  Larry Clinton & his Orchestra with Peggy Mann - Deep Purple (1952)  Bad Education (2020): Official Teaser | a student reporter starts to trace embezzlement at the Roslyn School District, in Long Island - Hugh Jackman  Steel Industry 1944 Youngstown, Ohio [9:52]  A Short Tale About Diplodocus' Long Neck  Pilot episode of "Chef Chronicles with Chef David"  My Uncle The Alien (1996) [480p]  [Poetry] You can pet my pet  Jonathan Frakes Telling You You're Wrong for 10 Hours  Fish giving birth live  Self-Solving Rubik's Cube Robot  Very bizarre live stream of a HS football game by a Mentally Handicapped kid, whole channel is a goldmine but don’t send hate.  Dont even know, 5 years old, 108 views  my estranged husband joins the clifestyle  White kid films himself getting attacked by stuffed animal  Black Holes (2014) - How Big Are Black Holes? Could a Black Hole Destroy Earth? [52:22] [720p]  [2020] The current state of hygiene in China and how this and coverups can contribute to the spread of viruses and disease (2020)  The Devil And Daniel Mouse - Full Movie (1978)  Keto Cheese Taco Shells (Tutorial)  Animals Cute #9 Frogs series 2  One Second from every episode of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"  MALAMUTE HATES BATH TIME | TRIES TO HIDE AND REFUSES TO BE WASHED  Russian Ballet "Summer"  [POETRY] Best news bloopers you havent seen  Don  [India]Drunk truck driver crashes into barricades, median and cctv pole.  Punch the Nazi  Sykotik Sinfoney - Manic Depresso, a clown-laden metal video randomly featured in the alien invasion movie Bad Channels (1992)  Legends Summarized: Robin Hood [15:14]  Opening This Week...Impractical Jokers: The Movie  How To Survive An Epidemic - Coronavirus Included  Extra Crispy Fried Chicken | Cooking guide  my Faggot Brother on turkey day – 7 years 140 views  Weird YTP of small youtuber 14 views  An older shirtless man holds up a photo of a Playboy model and talks about Satan while a martial arts video plays at high volume in the background.  bobby shmurda performing for epic records  Fighting bitching  Rare 23 Envelope documentary 4AD (1985)  King Diamond sings Happy Birthday to James Hetfield ala a modified version of No Presents For Christmas (1986)  Hoji Tea Pudding  [Poetry] Homemade Ringtone  Danny Dyer What iz daaat [Haiku]  Before Denis Villeneuve's DUNE (2020)  I don't play the violin but even I can tell this is just terrible  Wally: A Walmart Story  ScourgeBringer | Quickest Boss Fight  Norsemen: Whose cape is it?  Lee Mack and the Pot - Would I Lie to You?  Kevin Pollak demonstrates how Jason Statham says a 6-syllable phrase in 2 syllables  A former teacher talking about his experiences teaching English in Japan. [16:49]  [Haiku] Hey Vsauce, Michael here  [Haiku] Let Steve be Clear  Blue Velvet (1986) [1080p] Directed By David Lynch  Travelling Salesman (2012) [1080p]  [SFM] The Insane Soldier by Surkee, 1k views  Pimp- Hit N Run. 13 years old, 138 views  Half Life 2 Baby Launch (1,945 views, 11 years old)  Mystery Hard Drive - RespecTech Episode 1  Camera Stays Filming Crying Bicyclist, Announcers Give Play-by-Play  Real Crime With Mark Austin: The Jigsaw Murder (2011) [45:52]  [USA][NJ] SUV swerves into me blindly  [USA]{RI} Green Jeep gets cut off.  “Not playin’ with you cuz” - guy tries to act tough at a convenience store and gets knocked out with a slap  Eating the ENTIRE Wendy’s (value) Menu Mukbang  Patient Golden Retriever Dogs Play With Cat Toy!  Chinese woman speaking her mind about coronavirus and her government, wanting her word to get out  The Shadows - Return To The Alamo (1977)  ABC Victoria, Weather, Sport and News segs from (1991)  "Seaside Treats" - Cardiacs (1985)  Family home video 1995 - 1996  Carnival games and how they scam you! [11:36]  WHY DO PEOPLE CLICKBAIT ON YOUTUBE? (The Truth about Clickbait!) [05:40]  On a recent trip to the Kruger National Park we got to see a Lion Pride of over 15 lions blocking the road on an early morning drive [6:54]  He won but at what cost...  I made myself as an Automaton  I Baked a WW1 "TRENCH CAKE"  Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Review: Grilled Cauliflower Steaks 🔥  [Haiku] You will pay for what you have done  Egg film  Reloaded 4 (over the top action movie trailer spoof)  Old interview with Russian oktavist/singer whose voice is so deep he doesn't sound human.  "David Koresh - What really happened in Waco" by Mike Blade & Tone Deaf Pig Dogs  Guy claims to be able to predict the amount of water being poured into a glass when blindfolded but fails every test on radio show  This Man Thinks 'Eating Fruit is Murder'  In 2010 I was asked to teach a workshop at a Christian youth conference in Modesto California called Ammunition. This was the event opening, they tried *really* hard to make it "cool."  [USA][MS] Wrong Way Driver Blocked From Entering Freeway [No Crash]  What the HELL is Stripperella? (Stan Lee's FAILED Adult Cartoon) [41:38]  Mexican Pizza Recipe | How to Make Tasty Pizza  How To Make Double Berry Swiss Roll | So Yummy Cake 2020  Fufu and Pepper Soup (Traditional African recipe to cure the cold)  [Poetry] Kanye Talk  [Haiku] frick capitalism!  People liked the first so here is the second!  I'm the happiest christmas tree  Kids in the Hall: Mingling at a Party  A few people asked so I tried an “acoustic” cover of the Air Wolf theme  This video is the ultimate proof of, "My cat does this every time."  Dallas Officer Amber Guyger - Police Interview - After the Shooting Botham Jean who was watching tv in his own apartment.  House shaking bassboost, 297 views  Shrek Is Love Lore  Tik Toks 2020  Interview with Sebastian Bach starts very awkward  Meanwhile In Austin Texas...Six Thugs Beat Up Two Hippies On The Street And Steal Their Weed!  [Poland] Deer hits me :)  GARNiDELiA covers Cruel Angel Thesis at J-Pop Summit  Kutyásélet 40. Átállás nyers etetésre kertesházban  Another filmstrip saved: "Scooby-Doo in The Signs of the Times" explained the new international traffic signs (1978)  recreating the Luigi's Mansion intro [6:45]  A doctors comparison of Fentanyl va Heroin  I'm working on a cooking basics series and started with different ways to cook eggs. This is episode 4, how to make poached eggs. Let me know what you like and how to improve!  Musical Road in Lancaster, CA at 100mph  "Dog Person" in B minor  Raccoon becomes violent  1 minute Self made animation about a guy's dream  I made a fake adult swim bump with a TV and a Playstation.  Bernie Sanders!!!!!  How to make napalm (10.9K views)  Guy fills a neti pot with urine and flushed out his sinuses - 7 years old, 5.5k views  BMW E30 325i Sport Restoration - Prototype Parts For the Chassis Ep 5 [13:24]  Catastrophizing: Cognitive Distortions  [Haiku] LUCKY DOG  Happy Black History Month! [Haiku]  [Meme] Don't mind if I do  [Haiku] DJ Roomba is out for blood  [haiku] A MAN HAS BEEN SPOTTED PROTESTING IN LEGO CITY  Paintball - 2009 video with only 38 views.  The Last Two Men On Earth - posted 2011, 243 views, and with 4 up votes 4 down votes  Rare Moments from sports you would not believe ever happened  Made a video project back in high school that recently resurfaced in life  Ben Affleck on NBA on TNT last night going in and out of Southern accent (gets called out on it), slurring, random "thank you"s, and overall manic vibe  Emo kid performs for his whole class  [USA] [TX] Dogs run in the middle of 8 lane highway. Traffic comes to a stop as drivers try to catch them  Facing Cancer | Being with Babish  [4:52] An interesting video showcasing the effectiveness of bikes in the Netherlands  Racist Shoplifter gets caught  Robin Williams sings Blame Canada at the Oscars (2000)  One of the most shocking finishes in UFC history deserves a deep rewind ... [14:26]  Cute animals memes that cured my depression  Lobster Tails with Ginger and Scallions  FROM the FIELD (2019). Aiming to share what it looks like for a brewery/restaurant to work closely with a farm, as well as shed light on what the heritage of farming in the Valley can look like in the  My Session With Nile Rogers and Steve Vai (2003) - Composer Marty O'Donnell gives an inside look on how the iconic Halo 2 theme came to fruition (27:08)  The Saddler [28:51]  VR 360 Space Sci Fi Roller Coaster full movie video Oculus Quest HTC Viv...  [Meme] If You can't handle me at my U ω U...OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU! ✧w✧  [Haiku] Owner of the Dimsdale Dimmadome?  Wounds Of Existence - Would You Walk Away From Omelas? Edit 2  [Russia] Where did that car come from?  [China] Accident Out of a movie scene 21.02.2020  [USA][TX] Got rear ended by a guy with no plates... constable towed his truck.  Wow he really popped off  What Makes White People Dance - Chappelle's Show (feat. John Mayer & Questlove)  Joaquin Phoenix Rescues Mother Cow and Newborn Calf Day after Academy Awards Win  Treadmill Rap Battle Action Bronson Killer Mike | The Eric Andre Show  Nancy Dupree and Her Students - "James Brown" (1970) An elementary school music class sings an original song about the Godfather of Soul.  Creating A Likable Video Game Hero [10:14]  Mussels are a lot easier to make at home than most people realize  [Haiku] Me walking into a kebab shop  Dear flat earthers [HAIKU]  Sculpting And Painting A Deadpool Bust With Polymer Clay And Acrylic Paints  Okay, but can we all just agree that this is the best video in existence...  Trisha Paytas on the H3H3 Podcast  [Netherlands] Lorry driver makes car in next lane perform a pirouette  Louella Gallagher throws knives at her2 and 5 year old daughters. (1950) Texas.  The Voice of Nemo: Same Interview, 17 Years Apart [16:13]  How to make Vanilla Custard Cream Donuts | Cream Donuts | ASMR Cooking  Two Pans Eggy FRIED CARROT CAKE / Malaysia  Virtual YouTuber Wheeze-Laughs at Her Friend's Inability to Drink Water  [Poetry] Ice Age Baby Gets What He Deserves  [Poetry] People Who Proudly Own Obese Pets  [Haiku] Some ducks  [Poetry] Uncut Ricardos  Shark Puppet Fights Over a PlayStation Panel.  Bowl  WestFest  71-year-old man sexually harasses straight man on Singapore train...  Former comedian Owen Benjamin burning his children's books because they have dinosaurs in them  She Frickin' Blocked Me (The Internet Hate Song)  Lars Von Trier talking about Hitler at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival  Frank and his personal assistant dig a hole to show YouTube how the earth is 6000 years old  [USA][MD] Close call. Older green Honda Accord thinks it's a truck when making its wide right turn  Girl fight I filmed downtown. (I hope I’m posting this in the right place)  Aquarela (2019) - "a message about climate change centers the narrative around aquatic bodies"  Game Master 5-in-1 “Casino At Home” plug-n-play, not sure what year, (2000)s maybe?  Macro Photography Time Lapse | 50.000 Minutes  Really detailed HD microscopic video of algae where the host explains how they could be used to clean up radioactive water. [07:07]  When The United States Went to War Because of Pirates [10:13]  [20:26]Negative Ion Products Are Actually RADIOACTIVE  Shane Meadows' A Room For Romeo Brass - Portraying Flawed Friendships [Film Studies, Media Studies]  Baking with Air Fryer  White Wine Mushroom Risotto | Two Vegans & A Black Guy  What does this image look like to you?  "Great Googly Moogly" Snickers commercial from 1996  Quaden Bayles: Actor Hugh Jackman sends a message.  Colombian cyclist in tears after being left stranded  Whatever is happening here with this performance  A girl builds a PC  Home Cooking Video With Awfully Inserted Applause and Laugh Track  [USA][WI][OC] Wrong way driver. No collision.  One Year of Tucker the Golden  𝐀𝐝𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐨 𝐨𝐟 𝐒𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐮𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐡𝐫𝐲𝐠𝐢𝐚 𝐈𝐈  How to Stop Caring What People Think - STOP SEEKING APPROVAL [Self Love]  Motivational Success Story Of Scarlett Johansson - From Poor and Rejected To Highest Paid Actress  Cooking a pizza rap (10:03)  [18:40] The World's Hardest Flexer  top 10 best torrent sites 2020 [10:18]  History Buffs: The Terror [34:53]  Smallest to largest in the universe size comparison  Egg-Mayo Sandwich  How to make Chocolate Salami without Egg | Easy Chocolate Salami | Easy Dessert Recipes No Bake  Burnt Cheesecake  We made Indian curry chicken last night, chicken korma and it was so good.  The BEST Stir Fry - 3 INGREDIENTS | How to make Healthy Stir Fry Rice // LOSE WEIGHT EATING THIS  Laying Out and Stamping a Custom Belt  This Fallout 4 Sirenhead mod  [Poetry] Buying Groceries at IKEA  Police helicopter Chase's fugitive coyote  It turns out the bullied kid with dwarfism isn’t who we thought he was  Birds go boom  Malte Marten & Sergio Huerta Pérez - GIO'S Handpan  Ladies and gentlemen of Reddit, I present to you the ORIGINAL IT’s FRIDAY THEN IT’S SATURDAY BY MUFASA AND COUSIN SKEETER!!!  Renting a car in Lebanon  [LockPickingLawyer] [1048] Opened With A SPOON: Stack-On RFID Gun Safe  This channel is strange  Obnoxious, Annoying Weasel  Tech Deck: Fingers of Fury - Fingerboarding VHS Tape from the Height of the Craze (1999)  Kid grabs Her Sisters Camera when she is Twerking  Idk what made me most uncomfortable, the Tik tok videos or the people reacting to them 😬  Great race scene bro  the Flat Earth Family performing their hit song  First Ever Cop Watch, Awarded $75,000 For Rights Violations  Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun (2010) a miniseries directed by Keiji Inafune (the producer of the Dead Rising games) that was released episodically on the Xbox Live Marketplace and later on disc in special   "This Bud's For You" Commercial with Oingo Boingo (1984)  Apsny-67 - "Fama". Video: (1989), audio: (2007). Abkhazia.  𝐀𝐝𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐨 𝐨𝐟 𝐒𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐮𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐡𝐫𝐲𝐠𝐢𝐚 𝐈  Amazing trip to Santorini - travel with gopro hero 7 black cinematic look (2019) [14:26]  The Animated History of Croatia [18:15]  America's presidential primaries, explained | Vox [8:02]  The Bizarre Story Of Xu Xiaodong - China's Most CONTROVERSIAL MMA Fighter [10:24]  When The United States Went to War Because of Pirates  Albóndigas | Spanish Meatballs in Red Wine & Chorizo Sauce  Comforting Chilli Con Carne  The Atomic Cafe (1982) [720p]  Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) [360p] Roger Corman's Star Wars  [Poetry] Michael gets an Intestinal Blockage  LSD Hamburger  Jellybean's day  Cleethorpes abandoned theme park  Egg saying yellow (8k views)  Loudon Castle abandoned theme park  Gingers still have souls apparently!  [USA] Road cams  [Canada]The first time someone got my message  Picking a fight with a boxer  2 black girls vs Chinese man  Korean Historical Period Drama with Zombies? Yes, Please! Kingdom Season 2 Official Trailer Netflix  2016 video of a 'Satanist' leading a Pensacola council meeting and Christians try to outpray him  Youtuber goes off topic to explain how Youtubers typically make money [10:08]  Boys Club (2020): Leading Australian Private School Grooming and Culture of Silence  Guy eats a horsefly - 10 years old, 718 views  Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Animals Compilation  Flat earther gets yelled at by his wife and told what he does is bullshit.  [USA] [CA] Precisely the reason I have a dashcam.  The bizarre but awesome situation of The Chats on morning television  Muppet Movie 1979 camera test. Kermit & pals' improvised and existential banter!  i need tissues  Italian Hot Chocolate 🍫  [Poetry] Joe Rogan's entire being condensed into 19 seconds  Neat musical animation  Hail Satan? (2019) - The Satanic Temple's fight against the evangelical right [1:34:32]  Say yes  Trump scoffs at 'Parasite's' Oscar win - "And the winner is a movie from South Korea! What the hell was that all about?"  Homeopath tries to explain Quantum Physics. Basically just rambling nonsense.  LOCUST PLAGUE! Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, February 20th 2020  This Guy Builds Mesmerizing Kinetic Sculptures that can run on potential energy for up to 50 hours  That is a good song!  World's poorest countries  [Haiku] Going Ghost  Hillbilly memes that PISS me off (2y, 150 views)  Two dudes from Brazil dry humping each other while weird noises play in the background  Winning a game of Fortnite  Elderly Man Fights of Mugger at South Wales ATM  Waldo On Weed - Official Trailer - Documentary about a couple who begin to treat their son with CBD oil after he has an adverse reaction to chemotherapy.  What Happened Before the Big Bang? Nothing. Time exists only After Big Bang | Joe Rogan[14:46]  Where did the rules of the road come from? [12:52]  The Dark Origins of Hansel and Gretel [10:30]  Massive Crowds of Assassin's Creed: Unity | How Games Work [5:02]  Top 20 Countries with Most Refugees around the world  Parmesan Alfredo Sauce 🥣 Easy 5 Ingredient Recipe  'Crafting Medieval Armour' VHS Rip  [Meme] brilliant plan general  Banana Bread Episode  Street skiing at its finest  This guy's public restroom reviews.  Qqqwwww  Ghostface Rants About Trick or Treating and the Like. 73 Views. Uploaded in 2014.  On The Cinema At The Cinema: 7th Annual LIVE Oscar Special  Looked up G&W for something on google, found a forum, that led me to this.  Called out for BS  'Athletes' work so much harder than 'students'  [USA] Almost hit by drunk driver, chased until met highway patrol. Hit the median, guard rail, and side swiped a semi.  I’ve never seen this “style” of fighting before, does it have a name? Lol 😂  A Meeting of the moops. All your history classes are wrong  Tainted Heroes (2016) - The story of how the African National Congress rose to power in 1976. South African political documentary  It's Black History Month!  Steelers: the world's first gay rugby club - Documentary Trailer - A confronting and emotional, yet heartwarming story about the world's first gay rugby club that started in London in 1995.  Waldo On Weed - Official Trailer - Documentary about a couple decide who to treat their cancer-ridden son with CBD oil after he has an adverse reaction to chemotherapy  The Postcard Killings - Trailer - Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Famke Janssen, Cush Jumbo - A New York detective investigates the death of his daughter who was murdered while on her honeymoon in London; he rec  Dogs Hate Bath Time - Top 10 Dogs That Hate Bath Time (Funny Dog Bath Ti...  Painting My Pit Bull's Nails  Lord of the Flies [Haiku]  I'm just a love machine  9 year old wanting to commit suicide due to being bullied  So I Searched For Poosy...  Shakira She-Monkey  Animated story told by kid with a raspy voice (76 Views - One Year Old)  Go Back 1 Day: Thursday, February 20, 2020