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All Videos: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

  Why Air Rage Cases Are Skyrocketing: In 2021, airlines were on track to record more cases of air rage than in the past 30 years combined. (2022) [00:13:35]  schizophrenic alex (2009, 1756 views)  BASSNINJA 2 | Japanese Bassist with looper, love this guy! Apparently, when he does hour long performances on live then makes supercuts into 1-3 minute music videos.  Dog's dream comes true!  funny dogs 52#Shorts  I’m dog water 😎  3-D Astro Blaster is a (1999) PC game.  Slamming stereotypes along with a woman beater all in 2 mins. 10/10  John Butler - Ocean  Garfield Hates Jeff On Clint’s Hints And Turns It Off  Before Mickey Mouse: A History Of American Animation [1982]  Weezer playing Say It Ain't So on Letterman 1995  Ultimate Relative Vigor Index (RVI) Strategies Every Trader Must Know [10:34]  Homemade Sock Puppet Show  Sam Rockwell being fabulous as always  Stumbled upon this painfully boring presentation whilst looking for football (soccer) highlights. Genuinely feels like living in perguatory sitting through the first few minutes  [Haiku] "Put it on the lid"  The Pilot | 2022  Cloudy Rain Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation  I just resent Applebee's using the Cheers theme. No, not for you.  According to a broadsheet, a bizarre celestial phenomenon was witnessed by many above Nuremburg on the 14th of April 1561. It describes the phenomenon as an aerial battle out of the sun, and various o  Delicious, homemade bagels!  The Most Delicious Strawberry Roll Cake - Japanese Dojima Roll recipe  AMAZING and SIMPLE Cajun Smoked Turkey Wings on the Weber Kettle!  Chicken Lap Lap, Country 188: Vanuatu [International Food]  How to make proper Croissants  THE MOST DELICIOUS MEATBALL SOUP: Ultimate comfort food  Ginger Turmeric Tea 🍋 Big Batch Immunity Booster for $1  Just chilling with a drink and a smoke...on an airbag...  If The Internet Was A Pharmaceutical Ad  Relative Vigor Index (RVI) Strategies Explained, this strategy can be used on Crypto, Forex and stocks.  Why Robots Haven't Replaced You Yet  Top 5 Best free VPN for Android 2022 | VPNs for Android  Vietnam War Rock Apes - Bigfoot or Big Fraud? (2020) - During the US-Vietnam conflict there were hundreds of sightings of a hominid that has yet to be discovered by modern science. What was it? [00:15  "Lost on Everest" (2010) - in 1924, 29 years before Hillary and Norgay, Mallory and Irvine set out to climb Everest. They never return, leaving the mystery of whether they summitted or not. A new expe  From Bitcoin to DeFi (2022) - Just as crypto disrupted the concept of value, decentralized finance is poised to disrupt finance itself. This short doc looks at the populist movement's promises of huge  Why Your Privacy Doesn't Matter To Apple (2021) iPhone iOS14 tracking opt-out screen and its impact on advertising [00:10:10]  Varanasi, India: "Beyond" (2012) - A documentary about Sadhus [00:43:06]  Curse of the Axe: Rewriting American History (2015) - European axe found (likely) prior to arrival of settlers, a story about Indigenous trade networks [01:27:45]  Teenage Japanese Killers (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories (2017) [47:53:00]  The Real Story of JFK's Irish Inner Circle 'The Kennedy's Irish Mafia' (2016) [1:24:38]  New mini-doc covering every border and frontline change in the world over the past 6 months: “Mapping major border changes in Afghanistan and Ethiopia + all other conflicts: Apolitical World Map”   The Cost of Crimean Annexation is Life: Special Project (2019) [00:27:34]  Miami Blues (1990) [720p]  Get Ready With Me ( 237 views April 2020 )  This guy travels all around to old cemeteries and tells stories about the forgotten people buried inside  Video van  6 months ago my coworkers and I created the best ad I have ever been a part of. We went a bit over budget but I'm so happy with how it turned out I thought I'd share it. I was the guy with the scythe.  The New York Times covers the new invention of Netflix's on demand streaming. Bonus cheesy acting.  Tom Lehrer - Wernher von Braun  Holdfast - The God of France  Found an edit of cartoon interspecies love. The music's quite soothing, until it's not  I have been learning 3d animation for the past few months. This is where I'm at.  Back when I had too much time on my hands. 50 views. Dead By Daylight best playing strategies and tips!  The End of Dentures? How iPS Cells Could Grow Back Bones & Teeth  I got it "The Video" - C-Dub  The Straight Line Mission Across Wales Day 4 (after GPS battery failure)  It Begins by Shishkebab  Limp Bizkit kills a Boat  KHOU (131 views)  The Customer is NOT always right!  Unicorn Sandwich  Why are you so Pissy!?  Happy Birthday! Grandpa  "A computer will fit on a desk" according to Arthur C Clark in 1974  "Mc Thonai" sings a song about a crazy rooster  I had to put my dog to sleep yesterday. She died at 4:30 pm in my arms with me petting her. Just wanted to share some pics of her.  ROAD LAYWERS! Trailer.  Jeff Goldblum reviews impressions of Jeff Goldblum  Skittles on the toilet  Take it  Dolly Parton covering the Collective Soul song "SHINE"  I am speechless....  Metal band Avenged Sevenfold surprise a fan by hand delivering a signed guitar that he won. Introduce themselves to dad. These guys are class acts.  Every time Teal’c says “Indeed” in Stargate SG-1  I don't even know what to call this video, but I love it.  Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power Announcement Trailer  Backyard MMA - King Kong Vs Zen  [USA] Right on red  [USA] Please keep moving. No stop sign  sunset flight! using gopro max .UK .15.0122  Man Born in 1867 Talks About Working in the 1880s - Filmed in 1930  [Haiku] Who Says a Train Can't Dance?  Supercool | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment  [Haiku] moon knight LEAKED  The Get Lost Losers - The most cantankerous rock band in Hollywood has one last shot to make it big.  The Lord of the Rings - The Rings of Power Announcement Trailer  [Meme] They updated L.A. Noire with better facial animations  [POETRY] Far Cry 5 has the best AI  [Poetry] Sometimes you just got to whip out the Lightsaber.  [meme] JC! your mom!  [Meme] Ending of - The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - be like...  [Poetry] President Trump driving with Son Barron cruising to Taylor Swift  [Poetry] Sarlacc Pit  [Poetry] Crusha  [Poetry] Interstellar Docking Scene  Hey Man, Where's your Bathroom? [meme]  Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard.[poetry]  [Poetry]This is my lab  [poetry] Yelena Catches Armin Watching Anime  [Haiku] How I play The Force Unleashed  [Poetry] f the police  Adventuring the wilderness  [Poetry] Cat tucks herself in to bed  The strongest frog in the world that carries weights is strange hahahaha  [Poetry] would you go home with this man?  Cats Wrestling...Sher Khan....  The fastest and strongest cat in the world practices Shaolin haha  Little fighter  🐶🍰 Toast the Dog learns abstract thinking with a treat button!  Adorable Rottweilers 🐕  No commentary: Tuting (an Aspin / Askal dog) is eating a dental stick, later he checks the camera  Will Ron best the River Rats?! The saga continues…  Brony uploads angry response to fourteen year-old girl who doesn't understand bronies  Anti union firm ad claiming that all unions are a scam. This entire channel has comments turned off  Man has absolutel meltdown over vaccine passports on board meeting  How Airlines Became Banks [16:44]  [12:30] Dakota lives with Indian Sadhus  [20:12] Thousands of Amazon,UPS etc parcels all over the LA train tracks  [16:23] Egypts weed village  Tokyo in the snow [16:36]  What is it like working in the cannabis industry? [27:20]  Placenta smoothie | How I cleaned & prepped my placenta after birth [27:31]  From Bitcoin to DeFi (in 12 Short Years) [24:14]  How the Playstation 2 took over the world [12:59]  Bottle-to-Bottle Honey Production - Contactless Beekeeping [30:39]  Why Spider Silk is Stronger Than Steel [17:41]  Can we complete this extraordinary straight line mission? [41:54]  Building a 200lb Meat Trompo for Tacos [12:46]  raocow begins his let's play of "Ape Out" [12:40]  Bottle-to-Bottle Honey Production [30:38]  The Air Traffic Controllers Labor Strike in 1981 Changed Organized Labor Forever [23:47]  How To Survive The Narcissism Epidemic [6:21]  Why Russia is Building an Arctic Silk Road [07:57]  The Toxic World of Self Help: Hustle Culture, Toxic Positivity, Addiction, and Fake Gurus. [James Jani] [18:50]  This guy explains dark matter in a way you can understand in 15 minutes [14:35]  The End of Dentures? How iPS Cells Could Grow Back Bones & Teeth [11:35]  (1999) FLORIDA BUSH LEAGUE WRESTLING, a Nod to The 80s Golden Age of Wrestling with this “lost” film found in a trailer home. From the Morrison Brothers (Dammit Jim! I’m Only a Documentary!)  Nightmare Ned is a short-lived (1997) ABC animated series.  Commercial break from Disney Afternoon on UPN 44 (1997)  (1985) "Stone Pillow" - CBS TV movie featuring Lucille Ball in a dramatic role as a homeless woman  (1992) The Golden Palace - spinoff of the Golden Girls, canceled after one season; side note, TIL this show existed when I opened Hulu  Cathy Don't Go - The Family International song about supermarkets getting people chips (1989)  Sesame Street: Roosevelt Franklin Counts (1970) -- A defunct African-American Muppet sings a song about counting to a funky beat.  (2001) FOX 11 news clip made national on 9/10/01, about the death of Thuy Trang, the original Yellow Power Ranger. This obviously didn't get much airplay due the timing of its release.  Fnaf Skibidi bop mm dada  What is Slav?  Oh I should very much like to hold it again...  Food science brought to us by McDonalds 1993  How I Painted These One Of A Kind NikeXVols Cleats!  The story of a Moorish Sovcit who squats then spends a year in jail. Now hiding in Hawaii and calling out the Frauds in the movement.  Moorish Sovereign Citizens Get Two Cars Towed Outside Massachusetts Courthouse  Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling interviewed for BR2049  league of superheroes  The Book Of Mormon - Original Broadway Cast - Full Show (2011)  Life could be dream...  The future is amazing  Flying my 120cc RC plane with smoke on in beautiful Canberra, NSW Australia.  A person who goes by the YouTube name of originalNestor claims to have grown up in Mexico and had watched his brother be drowned/murdered at the age of 3 which then Caused him to draw satanic circles   Elephant Charge [347 views]  Mercedes transformation in a videogame from lvl. 1 Crook to lvl. 100 Mafia Boss [9:02]  Making a stainless steel/brass 8-ball on a lathe [8:19]  Jim Carrey showcasing his rubber face and nailing impressions before he even opens his mouth.  The Tyrant of the Deep - BBC Earth  A parody/edit of the intro to Scarface to be about Venezuela (November 2020), the Castro speech is now a Chavez speech and instead of Cubans arriving to the US there's protests in Venezuela  حبيبتي اشتقت لك ♥ ♥ ♥ (205222)  Movie adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, created by kids in a small American town (Wilder, Idaho)  [USA] Impatient minivan driver almost gets killed by Semi, Haymarket, VA  Is your car a psychopath?  How Astronauts Put on Space Suits [10:57]  If You Haven’t Smiled Yet Today….. 22 Wholesome and Scientific Animal Facts [16:54]  Jimmy Carr BREAKS DOWN At The Most Hilarious Wrong Answers | I Literally Just Told You [10:56]  Freestyle flow  (1995) Dr. Ruth Westheimer, America's sex therapist, in a Honda Prelude advertisement.  (1995) AT&T Commercial with surprisingly accurate view of "the future" (a.k.a. today). Remember that nobody had seen an iPad, Smart Watch or IoT device then.  Hilarious gag reflex 2015  The Tunnel, Escape from the Berlin Wall (1962) [01:21:21]  Cat fight video.  What's inside the Statue of Liberty?  The most beautiful black opal gem ever mined  Günther - The Ding Dong Song  Just an average child doing their thing.  Stumbled upon this let's play of an old game, and I simply can't get over this guy's voice  The.Complex (57k views)  [USA][Socal] Sus Pedestrian almost becomes an audi hood ornament...  Wrené - Exile (360 Visualizer)  The Unreasonable Effectiveness of JPEG: A Signal Processing Approach [34:47]  You Will Never Do Anything Remarkable [15:21]  [Haiku] martha was an average dog  Japanese Woodworking - Handcrafted Straight Staircase [20:39]  Go Back 1 Day: Tuesday, January 18, 2022