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All Videos: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

  How the Walrus Got Its Tusks [8:16]  Zelda's most iconic sound effect [10:34]  $20000 puzzle box [38:27]  a man talking about his mate kevin banging a goat in a bush with "every rose has its thorn"  YouTube video  If Dominion was an anime  Papa was a Rolling Stone || Fat Boy || Temptations Cover  Divers get “pinged” by a submarine’s active SONAR.  The Killer Shrews (1959) [720p]  Livestream catches a sea bird pooping all over our high tech research buoy! 😣  [USA][PA][OC] Improperly Secured Load  Man disassembles and identifies failure in 5 mile old 700r4 transmission.  Man frees robot trapped in room over the internet  Something Weird - Drive-In Werewolf (Scene from low budget horror film “Dracula: The Dirty Old Man”!) So bad it’s good!  Mutton curry  Lamb Chops Caldereta  UFC Fighter Mike Perry Knocks Out Old Man At Bar  UFC Fighter Mike Perry knocks out old man at a bar  [Poetry] Yeast  Leave me to my lotions [Haiku]  Are Western and Japanese RPGs so Different? | Design Icons [15:51]  Grand Theft Auto V: Does "Dissonance" Even Matter? [12:17]  Footage of Apollo 16 Upscaled to 4K 60 FPS  Awkward Puppets is my new favorite sketch comedy Channel.  LeVar Burton talks about growing up in America. Thank you LeVar.  COOKING NON-SWEET EGG CUSTARD WITH "TAKERU-KUN" - Japanese woman living in a VAN  What's Wrong With Creepy Joe??  [Poetry] Will you be my friend?  Just a guy in his car describing how the current economic crisis parallels his experience in the lumber industry.  Old-school unethical shitty life pro-tip from New Zealand (for buying a used car)  Pouring Rainbow Shots  Blair Witch Project marketing (7 views)  Best Streetfight Compilation lmao  [USA] Honda saves hundreds of milliseconds by going around a SUV  [USA][NYC]Mercedes Benz Weaving Through Traffic Rear-ends Disabled Car  Fun with maths  guy thinks that making funny faces is comedy, gets millions of views for it on tiktok  Middle-aged russian man sings about hedonism and nicotine wine cakes  360° Ride Osaki to Oimachi - Tokyo, Japan 2020 - 大崎 - 大井町  My First try at using the 360 camera. Lovely Park in Malaga. [1:00] [OC]  [Poetry] Deepfake Beatboxing  [Meme] Wait it's all Rick Astley?  The Most Expensive Rehab in the World [18:02]  How Linus Tech Tips made a video of featuring Linus without Linus (Deepfake)  Woman wakes up from lightning strike after two weeks!  Y E L L O W  Kid edits a lightsaber frame by frame, and then recreates the same video 4 years later.  Old man sets record for longest balancing of a selfie stick on ear  Sensei that doesn’t know his name teaches how to kick and he also has a random cat in the middle of the floor. (47 views)  Mc monkey lip syncing. 12 years old, 425 views  Yummy momos recipe  How to Make Genovese Focaccia || My Stoner Kitchen  Meatballs Pasta Packed Full of Flavour  2008: Dr. Michael Greger on Pandemic Prevention | Infectious Diseases, Aids, Influenza, Coronavirus. Domesticated animals and history of zoonotic disease, now accelerated with factory farming and anti  Montauk Chronicles (2014) [720p]  Louisiana Republican State Rep. Chainsawed A Mask In Response To The Local Mask Mandate  I know everyone has a movie review channel but I've always wanted to create one sooo I finally did it today! We react to the creepiest movie on Netflix The Kissing Booth (2018). Hope ya'll dig it!  chats  How Physics Majors Flex On Each Other [6:14]  My brothers first official stop motion video. More to come. Hes 11, and working off a LG I got him from walmart.  The Old Country Buffet carving station is the worst place to make conversation  YouTube Time Capsule: 2009-2019 (70 views)  This dudes top 10 list of things we should not say  Batman Returns (1992) as a Silent Film  Our Interaction with dolphins ( Kiss & Hug ) at Nassau, Bahamas  Nutella Stuffed Chocolate chip cookie  The Boys Season 2 - Teaser Traile  I lost fucking braincells listening to this.  [Poetry] The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For but it’s vocoded to the Star Spangled Banner  [13:52] The online harassment of Reckful, Etika, Hana Kimura, Jonghyun, Sulli, Caroline Flack, & August A.  Babie Brother - Trance (1984) Ohio funk deep cut low budget video  Newly married couple swing dances to Super Mario Odyssey's theme "Jump Up, Super Star!" at their wedding  Smashing Pumpkins while listening to Smashing Pumpkins  Sandwich Chutney/Green Chutney in 3 min  How to Make Fair Laws: John Rawls and the Veil of Ignorance (2:31)  Chaos in Montenegro (2020) - Balkans on the verge of a civil war [0:21:22]  [Haiku] *looks with interest*  How Alexander II reformed Russia  VBS Bank: The 2018 Great Bank Heist [12:15]  Guts on the Ceiling (1999) Trailer | No Budget Shot-On-Video Horror Movie  I'm an (Animated) Flamingo  "Hey Aunt Jemima." I wrote this and had the whitest guy I know perform it.  Four dudes on a beach sing "No Rain" by Blind Melon  If Americans Treated Tornados Like Covid-19  Splatter Paint Condoms  Walnut chocolate cookies  Hyenas (1992) [360p]  Traditional Technique of Making Airag in Khokhuur (2020) [37:40:00]  The Sims™ Spark’d | Official Trailer  Unicorn at the Dentist redux  A lonely Wolf  Podcast host wishes someone would have warned him about the 'COVID stuff' in advance  [Poetry] Boioioioioioioioioi  [Haiku] Squired  [Haiku]Rad Impression of an Enderman!  [Haiku] We've Been Lied To  Les Paul Reflects on His Life: The Les Paul Guitar, Multitrack Recording and MORE! [44:34]  Tomorrow’s Children - A film about forced sterilisation, featuring the actor Schlitze Metz who starred in the film Freaks (1934)  The English dub of War of the Birds/Fuglekrigen (1990), done at Ocean Productions of all companies  (1993) Weinerville - Camp Idontwanna  Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson - Lecture + Q&A (1990)  Stairway To Stardom(1983)-- A weird,surreal talent show that broadcasted on NYC public access tv during the 80's  The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, "Dear Uncle George". An advice columnist kills his wife and is pursued by an unkempt but dogged homicide detective. Written by Levinson & Link; the Lt. Wolfson character is   Musk and Joey  My new music video for Lo-Tide collective  Weird video takes an even weirder turn. I don't know what I just watched or why.  I'm a god like beerus (58 views)  me and my friends when tf3 is announced  #Egg Dum Biryani  #FullFatFriday S'mores  Learn how to make the chewiest snickerdoodle cookies ever. (Even better than the ones shaggy and scooby ate)  Stadium Style Garlic Fries just like you would find at ballparks/stadiums  Indian dessert known as churma ladu. It is made up of wheat flour and ghee which is very tasty and healthy. This sweet is majority made in ganesh festival in India.  Ivy gourd fry  How to Make: Buckwheat & French Bean Salad (Ottolenghi Simple Cook Book) Healthy Vegan Dish  Spanners (2015) [720p]  [USA] Red SUV misjudges a last minute exit and crashes (no audio)  Barrier grid animation  Shedding UV light on a pigeon  [Poetry] GOD HAS LEFT US  More Lil Lunchbox  YouTube Commercial I Made on Spec  Artisan weaving 3x1 twill weave denim fabric on a handloom  Your next phone could lead to another pandemic [7:11]  Fortnite: The Party That's a Platform [41:13]  Woman Wakes From 20 Year Coma & Believes She's Still A Teen  The Umbrella Academy season 2 trailer  Some guys just chillin, I guess.  Video of woman hanged to a tree with a crowd of people around her  China's problems with the Uyghurs (2014) - [00:50:04]  How to make Sweet Coconut Crepes  RIBS Wraps all the WAY ! Tasty, EASY and FUN !  [Poetry] How to get Sand  Backpack kid has a new dance  Backpack Kid is asked to leave stage  The History of Wii Sports Resort Golf World Records - Summoning Salt  A compilation video of nuclear explosions!  How close was Germany to build the Nuclear Weapon in WW2? [11:00]  He-Hog The Atomic Pig (1999) Failed John K. pilot about a pig superhero with a psychiatrist secret identity. Equal parts hilarious and cringe, as is typical of John K. Half naked patient in the first   (1983) Taco Bell commercial featuring Jack Riley, the late voice of Stu Pickles on Nickelodeon's "Rugrats"  Longer Video of the "No Trespassing" Church  Newt Scamander is in Harry Potter  A Portal Speedrun recorded at <1FPS, 8 Views as of 8th July 2020  Why Tik Tok may get BANNED in the US  My Favorite Brunette (1947)  Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites | Easy Appetizer Recipe Ideas  Chicken Quesadilla Recipe [THE BEST OOEY GOOEY CHEESIEST CHICKEN QUESADI...  Origin of the CCP Virus: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle (2019) - [00:22:14]  Hamilton's Pharmacopeia | Medical Miracles with Ambien (2013) - in 1999 a man who had spent three years in a persistent vegetative state spontaneously regained consciousness after ingesting a 10mg tab  [UK] Overtaker near hits hearse  Body Cam Footage, Police Break Up Crazy Street Fight  [Meme] shame  Gay Britain  The Art Of Creating Holidays For Profit [6:09]  Hang Time Opening Credits (1995)  Russians Try To Speak English and Repeat Funny Tounge Twisters  This is my favorite pancake recipe  [OC] The Impact of Coronavirus on air flights in top Countries - From March 2 to June 29  [Canada][QC][OC] Speeding driver ends up not getting to his destination any faster  [Poetry] Chris Chan collaborates with Queen  [Poetry] Darth Maul with too many lightsabers  A farmer in Nebraska asking a pro-fracking committee member to honor his word of drinking water from a fracking location.  Old Russian hand planer restoration.Vintage planer restoration.  [11:03]TAB OUT Bloopers Ep.(36-40) Come Laugh with Us!!  What happened to the hunter-gatherers of Europe? [9:53]  Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard [25:22]  We Made a JET POWERED SCOOTER! [20:23]  Why THE OFFICE Needed Dwight [16:12]  The Hardly Boys (1995). Artist William Wegman's human handed dogs are at it again, cracking the case in this hilarious yet low key Hardy Boys send up.  Ridiculously well edited Pewdiepie vs T-Series anime opening [2K views]  Valentine's Day at Bottle Tree Park.  Still waiting on the other enteries of the Monster Squid Attack Franchise. 7 years old, 500 views.  Pepper eats too much cake  pineapple  A family vacation. 10 years ago, 100 views.  My 17 y/o cousin over in the UK made this short film featuring my aunt and uncle. No way could I have ever made anything close to as high quality as this at his age  Ron Swanson x 6ix9ine Gooba [deepfake]  Heart of Batman (2018) [1080p]  Juicy IBERICO Pulled Pork ASMR Style smoked with Olive, Apple and Peerwood  Korean Seaweed Soup : 미역국 (Miyeok Guk)  How To Spot A Fake Friend (FOR GROWTH FROM TOXIC FRIENDS!)  The Story of Plastic | Official Trailer 2020 | New Documentary Now Available on Amazon for rent & other platforms  [Poetry] Always has been  [Poetry] Mark Zuckerberg is A Lizard. Confirmed!!  couple not couple have awkward arguments in front of guests  Ja Rule's crowning masterpiece: Ja Rule's Barnyard  How to Safely Cross a Piranha Infested River [7:15]  Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich breaks down how monopolies like Amazon, Facebook, and JPMorgan Chase are boosting record corporate profits at the expense of workers and consumers [13:16]  How to make the Tastiest Pasta Salad!  I always put cheese in my mash. Here's my foolproof recipe 😋  The One Question That Can Unlock Your Potential!  Holy juice and the land of tyrants - Short movie produced by Myself  Floris (1969), Dutch action-adventure TV series directed by Paul Verhoeven and featuring Rutger Hauer in his leading debut  Spongebob and Patrick are gay  Adjusting to Civilian Life After JROTC  DISTURBED - Down With The Sickness (WAAAY TOO HAPPY COVER)  Whatever came from this arrest? I haven't heard about the case that followed this. Did he serve time for this?  Awww, Cuties Doing Funny Things...  Who is Mona Lisa? (2020) - "There are two clues to the identity of the mysterious young woman, but they are mutually exclusive. Can the riddle ever be solved?" [00:42:26]  The People's Choice (2018) - With Mexico's President visiting the Washington, check out this doc about his party's rise [00:29:06]  [USA][MN][OC] Left turn lane idiot  [MEME] Dance Till You're Dead 2  [Haiku] wood  KANYE WEST BECOMES THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES  Tom finds out Bert drinks a gallon of Kool-Aid every day.  I Applied For a Bunch of Game Shows. Here's What Happened. [32:02]  How This Woman Started Diving in DIY Submarines [10:16]  [16:16] How French Baguettes are Made in Paris  Harry Anderson's Sideshow (1987) - The Cheers and Night Court star brings his carnival friends to NBC. Chinese feet juggling, blindfolded crossbow shooting, and more! Not available for purchase or str  In his audition to join College Humor back in 2009, Dan Klein did a one-man lip dub rendition of all the parts of Funky Town, and it never fails to make me smile  How Marvelman Changed Superheroes  This Bowl is too Hot!  Dirty Water Hot Dogs  The Boys - Season 2  Woman wakes up from a coma after 2 years  Idiots in car ( drunk guy )  Are mentors important and how do I find them?  lab 1: Measurement of Fluid density, Specific gravity, and Viscosity  Right method  [USA] Sons of Idiocy - Don't Text and Drive  Made you laugh  [Poetry] When God made you look  [Poetry] this one is just called america  Matt Hue - Stronger (prod.Matt Hue)  YouTubeOMAD Full Day Of Eating | EXTREME Intermittent Fasting While Cutting  The Importance of Collaboration and having fun on set- Model and Photographer Interview  Inside an illicit home drugs lab run by a chemistry teacher [09:03]  The Office: Embrace The Cringe [6:53]  Old and Abandoned chapel in Portugal with hidden garden - The chapel of Santa Ana was built in late 1901 and blessed on August 22 of 1903. When the chapel was still in use, many parties and festivitie  Jeffree Star Drama EXPOSED By Assistant “He Drugged James Charles” [10:50]  Así nos engañan las empresas. Mira el video  This guy is a master at his craft. The quality of the bread that he bakes in a wood-fired oven is amazing. I loved this short documentary!  Steam powered Lombard Log Hauler  Crazy Baseball Commentary, Animated!  this still is confusing to watch, it's also older than this subreddit.  Super Porp  Kid reviews Gelson's  Heathers (1988) [2160p]  Delicious chicken shami kabab | Indian food  Homemade Roasted Chicken Stock (from scratch)  the perfect dish for summer , pasta fredda con tonno  THE FASTEST ONE HANDED ROLL EVER!!  Why are bugs attracted to light? [7:04]  Why is "Mana" in Your Video Games? [9:53]  These guys make $1000's from old Vending Machines and Safes [7:02]  Matt took his trailer where?!? (KTM motorcycle rescue)  California to New York: A Complete Road Trip  Kid has a channel dedicated to "meowing" wongs. 552 views  No title needed  Punta Cana Dominican Republic In 4K | Resort, Wildlife, Ocean, Landscape  The tastiest pasta salad!!  Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie  Veterans Remember (2017) - WWII vet Al Albrethsen recalls his time as a B-29 bombardier during the second world war [00:19:24]  All you need to know about bubonic plague (black death)  Sovereign citizen arrested, cries into his black's law dictionary  [USA][TX] Speeding driver passes me then immediately cuts over to the offramp  Dramatic street battle w/ fireworks  [Haiku] THX Cat  [Meme]Wait it's all Star Citizen?  [Haiku] CRAZI TAXI  [Poetry] I wanna know what love is  What Happened To Douglas Merritte? [ Little Albert Experiment ]  A simply delicious briyani in a simple way [05:25]  Is 5G what Cloud Gaming needs? [5:22]  How I won Baauer's FIRST ever Bop Battle | Mike Snatchers [10:48]  Chic-A-Go-Go: a Chicago Access Network Television (CAN-TV) show that features a rat interviewing musicians and children dancing to local & national acts. Their YouTube channel has some great stuff so   Casual channel  Six and a half hour of continuous wingsuit flight - 2 years old, 4338 views  Siberian Cat Does Back Flips When Instructed.  My "Dealer"  Tensegrity Structure Out Of Cardboard  The wheels on the bus go round and round  Dinosaur Island (1994) [480p] French Subtitles  Homemade Pesto Sauce  HILARIOUS CATS ON LEASHES!  Most Unusual Ancient Weapons In History  [Haiku] THX Dogg  Microwaving a boiled egg...apparently explodes  Bfffth - Avanxatarge Daryexatarxan  Cute exotic animal compilation 2020 🦇🐳  YUMMY OCTOPUS STEW EAT OR PASS?  Homemade salted egg yolk chicken wings, golden and crispy, tender and smooth, delicious food for the family  5 Ingredients VEGAN crispy cookies | No oven | 5 Zutaten VEGANE knusprige Kekse | Kein Ofen | easy  CHICKEN SHAWARMA PIZZA  Apple Pie Ice Cream You Don't Wanna Miss It By Vasia - Παγωτο Μηλοπιτα Φανταστικο  Spicy mixture with cereal || Corn flakes mixture || Easy snacks recipe  Glutinous rice sausage & Sishen soup made by Chinese medicine family in 60 years  Taiwanese Pancake With Eggs  My Favorite Korean Braised Chicken Recipe  Chemistry for the beginners  Beach full of Foam at world's 2nd largest beach in India  Bagara Baingan (Brinjal Curry Recipe)  The Pattern Machine Part 4 (2020) - Brilliant exploration of deep learning [14:22:00]  Most Of The Instagram Models Be Like  7 Scientific Anomalies That Can Be Credibly Explained by Alien Involvement  Lizzo and the Self-Love Revolution [14:15]  Young athletes defend cheerleader with down syndrome  Florida man at Fort Myers Costco in "Running the World Since 1776" shirt flips out on elderly woman  [Haiku] mime  [HAIKU] U SHIT  Something for the Boys (1944) [360p]  ALBERTA (2020) - ECONOMY IN CRISIS [00:08:19]  No fight can be bigger than this  Stroke Death Rate Ranking | TOP 10 Country from 1990 to 2017  Bill Burr Making Conan Laugh for 5 Minutes Straight  [a decent vid in my opinion] How to Stop Being Shy | Shyness isn't Masculine Bro! @alpha m. (Response to Alpha M)  Voyeur’s gaze  [Haiku] THX Dog  [Haiku] 🔥 Just an elephant draining a bucket of water in 2 seconds  [Meme] Wait, It's all just a visual effect?  How to make Galette de Bretagne!!  [USA][MI] Red Camaro doesn't want to wait for traffic at light.  [AU] clueless driver blindly reverses  Plaasmorde: The Killing Fields (2020) [1:05:03]  Britain's Revolutionary Newspaper (2020) - The story of the Militant Tendency, a clandestine Trotskyist organisation within the British Labour Party [00:10:35]  Lets go suck some dick!  Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band Live In Concert, New York City, (1980)- The Only Known Concert Footage Of This Band  4'33" by JOHN CAGE (TRAP REMIX)  LEMON SLICE (QUICK AND EASY)  Mind blowing buttery puff pastry with caramelized oranges. - [06:04]  The Nightmare Artist [13:56]  Woman pilot changes landing wheel mid air  Baby kick  "Intrighi e Passioni": an Italian amateur low-budget web serie (2nd episode). There's an English serie too, named Elisabeth.  Old man drinks two raw eggs while being cheered on by the camera guy  Out Of Shadows (2020) [720p]  Sedona A Jewel in the Desert: The Monsoon Season (2013) [00:21:01]  What A Real Movie Stunt Looks Like [9:59]  A Brief History of Graphics [44:16]  Holes & The Prison-Industrial Complex [28:18]  The editing in this had me dying.  [Haiku] Scaring Baby  My friends American Ninja Warrior audition tape  The Wipeout Legacy (2020) [00:07:22]  THE PREGNANCY COACH 48 Hour Film Fest Denver Videographers😍😍  TheProfessional proves the PS5 Trailer for GTA 5 is from the PS3 and nearly a decade old  Homeless man gets on the radio and pours his heart into a song.  In case you're having a bad day, here's a drunk Orson Welles trying to nail his lines for a Wine Commercial.  Eggless Bread Rabdi Cake | Rabdi pudding cake - Irresistible rabdi bread pudding cake  Recycled [8 min movie from 2011 5,7k views, 1st place Audience Choice Winner in screeing group and "Best Use of Prop"]  My friends American Ninja Warrior audition tape we made [07:49]  [45:24] The Rebranding of Tyler1: Rage, Redemption, and Reformation.  Quarantine comedy series about awkward relationship moments during lockdown. Check out the premiere of "Flu Boos"  Twitter Bookmark [POETRY]  [Haiku] Overly Confident Dog Walker  My wife is a professional blacksmith making tables by hand with a friend woodworker. The forging is light, more emphasis on the fabrication/finishing.  Cook corn with a unique grill - Taiwanese Street Food 士林夜市烤玉米 Shilin night market  This guy makes pretty cool videos, but the fact that they're homemade and in Russian makes them seem kinda off  Albert Brooks does his classic ventriloquist routine on 'The Flip Wilson Show' (1972)  Good morning reddit here is a playthrough of The Last Of Us Part II : I hope you enjoy have a great day thank you.. My channel provides daily Content, video Essays & Live Streams 💯 [28:30]  Larry King as Geoff Peterson on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson  Everest the hard way (1975) [01:14:56]  You cannot share the truth unless it's socially acceptable. WHAT THE MEDIA WONT TELL YOU.  Irish pharmacist with an incredibly unsettling voice describes how to apply Daktarin oral gel for fungal infections  A channel completely about “Reborn Babies”  Hair dryer + blizzard noises for sleeping  你的虎皮青椒來了,超級好吃又下飯!Canadian chef teach you how to cook Tigerskin-liked fr...  Enter The Dragon Episode 5 - The Story of the China miracle (2020) - An alternative non-western documentary on the China story [00:15:45]  [Poetry] Shark Week  It’s not a phase mom  A day in the life of scott the ogre  Musical segment from a porn parody of willly wonka  3 Ingredient Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream, Eggless, no Ice Cream Maker  Eggplant Parmesan with mozzarella  Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread Recipe [05:19]  Marvel's Generation X (1996)  Mark Romanek's first film, Static (1985)  Man selling a Bode 7702 vocoder gives a demonstration  Painting a day by Caleb Kortokrax, one of the best painters I know of [18:47]  Captioned Seal (Sea Doggo)  The Reason Our Streets Switched to Cul-De-Sacs - City Beautiful  Construction 1 (Right angle)  Construction 2 (Copy angle & Parallel)  [Haiku] PIZZA TACOS!!!!  step dad rap 95k views 2 years old  INTERVIEW WITH LOTTERY WINNER NICHOLAS ROCCO  get paid for your music  Mom punishes kid by making him do fortnite dances.  Daimajin (1966) [1080p]  During the shutdown I designed and built a device that can quickly sterilize cash. I'm not some big corporation I made this thing myself and paid a guy $800 to make this video. Does this have potentia  Video from 2010 titled "The Life of A Geek"  Go Back 1 Day: Tuesday, July 7, 2020