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Bring That D"ck  Paying For People's Drive Thru Order  Contortionist and impressive balancing acts  65 Random Acts of Kindness  Dog acts like a cat  Salesman Acts Like A Baby  Missouri State Highway Patrol abuse of force on motorcyclists  Living Bible Acts Chapter 5  Crow acts like a chicken  A Real Snow Fight  Hand in Trunk Prank  Silly Chick Gags Trying To Eat Raw Potato  Crazy Landlord  Wedding Entertainment  Dubstep Mime  Ragin' Ricky Gangsta Rap  How to Annoy People in Call of Duty  Brazil Open Adorable dogs act as ball boys for tennis players  As Seen On TV Dummies  The Apostles Are Filled  Trolling the Guy with the Gun..  Jesus is the Way  Pornstar Puma Swede Gets Freaky  Weed To The Test - Andy Milonakis  Porcupine Scare  HILARIOUS prank!  High-Speed Robot Hand  Baltimore Cop Again  My Friend Is Strange  Horse Dog  Predators players steals a puck out of the crease  Fat Dancer Gong Show Act  That Extension Cord  McDonald's Prank  Real Life Heroes  Twitter Whore  Crow Starts a Cat Fight and Watches  Twas The Night Before Christmas - Angry Grandpa Version  Tucker Mike Prank Call  Star Wars Talent Show  Self Pwn.  Wife Crashed My Motorcycle and Cries (Girl Crash)  Mercury the two legged Kitten Playing with a Ball  Soylent Green Is People!  Singer JoJo Passes Out On Stage During Concert  Worst Act  BadDozer and I visit GodLovesDeMeter in England  Religious Moron  Flogging Molly at the Fillmore  Road Rage Fight Leads to Knock Out!  Idaho Dairy Farm Tries to Cover Up Animal Sexual Abuse  Bully Acts Tough Then Get Knocked Out  Flame in ZeroG acts like a Jellyfish  Cat Acts Like A Real Robot.  Security Cameras Capture Random Acts Of Kindness  Robot Looks & Acts Like Einstein  Crazy man acts like a dog  11 Sideshow Acts From History's Vault   Drunk girl acts like a guy  Guy Acts Like A Secret Agent  Bob Marley Acts As His Own Attorney  Hybrid Catfish Acts like a Dog  Woman acts like a dog in church  Guy acts like a pillow-biting fairy  Taser Suspect Cries  Random Acts Of Poetry with Liz Zetlin   Student Acts Nuts In News Report Background  Arby and the Chief 3  Chi Chi Tug-o-war for pepperoni!!!  Body Guard Pranked  Spiegelworld  these guys take fatal blows and walk away totally fine  Japanese Ghost in Parkinglot  Police Harass Citizen For Having "A Really Sweet Beard"  The helpful citizen.  A Trashy Blond Shoots Some Gasoline.  sUPEREDS i am a plant video  Guy pretends to be legless and retarded  Gang Member Gets Punked in front of His Girl!  Epic Ventriloquist Uses Human Puppet  So Cute: Monkey Adopts Tiger Cubs  Yidstock  Gay Man Drive Thru Pranks  Girl hit Hard her Boyfriend in the Face with a Chair  Insane Mom Supporter  Stairway To Stardom Opening  Lifeguard Bathroom Break  Actschapter1  Too Much Sex And Profanity In The HBO Presidential Debate  I Cover Up Racist Tattoos For Free  How to Raise a Child... And Other Acts of Levitation  Trio Planned for Sex Acts With Dog: Cops:  Soccer Teakwondo Kick  The Smoking Gun Presents - I am the Egg Man  Apex digital booth at CES 2008, Las Vegas  Student Acts Like Chemistry Teacher On First Day  Gay Or Straight?  Now that's a crazy dog.  Nephew gets Old School Whoopin  Actor labelled homophobic for refusing gay-sex scene

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