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  Idiot Newscaster Puts Himself In Path Of Wildfire  Firefighter suspended for American flag on locker  HANG UP & DRIVE 2  And Now For A Truly Asinine Tweet  Twilight and the parade of fools it has spawned  Twilight and the parade of fools it has spawned  Breaking Bad *Alternate Ending*  ScreamerClauz - Animal Crackers  Tasered Nuts  May Contain Nuts  Ridiculous Mountain Climber  Insane Kayaking  Stupid idiotic things  Daft Яussian  Stupid Biden  Silly Prank on Illigal Mexicans  Insane Helicopter Maneuverability  Southern Fried Stings  Insane Biker Texting  Ridiculous Montage 2005  Stupid criminal  Ridiculous Golf Shot!  Stupid criminals dual KO  Stupid bitch  The Stupidest Bike Lane  Insane Ski Slalom  Stupid Workers  Nuttier than squirrel shit  Insane Parkour Frontflip  How Ridiculous  Insane Human Flying!  Insane Chinese Women Volleyball  Insane cat  Silly Snek Comp.  Roof Sledding  Insane S.U.V Climb  Daft Punkemon  Stupid bicycle fail  Daft Punk  Insane parkour and acrobatics  Stupid Ferrari Driver  Bollywood Is Ridiculous  Insane Donkey  Stupid NBA turnover  Faces 2  Insane Landing  Stupid Jackass  Stupid Landscaper  Stupid girl bowling!  Fried Pepto  Demented Grandma  Frankie Jammin to Daft Punk  Shotgun Nuts  Insane Stunts and Flips  nerd girls gone mental  Insane Pastor Talking  Ridiculous Escalator in Japanese Subway Station  Insane Dirtbike Cliff Stunt  Insane Skateboard Tricks  Do You Speak Venusian?  vanderloon  INSANE kick in the nuts  Stupid Ass Roof Jump Stunt  Stupid Fighting  MMA Kick to the Nuts  Insane Video Compilation  Insane Redneck Chainsaw Flail  WORLDS TOP 8 STUPIDEST PEOPLE  Insane "Satisfaction" Visual Mashup  Insane Russian free climbing. caution: vertigo alert  Silly scooter faceplant..SPLAT  Silly Faces Competition  He Touched Me  Gymnist Faceplant  Insane guy torture his balls!!!!  Insane Tractor Trailer  Insane fighting at Euro league basketball game  Flip the Unbalanced Cat  Cleaning Snow Off The Roof.  Insane Scooter Tricks  Insane Acrobats  Did you ever do this?  History's 10 Most Insane Monarchs  The Silly Adventures Of Mr Mochi  crappy hippo  Lunatic Eats Box Of Snappers  Insane Journey of Roof Top Biking with a GoPro  Roof jumpers put on a show  SLINKY  Roof Flip Fail  Roof Avavalche  Insane Japanese Commercial  Backyard Roof Jump  Insane accident at the entrance in the tunnel  Stupid people doing Stupid Things  Stupid Review 76  Stupid Review 87  Silly Scarecrow Prank  Bouncer Bodyslams Stupid Drunk  Stupid crooks at their finest.  Shoggoth on the Roof-Tentacles  Stupid, stupid dancer  Stupid Review 93  Stupid Stunts  Perfect BMX 360 Off Roof  STUPID IS...  Insane Kids Yoga TV Show.  Stupid MF dancing  Mental Man  Stupidest woman alive  Ollie to the nuts  Skater falls thourgh roof  Insane card trick  Wayback Wednesday or Thursday maybe  Daft Punk Skrillex Remix - Conte  Insane 9 Year Old Guitar Hero  The Insane Cat  Denser than a Neutron Star  Stupid Video  Ridiculous? Genious? Well, that's how Poles fight the system.  Derra deh  Stupid soccer in Iceland  Wacky Memes comp  Insane Ad  Stupid Review 91  Beatbox Guitar  Blundering raider hunted by police after CCTV  Roof Launch  winter rap  ICP Insane clown posse TERRIBLE SEP  Stupid woman tazed  Insane Soccer Skills  Christmas With An Insane Norwegian  Insane Freakout.  A Nutshot of the Stupidest Calibur.  Stupid robber  Jackson Wants Obama's Nuts  This Bartender Is Freaking Insane  Insane Airborne Karate KO  Halfbaked ..lol  56 Percent Of French People Are Stupid  Insane ATV Skills!  hip hop violin  INSANE Basketball Player at Arcade  Ridiculous Soccer Goal  Bat Infestation Under Roof  Japanese Woman Wacked Out on Drugs  Stupid Rubberneckers Cause Chaos To Escalate Exponentially  INSANE - Piggy-Back-Flip  awesome neighbor  Car Lands on Roof  Mental Fatty  Ridiculous Diesel Engine Burnout  sportnik idiotic  Scared Silly  Insane Soccer Moves  B STRREET - Nerdy and We Like it  Insane Japanese bike accident  Hummer hillclimb fail.  INSANE SKATEBOARD STUNT!!!  Stupid Paintballer  Silly Pandas  Salyt Nuts (WETD)  A Simple Request  Insane MotorCycle Skillz!  Roof Bowling  Insane Motorcycle Crash  YO MOMA SO STUPID  Stupid gangsta kid fail  Fixing the roof.  Stupidest Driver  Flaming Tennis ball To the Nuts  Stupid Crook  Stupid people 4  Insane Manson Man Song  Daft Punks "Get Lucky" in Mario Paint Composer  Stupid girls falling all over  Stupid Fuckin' Cat  Silly Willy  Mentos and Diet Coke Up the Ass

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