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Steroids? Blame Baseball and The Commissioner  Reposession Guy Gets Shot At...!!!  Evil Techno Girl  Flight attendant loses it  Puppies Hate EMO Kids  Stripper Fail!  [Haiku] Use it to run faster  Guy Freaks Out Over Killer Crocodiles  Woman Finds out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating and Does the Unthinkable  charles manson answers a question  Greedy Gas  Fat canadian idol Farts live on TV  Spanish Weather Girl Strips Down  Scaring the Crap Out of Sleeping Friend  Barbeque Theft  Cool Parents Do This, They Teach You How To Crash Car.Fail  When It's Too Hot Out For Even A Dog to Swim Outside  Guy Torments His Girlfriend With Terrible Grocery Store Puns  To Sleepy For Power Wheels  nickelback booed off stage  Dad makes kid cry for loving the Yankees.  Scaring the Crap Out of Sleeping Friend  Baby Duck Can't Stay Awake  Guy Pulls Out His Own Tooth  Girl Has Trouble In Rally Car  Awesome Dog Just Wants to Play Soccer  Jay-Kid - Blame it on the Boogie  Crazy Train played in a major key sounds like a long lost Weezer track  Golfer Deals With An Annoying Drone In The Most Satisfying Way  Teaching Dog To Swim  TV Anchor Walks Off Set Because He's Sick of Reporting Kardashian News  Father Catches Man Raping His 4-Year-Old Daughter  Exploding Cigarette!  Tyler the creator tells Youtube Off From the Red Carpet  QVC Saftey Ladder  Alan Keyes Hates Obama  Rare 911 Footage  Biker Road Rages After Woman Texting And Driving Cuts Him Off  Miss Nevada  Cereal Prank  Lets go back in time

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