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(Boring shit video)  The Organized Destruction Of A Laptop  My vacation was boring until  The Golden Globes are BORING  Stamper Skirmish Boring vs. Normal  Nodding off in church  A "Song" that Might Just Make You Want to Kill Yourself  Text me anytime!!!  The Night Shift  Daring Dance Off Boring vs. Normal  Roomba Wars  Hug E Gram - Pior presente de sempre  Golf-Flamer   What a ball!  Hamster Races better than NASCAR  Lady Dancing At The Bus Stop  Reporter WTF We Doing Here  Newlyweds Surprise Wedding Guests  28 Days Later in One Minute in One Take  Disney Lands- Space Mountain"behind the scenes  Egg Toss Battle (Boring vs. Normal)  EXTREME vacation!   USF vs UCONN Dance off  Businessman Nerf War  Shopping With Style  Baghead Sponsor Episode 07: NOT A MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE/ Nutrition  Hilarious Valedictorian Speech  Smosh - Spiderman, Spiderman  Robot Vehicle Shuttles People into the Future  The Fibonacci Sequence  MR.DANCE PANTS  Slow News Day  A Smelly Day Part II  Bad Conversation  Why Banks Can't Build Relationship with Millennials | Richie Invest  Really shitty claymation video from 8 years ago.  The Evolution Door  Girl Fight Ends With a Shovel Smash To The Head  Car demolition rugby world cup!  Rollercoaster Tycoon Massacre  Overacting Bullets  Creating Your Own Flamethrower Jack-O-Lantern  Total Recall - The Musical  Knuckle Cracking Championship Boring vs. Normal  Eating a Ghost Pepper While Skydiving  Diving Snapping Turtle Sensation Returns To The Tour  Two Scoops of Destruction

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