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  Garnet gets pissy.  Hangin' With Lions  Landing With No Engine  The Most Chill Cat Ever  Having Patience  Pitbull And Chicks  so calm  Some insightful poetry for you all  Extremely Relaxing Ass  So calm.  keep calm  I'm clutchin'  WWIII - The Calm Before The Storm  Clerk Takes Down Armed Robber  Mom Finds Son Beheaded  Never walk and text. It could end with a Bear  All Quiet Guys, I'm The Boss on This Road  Bowling Legend Pete Weber Gets Hype  Gamer freaks out over COD  Titty Simulator Gameplay and Commentary  Hot Chick Loses It While Talking About Guy She Saw  Woman Goes Crazy at McDonalds!  Weird Phlegmatic Russian Robbery  The Calm  Woman Remains Calm During Car Crash  How To Wrap Your Cat For Christmas  Wilson NC Tornado AS IT HITS WALGREENS  Wild Road Rage In Buffalo NY!  News guy freaks out on live TV.  Tow Truck Accident in Norway  Video Evidence of Why White People Don't Get Shot During Traffic Stops  Relaxing Forest  The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On  Skip Marley - Calm Down  Calm in the neighborhood when suddenly..  Innocent Iranian Protestor Shot in the Head by Police  peaceful ride  Mother Blows Weed in Baby's Face  Gammer Gets Mad at a Compeittion  GENITAL MUTILATION PRANK  Idiot Robs Quarter Machine At Laundromat  Webcam Girlfriend Flip Out.  angry german  Pleasant Reading  Canadian Road Rage!  Uneasy  ArnachoPanda hugs police officers  We All Need to Relax Every Now and Then  A Mosquito Emerging From The Larval State  Calm down Danse jeez  Heart-Stopping Moment Little Girl Picks up Huge Snake While Playing  Skateboarder breaks arm, but stays calm  Cop Yanks on Womans Hair To Restrain and Calm Her  Calm Driver Enjoying Cigarette While Waiting For Rescue  Crab Bake, Anyone?  FIGHT Calm man vs. Punk asshole...who wins??  Road Rage In London  Kid has a suprisingly calm reaction to a broken wrist  Do you wanna escape the office? Go to Las Vegas! MX20 knows everything of yesterday in Las Vegas!!!  Son Practically Drives His Father Insane With Some Questions  Swine Flu Pooh  Chilean Earthquake Provides Shoplifter With Perfect Opportunity  Excited Train Guy  Batman's Meltdown in NYC Times Square  Girl Getting Weird In The Backseat  Bernanke Cools Jittery Markets  Crazy Road Rage Lady: "I Hope Your Kids Get Cancer!"  Two close calls in Russia  Man Frees Moose From Swingset  Shoplifter Seizes The Moment During Chilian Earthquake  Calm Your Tits  Calm, cool, collected  Calm Fire Alarm  Calm Interview Car Crash  Calm The Bitch Down  VINYASA YOGA: Calm Your Anxiety  Hey Guys, Please Calm Down  CAN EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN  Cool, Calm, Collected Drifting Passenger  Operation Repo - Just Relax! - truTV  Boyfriend Catches His Girl In Bed With Another Guy  Immortal fish  Psycho Andreas  Russian Secret Service protect Putin after Stalin attacks him  Chicks and pitbull take a swim together  Crocodile’s Murder Attempts Get Foiled Twice By Bambi And Pumbaa  Lighting Strikes Airplane And Catches Fire  CALM Act Government Volume Censorship - Penn Point  Look how calm she is   How to calm a baby   Ferguson: Calm Before The Storm  Calm The Bitch Down - WTFBrahh   Ben Greenfield Is Giving Away Free Liquid Vitamins  CSS FREAK  Plane Crash-Lands With Broken Landing Gear  Mountain Bike Freefall  Idiot Freaks Out Taking B2 Spirit For a UFO  Things turn freaky when a package mysteriously falls off a shelf.  Muskie Fishing Canada  Crazy 911 Call  Hilarious Hypnotized Cat in Shirt  Bat flies into kitchen in Ireland. Commentary = gold  Black Lives Matter Group Gets Shut Down By Speaker After Interrupting His Speech  Pipe Dream  A Whale of A Time  Can You Relax?  Oil Workers Film Tornado As They Escape In South Dakota  We All Scream For Ratscream  Pigeon Using Public Transit.  Angry Elephant  Guy Goes Crazy After Muslim Women Refuse To Pet His Dog  Golfer is Too Pumped  Man vs Parking Lot  Plasma Relax. One minute quick relaxation.  Girl age 5, saves her dad's life by taking over 911 call.  Excited highway guy freak out  Russian TV brawl  Relax With Calm And Soothing Wave Sounds  British Mounted Police Officer Sets A Good Example For All Cops  His Tone Confuses Me  my city. and my region in city U  Fiberglass Pool Installation and Plumbing  how to calm a cat down with a binder clip  GV - Power of Now - low budget hip-hop/ if curious after watching that's a garbage man in NYC at beginning!  Another pool installation, Calm Water Pools  Chinese Play Hackey Sack Gracefully  Repo Man Remains Calm As Woman Yells At Him  Dealing with Colic  Idiot In Jail Headbutts Phone  Powder 2 Powder to the People  Man Holding Huge Knife to His Throat Get Tasered  Man Gives Running Commentary Of An Approaching Tornado  Dog Sings to Baby  When Car's Go Crazy  The 2005 Jet Blue Emergency Landing As It Happens  Waking Up A Soldier  United Airlines attempting to calm panicking passenger mid-flight.  Mike Tyson Mocks Jimmy Kimmel  Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies  Godzilla vs Walter White  Marine Scared for his Life  Baby Gets Rick Rolled  Watch Service Dog Calm War Vet's PTSD  Calm Water Pools uses Viking Pool Shells  The Website is down - Remain Calm  Disney needs to calm the Fuck down  Mother Uses Cigarette to Calm Baby  Pilot stays calm while crashing his plane  "the calm before the storm" [poetry]  When Calling Tech Support, Always Remain Calm  The Opposite of Road Rage  Notorious B.I.G. Stops Baby from Crying  Calm Cat Sits On Dash Of Landing Cessna  Bender Stops A Fight In Russia  Coach Tells Star QB To "Calm The F**K Down"  How To Deactivate A Cat  Blown tire causes rollover  Rep. Barney Frank Tells Offensive Trayvon Martin "Hoodie" Joke  [Russia] Badly designed intersection causes constant crashes  Boxer Gets Body Slammed For Not Obeying Referee  Stressed out about school, friends or parents  First-Time Rifle Shot  Don't be Concerned...We now Have Self-Replicating Rebots!  Jacob Davich from "Sharkboy and Lavagirl" singing a song about America with less than 100 views  Crazy motorist goes nuts at a very cool traffic cop  Naples Deep Sea Fishing Discount 51% Dilly deazzle  Beautiful flute on the beach  A Dog Imitating A Crying Baby  MainStreet.com: Rachael Ray Is a Terrorist!  Digging for Fiberglass Pool Installation  Cat Partakes in a Little Champagne  Woman Gets Scared By Her Own Reflection  Woman gets "smooshed" between cars in parking spot dispute. (LOUD)  Weatherman Plays It Cool Despite Weather Models Predicting Death  CCTV classic: oops - sleeping on the job  Morgan Freeman GPS  Grama don't play that!!!  Bas Rutten Skating  Clueless Gamer: "Battlefield 1" With Terry Crews - CONAN on TBS  Woman Driver Crashes And Is Cool as a Cucumber

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