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  Who's Hunting Who?  CLOSE!  [USA] Car inches away from rear ending a lane switcher  [USA][Miami][Irma]Truck rolls into car at stand-still traffic  Close Encounter with a Brown Bear  [USA][Irma]Post-Irma Rear-End in stop and go traffic  Close Call With a Train  Wow! That Was Close!!!  Very close  Huge Tornado Hits AFB  2 Close Calls  No wonder it won't close!  Russian Pants on fire  Girl With an Axe  Train Hits Cameraman On Platform  Just Kiss or Throw a Punch Already  That’s As Close As Close Calls Get  Close Up Lightning  Scary Dive  Plane Starting Close Call  Close Encounter With a Vulcan Bomber  Close Calls Compilation  Tooth Close Up  Table Saw Close call  Extreme close call compilation  Lightning Strikes Really Close  Extremely Close Lighting Strike  Close Call With A High Speed Train  Better In The Snow Than In The Truck.  Close call for the cat  Russian Girl Almost Gets Hit By Bus  Close Up of Lice on a Woman's Eyelid  Extremely Close Call  CCTV Captures Hit and Run At A Houston Gas Station !  Man Nearly Struck by Lightning  Close Call Granny  Wait a moment..  Skydiving Close Call!!  Motorcyclist Has Front Row Seat To Extreme Car Crash  [USA] [OC] Close call when a driver decided to make a U-turn from a merge lane on a one-way road. Language warning/loud yelling!  Near Death Experience  Very Close Lighting Strike  Close Call!  Close up lightning strike compilation  Luckiest Man On Earth Misses Death By Inches Trying to Outrun a Train  Idiot Stops in the Middle of the Road  Crazy Bike Crash  Very Close Call.  Close up of Falcon 9 Explosion!  Wakeboarder Almost Eats It Hard  First Ever Record of Human-Alien Interaction  Biker ALMOST Lands Roof Jump  Taking a Left Turn Like a Boss!!!!  Holy shit!!!  Close Encounter With Lightning  Too close  Damn Close Calls  Up Close with an Asteroid  You lucky S.O.B. Compilation  Female Protester Gets Shot in Face With Tear Gas Launcher  Awesome Up Close Whale Jump  Lucky Rally Bystander  GATOR CHOMP  Luckiest People Alive  Old Woman Survives Brush With Death  Incredibly Close Call for Pedestrians  Extreme Close Call on Freeway  Soldiers Close Call in Afghanistan  Unlucky Kicker  Nearly Fatal Rally Car Crash  Lightning hits tree up close  Close Brush With Death  hispanic reporter gets it  DJ Khaled Trying to Pronounce Jewelry  Skateboarder Nearly Crushed  That Was Close  Cop Naerly Dies!  Fight Almost Ends In Tragedy At NYC Subway Stop  Cop Almost Gets Run Over  A Firefighters Close Call  Close Call with a Mortar Round  Lucky Kangaroo  Chick Can't Close Her Eye  Overhead Head Cruncher  Luck  [USA] Motorcyclist hits car mirror  [USA] [California] Two rear-end collisions within seconds of each other  [Colombia] [X-post from r/motorcycles] Driver passes on a double yellow  [USA] Kid Almost Gets Hit  Close Lightning Strike!  Guy On Bicycle Has A Close Call  These Russian Pedestrians Are Extremely Lucky  Train Close Call  Just Some Russians With Amazingly Dumb Luck  Working At The Car Wash  Plane Almost Lands on a Whale in Alaska  Close Call For Rally Spectators  Close Call While Training A Rottweiler  Too close for comfort.  Fernando Alonso riding ferrari rollercoaster  Ladybird Noms  Cornering Like a BOSS!  [USA][VA][OC] - Green Mini vs Red Light - Close Call  [Canada] Close Call  Building Jump  Biker has 'Hairy' moment along Country Road **Volume**  Guy Flies Off Motorcycle And Still Doesn't Crash  Man almost get hit by train  Officer Nearly hit by flying telephone pole  Drift Car Flips Over Nearly Hitting Biker  Barrel bomb falls meters away from man who is filming...  Boobs Too Big For Lingerie Size?  How Russians Prepare for the Olympics  Close Call for NBC Reporter  Damnit, almost got ya!  Lucky Kid Has A Close Call With Death  Close Call With a Semi Truck  Really Close Call  One lucky pedestrian  A-10 Too Close For Comfort  Firefighters hurt while helping with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge  A very close brush with death...  Tree Almost Crushes Cyclist  BMX Pallet Jump Fail  Slice n Dice!  Can't afford a boat and a truck?  close calls  Emergency Landing With A Busted Nose Gear  Low Spitfire Pass  Close enough  Driver Almost Kills Pedestrian  1967 Tour of 21st Century Home  Semi Almost Hits a Police Cruiser Head On  Man Catches 7 Year Old From A Three Story Window  Comedian Booed Off Stage  Narrow Train Escape  Lucky escape for girl in Ukraine  Dump Truck Has a Close Call  Peregrine Falcon  A truck runs over a father and 5 year old daughter riding a motorcycle...  Samurai Sword Accident  Almost Killed By An ATV Jump  A Car Spins Around 2 People  B-52 Carpet Bombing Up Close  Entire Wall Almost Crushes Two Guys to Death  Rollerblader Meets Fence  Cliff Jumper Almost Killed By Windsurfer  Commercial for a Korean Shake Weight...  Kangaroo Near Miss  Baby saying "sock" comes out wrong.  Dirt Bike Wi....ail.  This guy is a real guts  The Terrifying Moment A Murder Suspect Tries To Snatch Cop’s Gun  Unexpected Mayhem at Traffic Light  The Earth is Amazing..  Onlookers Hoping For Up Close View of Plane Get More Than Expected  Timber!!!!!!  Win Compilation  CLOSE CALL WITH A TRAIN...  Texas Man Films Wife Giving Birth Outside Hospital  House explodes  Awesome race between a porche 911 turbo and 2 crotch rockets  Accident In The Bathroom  Lucky Escape For Woman  Kamikaze On The Highway  deep buried ied in iraq  Magician wants to be David Blaine  Yet Another Idiot Overtaking  Girl Nearly Decapitated By Train!  Divers Encounter Hammerhead Shark  Mike Tyson Serenades Pretty Woman  This bulldog puppy has not quite mastered his jump  Elephant charges a car  Sleepy Cat Jump Fail  Guy Breaks Building  The Simpsons - REAL!  Impala leaps into suv while being chased by cheetahs  Crazy claw machine grab  A 10  Reckless Driver Almost Hit Girl On Pedestrian Crossing

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