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  Mitt Romney Defending His Faith  Unbelievably Stupid Game Show Answers  WEIRD LIPS  Dumb dog  Let's Make a Sandwich or Let's not  Bulb Facial  Beer Bong Fail  The True Face Of The KKK  Crazy Girlfriend Destroys Dude’s Car After Going Threw His Phone  Americas Most Retarded 1 Clip  crazy fishing with dumb people  ghostbusters 3  Paintball Faceshot  TOO MUCH WEIGHT part 1  Seagull Fail  Shop lifting has nothing on Grand Theft Auto  Me singing a terribly stupid song  dont' play with guns  Dumb Stunt  Stick boy 2.0  looooooooooooooks at what i got  its not over tonight  Dumb Dumb Dorothy  [email protected]$$  dumb  Stupid egg head  Thug Goes Off On Officers While Taking A DUI Test!  dumb....just dumb  need glasses  win turns to fail  Vodka in 20 sec  Bat Vs. Face  Dumb Dumb Scene  dumb guy acting dumb  Dumb Snowmobiler!  max  Opening Beer With A Bullet. Fail.  The Dumb Dog  Dumb Boxer  figstar fan,,, she thinks im charlie  Dumb Girl Cannot Explain Miles Per Hour  dumb cunt.mp4  Samurai Fail  Gravity is Not His Friend  Dumb escape  How Not to Pass with WIDE LOAD  My new dog  Skater hits his self in the face  DUMB  Dumb Cop!  dumb kid   Two Girls Get Dropped Out Of The Back Of A Truck  dog vs. catapiller  Cop crashes confiscated bike  "Ask me, muggerfugger!" Drunk man gets arrested for threatening to shoot people  pool dive fail  Dog Tries Running Through Door And FAILS  No sense 2  Garbage Can Flip Fail  dumb friends  Drunk K.O Back Flip Fail  bus misses road  Kid Kicks Basketball On Fire  Cyclist Crashes Into Pedestrian  Cat fight with glass  Cat Fails High Jump To Shelf  [Meme][Haiku] iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's  Kitty Cat Attacks  crazy people  How to Lose a Judge Judy Court Case in 26 Seconds  wagon crash  Dog Goes Crazy For Hide and Seek  Dumb kids  2 stupid crooks  gas pump fire  Why cats are stupid  Parkour idiot  Beer Flip  Honeybucket Crew  Dumb Mario Bros  OHH KICKED IN THE BALLS  Drunk rednecks should never play with fire  Dumb petofiles  Teen Girl Falls in Niagra Falls  skater kid falls  Guy Flattened By Huge RC Plane  Dumb Answer!  The WORLD WIDE GIVEAWAY Winner!  Ultimate Owned Compilation  VolleyBall Net Idiot  Nirvana - Dumb MTV unplugged  10 Funny PSA's  Jason  COUNT THE IDIOTS..1..2..OH..7!!  Cat vs. Sliding Door  Are You Dumb?  Pissed Off In StarBucks  Thief Falls Off Counter During Robbery  Fat Nerdy Star Trek Kid Sings Star Trek Theme Song Funny Loser  FAIL Throat Slitting Assassin Gets a beating Instead  PURRRFECT  how-to-avoid-using-the-n-word  dumb redneck surfing  Cats Acting Dumb!  dumb reason to crash a helicopter  Monkey smells butt and passes out  The World's Slowest Rollercoaster  Dumb cat on massager!  Really Dumb Blonde!  Shotgun Blast in Office  Funniest Fight On The Train  Show off learns his lesson.  Dog Figures Out High Five Before Baby  Albert in mortal kombat  Another dumb video  El Duderinos Library tales  Ron Artest Is Dumb!  How do recognize a blonde antelope  WHY SOME PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE CHILDREN  Justin Bieber Doesn't Know What German Is...  retard pulls his own tooth  Dumb Cat  Mentos Booby Trap  The Stupidest Bike Lane  Pointless Trick Ends In Pain  Steven Jo At It Again!  CHALLENGE 1  Guy Flips off Cop  bired getting hit  principle of a domino with comps  Scaring Birds Fail  Amazing Bounce Pass  New Orleans Gang Members Interview  Billiard Ball Sling Shot.  Can this be the next extreme sport?  moose light ad  THIS WAS A REAL MOVIE MUHAHAHAHAHA  stick retards  Surfin' Bird FAIL  Dumb Guys Doing Dumb Shit!  We are dumb  Kids with dumb ideas  dumbmess random  Scooter  squirrel min  WebM Dumb 420  My stupid dog  Swedish Idol- Numa Numa  This is why cops deserve the right to be assholes  Worst Answers in Family Fued History  Woman jumps red light right next to cop  Judge Judy Owns Stupid Blonde  Katy Perry Falls Over In Mexico  Theres Shit Everywhere  Dumbest KId Alive  Sarah Palin's best moments  Humans strange creatures  Stupid Russian fail  News Reporter Window Break FAIL  Terrorist Attack gone wrong  Cat Bag  ATV news crash  how fucking stupid  LANULOS (just watch it)  Kid must be dumb  Ghostriders Car Gets Stolen  Dumb Blond on Tv Show FAIL!  Dumb Ass Vs. Bike  HOT DUMB GIRLS Fails Compilation 2015  Ear Lobe Light Tube Sling Shot on Fire fail  Invisible rope prank 2  School Girl Chair Fail  happy thanksgiving  stuck times  Dumb moped crash  Pontiac drivers are dumb  blonde star *  Darwin Laughs At Guy With Firecracker In His Pants  Gymnastic Fall  kiwi bacon

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